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  1. Yep very similar, I believe it more bouncy issue because she has s big belly to begin with, my chocolate oranda is swimming fine but he's smaller... I do feed small amounts during the day and repashy soilent green just in case it was swim bladder... But she seems playful and but very clumsy... I am in the process of moving so right now they are in a 20gallon ( I know small for two Goldie's) tank with two filters and I do water change every 3-4 days to keep the water pristine. Once we move I will be setting up my 60gallon...
  2. My new oranda is healthy and swimming and eating, but she is in the big belly size, she recently released eggs but I have noticed she swims side ways to go fast and then positions herself normal. She doesn't scraped herself in the gravel. But just a little concern...
  3. Oh we already have a white German Shepard,and he has brought a baby bird before but thank goodness it learned how to fly in a day. I did give him permission to change the style of our tank next time.
  4. Thank you everyone, that's what I told him.. He promised he won't bring anymore fish. ..
  5. Thank you guys so much, I will definitely let him, we can afford another tank, but with a baby on the way I think it would be too much...
  6. My husband just wont quit.. since we've gotten rid of those two rotten eating fin fish, my husband just got home from a fishing trip and caught a baby fresh water catfish, which is very tiny now... I was glad that I was home, because I took the baby catfish and put it in the quarantine tank that I have set up. If i wasn't home I would have bet he would have put it in the goldfish tank... He really wants to keep the baby catfish, is it a good idea when the quarantine is over to introduce the fish into the main tank. My biggest concern is if the catfish gets really big he eats Horacio (black moor) and Jorge (redcap).
  7. My redcap Jorge is doing fine, but my black moor Horacio the ends of the fin where it got bitten off turning white... And he seems fine swimming and eating healthy... I don't exactly know how to post pics up...
  8. I returned them too the tropical aquarium where my husband got them. ... ill try post pics up. Thanks. ...
  9. My husband added two tropical fish in our goldfish tank which I later found to be in the Oscar family fish... They basically ate our beautiful black moore (Horacio) and red cap oranda (Jorge) fins away... Will the fins grow back and should I be concerned about infection.... Not to worry I got rid of his fish..
  10. My little red cap oranda Jorge has little white spots on his red cap wen, I'm not sure if its ich or just growth, also his wen is now side his cheeks not too much on his eyes but when should I trim, because I don't want it to wait till its over his eyes...
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