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  1. Ok I weigh my fish today it was 42 gram.i have 8 fish all together so do I miltipy 42 tes 8 equal times .02 percent.
  2. Yess I will definitely order more pro gold.my gf loves them more than hikari.
  3. yay got my package today.thank u all for the help.its just odd that there is no communication from goldfish connection.
  4. Ok thanks I was bit worried coz they replied none of my email.i will wait for a week and see whay happens.
  5. Saturday. My paypal says money is cleared already.i just want to know they are still in business. Did anyone oreder recently from them.
  6. I ordered few meds from goldfish connection but I didmt get any response. Its paid by paypal already and I did send email 5 times already. Are they still in business.sud I cancel my order and by somewhere coz I didnt get no response. Is there other website I can buy god meds for goldfish. Thanks.
  7. thanks man i will update here.i just reached my house and see the fish doing well.it looks like its starting to heal.i hope it works.should i also use salt with the antibiotic?
  8. Yeah I was worried. I am impatient and I only had monday free to guy buy the med so I rush to the store.
  9. I did fill up the forum but I was suggested water change which I followed. There was no any positive results. I wwnt to the lfs and showed the pic and that medication was suggested by a person working there.i was scared when he said it might be a tumor so I started medicated food from yesterday. Thoe the guy said for 5 days but on the package its written for 10 days.i am kind of confused how many days.the good news is I feel the cut is getting better with the food.now I just hqve to wait until I update the results. If this doesnt work I have no idea what to do.here is the link to orginal water change treatment. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/112389-scar-on-goldfish-confused/
  10. It had a small cut and its not healing.i suspect it might be ulcer or tumor. I did the salt and I am changing water everyday. Everything is 0 when I test the water. Its my fat ranchu he eats swim and everything is normal except the cut not healing.
  11. Hi I looked all over website. If u have a fish being fed antibiotic food.can u feed other food like vege and pellets. Some ppl says u only have to feed antibiotic food only.dont feed other food. This is the food I am feeding right now.http://www.angelsplus.com/FlakeMedAntibiotic.htm
  12. ill go ranchu and lionhead.they r like little puppies.
  13. yep ill remember that.can i put vaseline in the scrape.i saw a video in the youtube using vaseline.
  14. i hope its just a scrape.do u know how ulcer start? i was also afraid that it cud be ulcer so i quickly posted here.i dunno have to wait and see for it to grow.today its not red like yesterday.if the fish has ulcer does he act different?i never dealt with gf sickness so a bit worried.
  15. i was planning on planted tank.now i have a second thought of moving 2 of the smaller one to my 30 gallon like u said or i cud giveaway the small ranchu to someone here.anyone close to boston can have it.i dont know if anyone is closer to me.
  16. hi again, u dont have to apoloize instead i thank u deeply from my heart for your help.it means a lot to me coz this calico is like my baby.the way he interacts with human is amazing.i have never had such a friendly fish in my life. sunsun filter is great bang for our hard earned money.i alays had eheim but now i will only buy this filter.its cheap quite and looks great. i did stop the medication coz i only fed him like a day.now its only water change and lots of vege. lol ryukin is definitely a impostor for food.i have seen him snacking other fish shares all the time.
  17. his wen is growing everyday.so it looks like the color is natural.here is my setup video.sorry its too long.thanks http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=hBRWnPf_PtI
  18. i can seprate on of them to a 30 gallon tank but will he be happy alone?
  19. i havent seen anything wrong.it looks very happy.eats a lot.i dunno its funny when i feed him his cheeks(wen) some parts change to red.
  20. hi there the name of the food is Blackwater Medicated Food link http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=15912 i can handfeed this individual fish with this food.all other fish seems fine with no scar.
  21. i will also pos the video.i am taking video of my whole setup.
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