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  1. Okay, I haven't given any meds yet and I will charge up the batteries for my camera and I'll try to get some pictures by tomorrow. I am going to go test my water right now and fill out the dnd stuff. Thanks so much for the responses! Also, should I take the fish out that doesn't have ick?
  2. The store lady also told me if I treated for ich with the mardel that it may also treat the gill issue...
  3. Last Thursday I got a panda telescope and a pearlscale (finally got a pearlie). The telescope has ended up with a gill disease, the gills are bright red under the gill flap. She is barely breathing and she stays either at the top or sitting on the bottom. She is not clamping her fins though. As for my pearlscale, she has ick. I have them together in a 20 gallon quarantine tank and I was wondering if there were any meds that would treat both. I went to petsmart and the woman told me to buy these two different medicines to use (at different times) one for ick and one for the gill disease. The two meds are Mardel for ick, velvet and other external parasites. It's main ingredients are Malachite green and Chitosan. The second is API triple sulfa. It says it treats mouth fungus, body slime & eye cloud, bacterial gill disease and fin rot. My main questions are, has anyone used these meds and do they work? Is there another way to treat these issues without meds? Is there a med that treats both at the same time? Do fish usually make it after getting the gill disease? Thank you guys so much! I am super worried about them
  4. You guys are so amazing :33 I am so glad I found this site!!
  5. My goldfish sleeps at the bottom and she just kinda sits there really still
  6. Aww! He's so cute Congrats!
  7. Good luck! I hope you get some babies Keep us updated :3
  8. It looks really good! I actually like it without a canopy, and your fish are so pretty
  9. Ele


    Yay!! I have no knowledge on what to do with them but I wish you the best of luck!
  10. Looks like an Oranda, a very handsome one at that
  11. Good luck with your search, I'm sure you'll find a wonderful home for her
  12. I love pearlscales so much! They are so pretty and they look like little golf balls
  13. They are beautiful! I had commets all the time when I was younger and they get beautiful fins!
  14. Wow there certainly are some interesting aquariums out there!
  15. Ele

    brine shrimp

    I need to get some of those to give my goldfish more a variety, I think I heard someone say they cut one block into pieces.. Maybe you could do that if you think your overfeeding. However, I'm not an expert so maybe some mods will come along soon!
  16. I want to see some pics! I have never heard of this type of plant before!
  17. I'm not sure what could be wrong with her... A mod can probably suggest what it is when they get here. I hope she gets better soon! I love your goldies fins they are so pretty! Good luck!
  18. All of these orandas are just too darn cute! I'm gonna have to get one eventually!
  19. The parents look amazing! They are so colorful and huge! The fry are so wittle and cute
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