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  1. Oh my goodness they are beautiful
  2. Aww good luck with them!! Also, that plant looks awesome, what type is it?
  3. Those are great pictures and your fish are gorgeous as well! Thanks for sharing!!
  4. I have noticed this occasionally from my fish so I agree that if it isn't too frequent your fish should be fine. Good luck!!
  5. Ele

    fry update

    Aww they are cute, they have grown a lot! They were so itty bitty in the first picture!!
  6. They are so pretty!! I'm not to sure about the gender of your pearlscale, I usually go by the anal openings (if it sticks out its a girl), however, I don't know if that is a very accurate way of sexing a goldfish. Thanks for the video!
  7. Thank you guys so much for being here... It will always be hard loosing a fish but at least I have people who love them just as much as I do and who care
  8. Swimming piglet xD no ? Okay fine How about ... Velvet ? Or strawberry ? Raspberry? Cherry? Scarlet ? Starburst ? LOL! Swimming piglet I think that name applies to all of my goldfish!! Thank you! That is what Ioved about her too That's so funny because I have been wanting a boy and I keep on getting girls! And thank you! , she had the best tail and I just fell in love
  9. I have lost my baby crowned pearlscale. I got her last week after searching for months. When I brought her home the next day she had an outbreak of ich so I quarantined her and tried to heal her using a salt solution. Today I came home and she had passed away. It's such a disappointment because she was so beautiful and she would play in the bubbles from my air stone. She was the cutest little fish. So, RIP Buttons...
  10. Oh my goodness he is absolutely beautiful!!!
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