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    Nibbles-Ryukin, Nova-Panda Telescope, Blossom- Oranda

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  1. Aww good luck with them!! Also, that plant looks awesome, what type is it?
  2. Those are great pictures and your fish are gorgeous as well! Thanks for sharing!!
  3. I have noticed this occasionally from my fish so I agree that if it isn't too frequent your fish should be fine. Good luck!!
  4. Aww they are cute, they have grown a lot! They were so itty bitty in the first picture!!
  5. They are so pretty!! I'm not to sure about the gender of your pearlscale, I usually go by the anal openings (if it sticks out its a girl), however, I don't know if that is a very accurate way of sexing a goldfish. Thanks for the video!
  6. Swimming piglet xD no ? Okay fine How about ... Velvet ? Or strawberry ? Raspberry? Cherry? Scarlet ? Starburst ? LOL! Swimming piglet I think that name applies to all of my goldfish!! Thank you! That is what Ioved about her too That's so funny because I have been wanting a boy and I keep on getting girls! And thank you! , she had the best tail and I just fell in love
  7. Ele

    Baby betta #2

    They are very pretty!
  8. Thank you for all the responses and complements!! I really love the name Blossom! Her head does remind me of a flower too, so that's her name! Blossom. Thank you guys again for the suggestions
  9. I'm glad to hear your goldie is doing better! I hope she get's well for ya!
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