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  1. they are italian vals thanks for the warning, fortunately they aren´t interested in the gate at all, hope they don´t change their mind
  2. thank you a lot My older brother said, it looks like a tank in a chinese reastaurant
  3. thank you so much! your compliments mean a lot to me! :)
  4. so the driftwood is from the early Nineties? That´s so cool! Beautiful tank and cute goldies
  5. hey got a new setup, it´s a 30 gallon tank:)
  6. hayali Balik! beautiful fish, Adnan
  7. Beautiful fish! But someone died in there! Look at the skull!
  8. Looks awesome I got sand in my tank, too. Akira and Takeshi love digging in it
  9. Sorry for your loss! He was cute My Ryukin Takeshi has floaty problems, too I hope I won´t lose him
  10. Thank you The captions were the hardest part for me My English is just way too poor for writing long phrases
  11. Happy Birthday, little big fish You are awesome!
  12. super cute! :) Your daughter loves her mum :)
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