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  1. I will randomly go over by the tank and watch her for a minute or two, and I'm guaranteed to see it at least once each time I watch her. That seems like a lot to me...or is that normal? The others don't do it anymore after the prazi.
  2. So, I did 4 rounds and my fantail is still yawning. She gets a little floaty too and I'm wondering if she can have something else going on inside I experiment with different foods to see if maybe that's it, but I'm not sure. She gulps at the surface after eating (but not all the time - that's why I'm not sure it's the food making her floaty) I'm wondering if I should do another round of prazi or if maybe she needs something else, like MMs All other fish are totally normal. All white spots on fins/tails are gone and no yawning with them. Water parameters are good. Today ammonia, nitrites and nitrates are all 0.
  3. I promise I will get the pics up soon And they do really seem to love their new home, but what I find so crazy is that they tend to only hang out in one end of the tank, and that is the end closest to us. The other end of the tank is in the corner of our living room and they swim back there occasionally, but really just hang out and watch us all the time! If we are watching TV, I swear they watch it with us!
  4. I just upgraded from a 29 gallon to a 75 gallon one week ago today. (I still have to post pictures ) I took the fish and the filter media/cartridges and transferred them from one tank to the other. (but of course more were added to fill the bigger filters) Even the decorations and glass stones that I used as substrate were transferred. I did a 50% water change 3 days ago and just tested my water today. I'm showing .25 on my ammonia and 0 for nitrites and nitrates. When I checked the parameters midway through the week I had 0 ammonia. Today it's there. Is it normal to have a cycle bump like this? And what would cause it?
  5. Just started round 2 of prazi. Spots are fading and so are the streaks in the tail/fins. Still yawning quite a bit, but otherwise acting normal
  6. I have two of the Aqueon 30s on my 29 gallon tank and I love them. So quiet, you only really hear a very faint humming coming from the motors. As soon as I'm done treating my guys with prazi they are going in the big tank, I'm moving the old media to the new filters, adding a little more and hopefully that will help!
  7. Wow! I just got my two aqueon 55/75 filters today and finally got my new 75 gallon up and running. The only problem is that the sound of the water inside the filters is going to drive me nuts! It sounds like a fountain is in my living room! The filter motors are quiet but the water flow inside makes so much noise!! (Very powerful filters that's for sure.) Does this sound bother anyone else? I could handle the sound from one filter, maybe, but the two running together is going to be a problem, I can see it...and there's probably nothing I can do to muffle the sound either, is there?
  8. It looks incredible!! Congratulations!! I do have to say though, I actually laughed out loud when I read that you think your house is small. When I looked at that picture I thought 'wow, what a big living room!' You should try living in London!! I've got a 55 gallon squeezed into my little 2 bedroom flat. I reckon you've got space for at least two more 75 gallons there Seriously though, you've got a great home there, and the tank looks just lovely in it. That is so kind of you! edited to remove that huge picture
  9. They seem to be back to normal as far as their behavior goes. The white spots on their fins/tails have really mulitiplied, and the white oranda still has a lot of streaking in his tail. Lots of yawning too. I did not put any salt back in the tank, but I did put prazipro in last night. Now I have one of the little ones nipping at both fancies' tails. Like I need this right now...
  10. Yes, very much so! I didn't either! I always looked at the dorsal. Have one for me and another for Lisa. Then look in your tank and your fish will look great. Kind of like beer goggles...??
  11. Here is a video of their behavior. Definitely not acting "themselves". The oranda, more than the fantail. (sorry about the poor video...my auto focus was giving me a hard time) And, notice the white spots all over their fins/tails. That was the whole reason for the salt/prazi treatment which led to this whole mess... https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=tmx65u1Yobs edited to add: All four fish are only in the 29 gallon tank while I treat for flukes. Their new 75 gallon is right next to this one! I just figured it would be easier to treat and do water changes in the smaller tank before they are moved to their "forever home"
  12. I guess I'm speaking more of what it looked like on the inside. If you look closely at the picture that I posted earlier you can see more of a dark grayish color...I guess it's not really "black", but they are usually bright reddish/pink. Either way, they certainly didn't look like his type of "normal" and I know these guys end to end. All fish are back in the main tank, which I drained completely and replaced with fresh water. His gills are actually more of a light pink at the moment, so I assume the clean water has helped.
