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  1. She is a red oranda who likes to eat.

    Swimming piglet xD no ? Okay fine :P

    How about ... Velvet ? Or strawberry ? Raspberry? Cherry? Scarlet ? Starburst ?

    LOL! Swimming piglet :lol: I think that name applies to all of my goldfish!!

    What a pretty tail she has. Good choice with the name too! :)

    Thank you! That is what Ioved about her too

    I was going to suggest Halo seeing my newest fish is a male and not a girl. :teehee

    Blossom is a beautiful name also....for a beautiful Oranda such as yours. :)

    That's so funny because I have been wanting a boy and I keep on getting girls! And thank you!

    , she had the best tail and I just fell in love

  2. I have lost my baby crowned pearlscale. :( I got her last week after searching for months. When I brought her home the next day she had an outbreak of ich so I quarantined her and tried to heal her using a salt solution. Today I came home and she had passed away. It's such a disappointment because she was so beautiful and she would play in the bubbles from my air stone. She was the cutest little fish. So, RIP Buttons...

  3. I have had my oranda for a little while now and I just cannot think of a good name. To me when I don't name an animal I feel like it isn't mine or something :krazy:. I need some name ideas for this goldie! She is a red oranda who likes to eat. I'll post a picture below:


    Any ideas??

  4. Ok, I've been treating my pearlscale for the past few days with salt and she is looking so much better! Now she only has a couple of spots versus all of those in the picture above. However, I was treating her in my QT tank and so I think in my main tank I'm about to have an outbreak because I am seeing a couple of white spots on my other fish.

    The pictures did something funky so I'll try again

    Here is Nova and you can kinda see the red under her gills


    Here she is again


    And here you can see her white lips


  5. Below is my baby pearlscale and if you notice the white spots on her tail, that's the ick I'm talking about. Also, this is not her quarantine tank this is only a bucket I was using for photographs.


    The image below is my panda telescope (Nova) but I couldn't get a really good picture of her gills but she is doing so much better! She is white on the bottom and around her lips, she looks like a black moor in this picture though.


    And now for some photo spam LOL!




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