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  1. I did a 75% water change on Friday. Brought ammonia down to 0. Today, 3 days later, ammonia is between .25 & .5, nitrites still zero, nitrates almost .5. Not quite, but definitely orange, not yellow
  2. Thank you everyone! They really are loving their new home! And I do find myself just sitting and staring at them. Very soothing after a stressful week
  3. Thank you. I do usually view them from the side, but in this example I was looking for that trace of orange by looking down as you stated above regarding the ammonia. I am relieved to see the nitrates...even if it is just a trace.
  4. Thank you! Can you believe a year and a half ago they were not much bigger than that little guy in the middle of the tank?! They really have grown. When I originally got them I had no idea how big goldfish got. That's why we bought a 29 gallon. Now a year and a half and two more goldfish later, they are in their forever home...hopefully.
  5. Updated to say...You were right! Much quieter now. I hardly notice them anymore.
  6. Yes you do! Two of them! They work great
  7. Well here it is! So long 29 gallon! Hello 75 gallons of fun!
  8. The good thing for me is that I have mostly a bare bottom tank. (I'm finally posting a picture right now in the photo section ) The filtration is so good that nothing ever settles on the bottom
  9. Here is what I'm talking about when I test the nitrates: The tube on the left is the tap. The one on the right is the tank. Looking at them straight on, they both look like 0. From above, the tap is yellow and the tank is orange.
  10. Still using buckets ...4 gallon buckets I didn't want to invest in the water changer because I don't want to have to keep my faucet running the whole time I'm draining it. My water bill is already through the roof! I was planning on getting a small pump and a hose to drain and then connect the hose to the faucet to refill, but in my crazy, busy life, I just haven't made a point of stopping during my travels to buy them.
  11. Today it has been six days since my last water change. Ammonia has been holding steady at .25ppm until today. Today it is .5ppm. I have been dosing with Prime. ph is 7.6 Nitrites - 0 Nitrates - not 0, but not .5 either. You can see orange when you look straight down the tube. That's how I know it's there. (Tap is 0) I am going to change out enough water to keep the fish covered. 75 gallon tanks are a pain to do large water changes on that's for sure. I miss my 29 gallon tank only for this reason
  12. It was the ammonia! I was so sick of the color green after that whole ordeal. It was just the filter pads that were dirty...and when I say dirty, I don't mean disgustingly dirty
  13. Yes! I sure did...and it was an excruciatingly long process. Ask Lisa! She had to send me some BBs to give me a jump start. I had the tank that just wouldn't cooperate. I thought it was never going to cycle. But those super hero BBs of hers did the trick! I am forever indebted to her
  14. There are fish in the tank. The same fish as were in the old tank. Fish produce ammonia. The same fish fed the same amount of food produce the same amount of ammonia. You add ammonia for a fishless cycle because there are no fish in the tank. The test says there is ammonia in the tank, therefore there is a food source, and any ammonia oxidizers present are growing. There are cycled tanks that do not have nitrate, therefore the absence of nitrate does not mean the tank is not cycled. Actually, right before I upgraded, I had the two larger fish (70-85 grams a piece) in the 29 gallon tank. The two babies were in QT for about two months or so. I started a prazi treatment right before the upgrade so I put all 4 fish in the 29 gallon about a week and a half before I introduced them all to the new tank. Since I was going from a 29 to a 75 gallon, I had to get two entirely new filters for the new tank. I am sure I had to have lost BBs there, but the cartridges from the old filters were pretty dirty when I transferred them over to the new ones, along with all of the ceramic media. I figured that with 4 fish in that small tank more ammonia had to have been produced feeding the BBs and I was hopeful that the cartridges had enough waste in them to keep the cycle going. Plus, everything else was taken from one tank to the other - substrate, air stone, plants.The only things that changed, besides the actual new filters were the glass and amount of water! Everything else remained the same. So far, today, my ammonia still appears to be .25, maybe a hair darker but definitely not .5ppm. Nitrites - 0, Nitrate appears to be zero, but when I compare it to the tap, it looks like it has a very faint shade of orange to it, whereas the tap is definitely a bright yellow. (it is more noticeable looking straight down the tube rather than straight at it.) I am hoping that something is starting to happen. I also wanted to note that when I first got my fish about a year and a half ago, and had to cycle the tank with them in it, I never got a nitrite spike. My ammonia just dropped and nitrates started to show up - just an fyi for whatever it's worth
  15. I put them in the new tank Sept. 29. After one week, on October 6th ammonia was .25ppm. October 7th, ammonia was 0. (no WC) October 10th ammonia was still 0. (still no WC) I have never seen nitrites or nitrates. Ammonia never rose above .25ppm until Saturday (after a week without testing) when I noticed that it was 2ppm. (Since I wasn't seeing any ammonia, I stopped testing so frequently.) None of this makes sense to me. I transferred everything from the old tank to the new one. Everything seemed to be going well...until Saturday. How could I have completely lost my cycle? Oh...I have so much to learn... edited to say that I did do a water change on the 10th AFTER I tested the water and got the 0 for ammonia. Then no water change until the 18th - so in 8 days it went from 0 to 2
  16. I just thought of something...usually with my weekly WC, I swish the cartridges from my filters in a bucket of tank water. Last week, I didn't do that. I didn't even touch the filters. Saturday, when I noticed the spike in ammonia and did the huge water change, I took the cartridges out and they were very dark brown and disgusting! Could the spike in ammonia have been caused by all of the waste buildup in the cartridges? I know that may sound like a really dumb question, but I'm just trying to figure this all out. Note: both filters have two cartridges each, sponges, floss and ceramic media too...not just cartridges.
  17. Yes, I shook it for the appropriate time. I even checked it twice. I'm not sure what you mean by the cycle could have been starved....sorry, I'm still learning
  18. My tap is always 0 across the board, but I did test it just to make sure. It was 0.
  19. Ugh...I have ammonia again! It was zero, so I thought the "bump" was over and stopped testing daily. I went to do my weekly WC and tested the water and ammonia was at 2!! No nitrites or nitrates. I immediately did a huge water change - I only left enough water to cover the fish, refilled, retested, still had .25 ammonia so I took out another 25%. (I did all of this Saturday) Today, Monday morning, I have .25 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 0 nitrate. I dosed with Prime. I am at a loss. I don't understand this at all.
  20. I never have, but I will give it a try!
  21. I haven't seen her poo. I didn't feed for two days and just fed the repashy soilent green today. I will watch. Someone's poo is floating at the surface though She just seems so floaty to me, even after fasting. And the reason that I believe she's a female is that her vent appears to be an outie and the oranda always has his nose up her tail chasing her. And those little guys have really grown quite a bit already! I'm so glad we were able to save them. Thanks to you and all of your help They all seem to be getting along nicely in their new home too!
  22. Ok, sorry it's taken me so long to get the video up. My weekend was a crazy one. The first video is from Friday. (the white stuff floating in the water is Replenish...I had just put it in before taking the video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D31oWHm_iio&feature=player_detailpage The second video is from Saturday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXF_jGLeEE0&feature=player_detailpage The next two are from today. I've notice my oranda (Shipwreck) occasionally yawn, but the fantail (One Eyed Willie) is the one that worries me. (and Shipwreck is not missing scales, he was like that when I bought him. The scales are there, they just didn't come back shiny!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9nGxb-NsUc&feature=player_detailpage https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=GWQO9wWAx5g Sorry for all of the videos, but I just wanted you to see how she's been acting over time since Friday.
  23. I have to leave shortly, so I will try to get a video later this evening. (it takes forever to upload to youtube!)
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