  13. I don't know. They usually look a nice bright pinkish red. Now they look black. Excuse me while I go have a big glass of red wine to calm myself...or maybe two. I'll be back
  14. I am an idiot. Bottom line. And definitely a rookie when it comes to this sort of thing. See his tail? Lots of blood streaks. And his gills...
  15. The pantyhose is exactly how I introduced the salt into the tank. I wanted to make sure it would dissolve slowly into the tank as to not shock the fish...and what do I do? I overdose them on salt. I feel like a horrible fish momma. Their tails are both extremely blood streaked right now. The oranda was the worst out of the two. He was very lethargic and it almost looked like his gills had no color...almost black. He seems to be acting a little more active now that he's in the fresh water, but I am just so concerned about him. I added the two babies to the tank and they were acting totally fine. The salt didn't seem to bother them. I'm going to post a picture in a minute...
  16. I am so stupid. STUPID. STUPID. STUPID. I was trying to raise my salt to .3% and start prazipro to treat for flukes. (this is all in another thread) Here's a little background on how this happened. Try to follow closely and maybe you can understand what caused me to make such a HUGE mistake. When I QTd my other fish I was doing 100% water changes every time I raised the salt .1%, This means I put 1 teaspoon per gallon of Api aquarium salt into the tank. Did a 100% water change after 12 hours and added 2 teaspoons per gallon, then another 100% water change after 12 hours and added 3 teaspoons of salt per gallon. (the reason for the water changes was because it was a 10 gallon QT with no filtration) Anyway, in my main tank with my two fancies, who I suspect have flukes, just two days ago, I started to raise the salt to .3% every 12 hours and started round 1 of prazipro (double dose). Only I wasn't doing 100% water changes!! I had it in my head from the previous time that I salted the QT tank to increase the number of teaspoons with each addition of salt! This means that I added (to my 29 gallon tank) 25 teaspoons of salt. (I rounded down due to the fact that based on dimensions your tank is always smaller than what it is labeled) waited 12 hours and added 50 teaspoons of salt, waited another 12 hours and added 75 teaspoons. I am so STUPID. How can I be so careless??? I came home today to the two fancies up near the surface, not gasping, just hanging out at the top. They just didn't look right. Then, I checked my water parameters, even GH & KH and everything checked out fine. Then after racking my brain as to why they might be acting strange, it dawned on me what I had done. I'm in tears over this. What have I done?? Could this cause permanent or even fatal damage? I am just beside myself right now. I try to do everything by the books and watch these guys like a hawk. I have them in a separate tub right now with fresh (no salt) water treated with prime while I completely drain my tank and start over. What do I do now?
  17. Or I could just decorate the tank with garland and lights on the outside, put a star on top and call it a day! I do this! I wrap lights around the tank stands to outline them and it looks good actually I have a teeny tiny little place that I live in and I am looking on craigslist for tanks and may just get a 75 gallon as well if Petco doesn't hurry up and have their dollar per gallon sale soon so I can get a 40 gallon breeder tank! I have been seeing so many 55 gallons but they look so narrow. I was thinking of buying the 120 or the 220 tanks I seen on Craigslist hee hee but my Fiancé would freak out LOL! Pet Supplies Plus is currently having a dollar per gallon sale, but unfortunately they only go up to 55 gallons.
  18. Or I could just decorate the tank with garland and lights on the outside, put a star on top and call it a day!
  19. That corner is the perfect spot for a corner tank! Was hat the same spot the 29G was in? No, the 29 gallon used to be on the opposite side of the room, near the front door. We had to completely flip the room, move the piano, table & lamp, love seat and tv to make this work!
  20. well...after a complete reconfiguration of our living room, we have decided to put our new 75 gallon tank here: I don't think it looks too bad there either, do you? As soon as it is filled and ready to go (I'm waiting on the new filters to arrive) I will post some pictures in a new thread! I am beyond excited about this!! (and the 29 gallon is temporarily in our dining room until we can get it drained and outta there!!) Stay tuned! edited to say: I told you our house was small! But we managed to cram that sucker in here!
  21. Yay! I'm one step closer to a happy fishy family
  22. they had 4, over a month ago, and no, they are growing nicely! but I have seen a couple of spots on the one little one's tail that never went away, and he does look like he has a few more...
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