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  1. We are moving this weekend and I'm quite worried about moving with my fish. Luckily we are literally just moving down the street, but it's complicated because the weekend we are moving me and my friends are going to a music festival. I have a big tub I got to put my fish in, but they would have to sit in there for 2 days while the tank gets moved and set up and I'm scared about having high ammonia since they are both large. I honestly just don't trust my family with taking care of my fish and need some advice on what to do. I will be able to put my aquaclear 110 on the bin but not my canister filter. How can I keep the media in the canister alive? Should I fast my fish a few days before the weekend to make sure ammonia stays down? My tank is 75 gallons and non planted with 2 goldfish. I also have a 10 gallon divided non planted betta tank, how should I prepare them?
  2. Hmm my name is Kayla too. I would love to have a huge pond like this someday!! Living in Western Canada I'd be afraid about the winters though. Very nice pond and beautiful fish!
  3. I get my python going by having the hose in the tub or out the door. I then fill the tube with water and turn it so the open end is facing up. Before it fully drains I quickly turn the switch that stops the water flow. I repeat this a few times until water gets to the end of the hose. Once it has, I fill up the tube with water again and keep it in the tank as I turn the switch to the on position. Water then flows.
  4. I'm the same way. I will let them nibble me but if Im cleaning the tank and they brush my hands it kinda scares me. My fish got sick and I had to transfer him to his QT and I was so scared of hurting him and by being so scared I almost dropped him. But like the other members have said; hand feeding and trying to get used to feel helps alot
  5. I'm sure you will find another deal soon!! Good luck in looking!
  6. Grossest thing I can think of was making my own gel food and the smell was just horrendous. Doesn't beat yours though
  7. If we had more space I would love to get a 55 gallon and start to get some fancies. Along with my 75 with my 2 babies, I startedkeeping two bettas in a 10 gallon. All the empty spaces in the house I see as potential places for tanks, but my mom wont have any of it!
  8. What I've done before is I've used a plastic colander to scoop them up and then I am able to hold them. Plastic containers are good if u can find deeper ones. I've had fish almost jumped out before. I've also used nets a bit smaller than the fish to kinda guide them into the container if ur having a real hard time
  9. Ive always wanted a Wakin, yours is so beautiful. My fish are quite the opposite of yours. I will come home and walk past the tank and they go crazy. I will go up to it and they will start swimming up and down and beg for food. I'm loving the look of your tank btw
  10. Yea I took the impeller out and cleaned in where it sits. I swear I've cleaned every nook and cranny of this thing. I think it's just time for a replacement tbh
  11. What do u mean inside the motor?? I clean the impeller and everything if thats what u mean
  12. I cleaned my tubes last week and I checked and they are still clear. I also cleaned the sponges and everything today.
  13. Wow sounds great, thanks Mikey. What seller should I buy from??
  14. I was looking on Big Al's site at canister filters and I found this http://www.bigalspets.com/external-canister-filter-cf-300.html It looks exactly like the Sunsun, at the same price, but with a different name. If I don't want to order off Ebay, what do you think of this? I think the only thing is that it doesn't come with an UV sterilizer.
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