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  1. Ok I weigh my fish today it was 42 gram.i have 8 fish all together so do I miltipy 42 tes 8 equal times .02 percent.
  2. Yess I will definitely order more pro gold.my gf loves them more than hikari.
  3. yay got my package today.thank u all for the help.its just odd that there is no communication from goldfish connection.
  4. Ok thanks I was bit worried coz they replied none of my email.i will wait for a week and see whay happens.
  5. Saturday. My paypal says money is cleared already.i just want to know they are still in business. Did anyone oreder recently from them.
  6. I ordered few meds from goldfish connection but I didmt get any response. Its paid by paypal already and I did send email 5 times already. Are they still in business.sud I cancel my order and by somewhere coz I didnt get no response. Is there other website I can buy god meds for goldfish. Thanks.
  7. thanks man i will update here.i just reached my house and see the fish doing well.it looks like its starting to heal.i hope it works.should i also use salt with the antibiotic?
  8. Yeah I was worried. I am impatient and I only had monday free to guy buy the med so I rush to the store.
  9. I did fill up the forum but I was suggested water change which I followed. There was no any positive results. I wwnt to the lfs and showed the pic and that medication was suggested by a person working there.i was scared when he said it might be a tumor so I started medicated food from yesterday. Thoe the guy said for 5 days but on the package its written for 10 days.i am kind of confused how many days.the good news is I feel the cut is getting better with the food.now I just hqve to wait until I update the results. If this doesnt work I have no idea what to do.here is the link to orginal water change treatment. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/112389-scar-on-goldfish-confused/
  10. It had a small cut and its not healing.i suspect it might be ulcer or tumor. I did the salt and I am changing water everyday. Everything is 0 when I test the water. Its my fat ranchu he eats swim and everything is normal except the cut not healing.
  11. Hi I looked all over website. If u have a fish being fed antibiotic food.can u feed other food like vege and pellets. Some ppl says u only have to feed antibiotic food only.dont feed other food. This is the food I am feeding right now.http://www.angelsplus.com/FlakeMedAntibiotic.htm
  12. ill go ranchu and lionhead.they r like little puppies.
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