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  1. Thanks! i really can't wait for it to be in my room cycling.. i just took apart my aquaclear 50 and put my old 20 long in storage to make room for this massive tub!! The set up I am getting is pre-owned (has been running for months) and comes with a lot of extras including a canister filter thank god lol! I never cared to cycle a tank before so i will be doing research on it!! Thanks! I will have much better pictures very soon! especially of my sakuras growth since i got her Thanks!! I LOVE the lilies..they really compliment the fish and it looks so natural and the white girl is a monster lol she eats non stop and has gotten enormous.. I really never see white short tailed ryu's so when she lost all her orange I didn't care for her all that much but she grew on me lol more piccs to come!! they were all lfs finds too go figure!
  2. by the way, they are LOVING the extra swimming room and chasing one another through the lily stems lol!
  3. Hey everyone. I just thought I would share an update and some quick photos of my ryukins. They have always been my favorite breed and I have collected some beauties from my local pet stores. I have a short tailed all white that is almost 5 years old,1 sakura that i bought at 1 inch long last nov. my orange ryukin that I posted my first thread about who is about 3 years and my red and white long finned who i got in may.They were all in a 20 long with multiple problems but I didn't realize that the very poor water quality was causing it. Anyway fast forward to a few days ago I was in home depot and saw this 54 gallon steralite container and thought it would be a great and quick fix for my fish to have immediate relief. Plus my orange ryukin was finally showing such great improvement in quarantine that I wanted to bring her back with her buddies. She is doing so magnificent slowly eating a few of her presoaked pellets again and schooling with the other 3. My aquaclear did not fit on the side of this tub so i have just and air stone right now going but am preforming huge daily water changes until I get my 55 gallon next week. I know this is really not ideal but its very temp. and all i can do right now. What a month this has been!! I Iove my fish so much and am trying my very best to provide for them the care they deserve Enjoy this process with me everyone and even though my fish look teenie they aren't, i just have my camera at a weird angle!! I will take better photos once they are in a permanent home so you can really admire their shape and colors! The gang, my r&w,all white and little sakura salo in almost perfect health!! she still tips a little if she isn't swimming but it isn't too frequent and she quickly rights herself every day she makes more progress! my very temp. set up!! Those are beautiful water lilly plants I found in a local pond in Pennsylvania then quarantined for a month.. my fish absolutely love them!! sometimes they even snack on the older leaves lol
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