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    Both of your aquariums look great!
  2. I hope you figure out the issue and I hope she gets well soon! Good luck!
  3. I have the Aqueon 55/75 on my 30 gallon. Honestly it is a little on the large side but the only thing in the water (and in view) is the intake tube and a background keeps the rest from being seen. I highly highly suggest the aqueon 55/75 because it does such a great job filtering! I'm very pleased with it and it is relatively quiet. Either way I don't think your aquarium will look ugly with the filters. (The aqueon 10's are SO tiny compared to the 55/75 but to even have half of the gph that the 55/75 has, you'd need like 3 aqueon 10's) Good luck with your decision!
  4. Well my advice would be as above so I wont repeat what is already stated, and I wish you the best of luck if you do have to transport your fish and stay safe during the hurricane season!!
  5. Your tank, fish and everything are so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even. They are so cute!
  6. Good luck! I hope your goldie gets better, it's beautiful
  7. Wow! It is looking really good! Keep us updated on it!
  8. 6 months No substrate Live Plants (in pots) Red and White Ryukin (I know shes not THAT old but I thought I'd post anyway lol!)
  9. They looks so good! I love the first ones fins! They all look so healthy, thanks for sharing
  10. Everything looks great! Keep us updated with tons of pics
  11. My goldie has done that since I got her, I think she wears herself out and that is how she rests. At night when I cut the lights out she goes to the back corner and sits there, then in the day shes swimming like normal!
  12. I hate it when that happens, it makes me sad but I'm glad you decided to not to get the little goldie. I think you probably did the right thing
  13. I believe most of the more experienced members would suggest separating them, many believe 15-20 gallons per fish is the minimum. Maybe one of them will be along soon to answer the question more thoroughly. Good luck! I hope your goldie gets better.
  14. I tried to feed my goldie grapefruit and she wouldn't touch it..
  15. Congrats on the eggs! I think that would have freaked me out to see that lol!
  16. Congratz on the recovery success!! Your goldies look so good!
  17. They are so pretty!! I'm so jealous of the pearlscale!!!!
  18. Could be. She almost looks like a calico pearlscale without the pearls That is exactly what I was thinking when I watched the video!!
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