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  1. If I were you, before I'd buy the $40 dwarf hairgrass mat, I'd buy a smaller, cheaper clump and see how that does in your tank. That way if it ends up dying, you aren't out as much money. As for substrate and light requirements, what I've really had luck with to get my plants to grow has been using dirt in my aquariums. Before I'd have my plants last a while, then start losing leaves and dying off (except for the Java ferns). Now I have had luck with most of my plants, and I don't use any added Excel or CO2. The lights I have are just the simple, single flourescent tube lights that came with the aquariums (I don't know their specifics for certain). I got some hairgrass (not dwarf) a little over a week ago, and that stuff is very happy! It's already grown several inches in height, and has started to get above the water. I've got four of my tanks with dirt in them (75, 40, 29, and 10 gallons). Giving it a try with your ten gallon might be worth a try
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone! I think that for now, I will not try taking one of the branches and putting it my aquarium as it's probably not really worth the risk or time it would take to soak it and prepare it to be used in my tanks safely. I may keep my eyes open for some wood from an aquarium store to use instead, though.
  3. I've heard mixed feelings regarding driftwood being put in aquariums, but what about part of a tree branch fresh from a tree? I was planning on redoing my 40 gallon long with dirt and lots of plants, and I thought it might look nice with a piece of wood in there to go with the natural look. A good-sized branch of a birch tree fell during a windstorm the other week, so there are plenty of pieces for me to choose from, if it would still be ok for the fish. I would peel off the bark or any excessive pieces/ debris, and rinse and soak it before hand, along with making sure there are no sharp edges before it would go in the tank. Does anyone have any thoughts/experience on this? (And of course when looking at the cut branches, my thoughts immediately go to fish!)
  4. I cleaned the tank this morning and dosed the meds again. When I checked on her a while ago, she had died some time this afternoon. I'm going to bury her by the rosebush where I've buried her friend Baby Fish and her daughter Peaches. Thank you everyone for your help throughout this.
  5. Today she is looking about the same. The blisters are mainly on one side of her, with one large and two small, along with prickly looking scales by her tail. She has still been sucking up the food that I give her into her mouth, but I've been noticing her spitting some of it out after a while. I think she may be ingesting some of it, but definitely not a lot of it. When the Metro meds come, is there anything different that I should do? I can definitely see raised scales in those areas. She's in a ten gallon quarantine tank right now, but I will remember that about the water level I have some Epsom salt on hand, if I need to use it.
  6. I may have misread your instructions. I added a second dose of both medications this evening (two more scoops of metronidazole and another packet of Tri-sulfa) without a water change, but 24 hours after the initial dose. The packages say to add a pack of the tri-sulfa for the second day of treatment, but the metronidazole says to add a dose every two days. I maybe should have added the second pack of tri-sulfa, but skipped the metronidazole for today. Either way, it did say that there was little danger of overdosing the metro on the packaging and 24 hours had passed since the previous dose. She seems to be pretty much the same today. The blisters are still there, but there does not seem to be an increase in their numbers, which is good. She's also continuing to eat, although I still have to hold her and feed her by hand. She is a little sweetie. She's the fish in my profile picture looking straight at the camera.
  7. Ok, I will Thanks for all your help/advice! I really hope she pulls through this. Do you know what the general success rate of this treatment usually is?
  8. Well, in my original post, I said that I had Triple Sulfa, when I really had Furan-2. Either way, I got the triple Sulfa and it's in the tank with her now.
  9. I went ahead and put the Metronidazole in. I have to go get the Tri-sulfa now (all I have is the Furan-2), but I'll put that in when I get it.
  10. Ok, I got 5 grams of 100% Metronidazole (Seachem) at the LFS, along with the Furan-2 already on hand
  11. I have Furan-2 already with me. Will that work for now until the Metro-Meds come in? I don't know about my ability to smooth talk a vet into getting me some metronidazole.
  12. Holy crap, I was cleaning her tank, and she has honest to goodness blisters on her! They're almost clear and see-through, so I didn't see them until I took her out of the tank and put her in a different bucket for tank cleaning. I went ahead and bought the Metro Meds. They should get here in 1-5 business days, it said, but unfortunately the weekend is coming up. I may run to the pet store and see if there is some sort of antibiotic I can put in the water until then. I really don't want to lose Elrond, as she is one of my favorite fish, along with being one of the ones I've owned the longest and being the mother of all the fry I kept!
  13. The scales by her tail have never been completely smooth, but they are definitely appearing more fluid filled. On her tummy and sides heading towards the base of her tail, her scales don't look quite normal, more fluid filled and blistery. There's a white dot in the center of each of them, which usually isn't as obvious as it is right now. Is there something that I can give her while I wait for the Metro Meds to ship? Perhaps some other medication that has metronidazole in it that I could soak some food for her in?
  14. Here are the pictures. If they aren't clear enough, I can take some more with better lighting, perhaps, but I didn't really want to stress her out more than I had to. In the last picture, you can see the scales at the base of her tail. It's hard to tell for sure because she's a pearlscale, but I really hope she's not pineconing (I really don't like saying it, poor little Elrond ). The medication I have on hand at the moment (besides the Melafix) are E.M. Erythromycin (enough for the initial dose), and Furan-2. I also have Quickcure, but that's not going to do anything in this instance. If needed, I can go out tomorrow and try to find the Metromeds, if they would be best.
  15. I know that she'll always be floaty and have problems with it. I'm just concerned that this sudden increase in her swim bladder problems might be indicative of a bacterial infection, perhaps developed from the red place she had gotten from overexposure to the air. Here's a picture of her I took this afternoon. She seems to have some fraying of one of her back anal fins. The Melafix is supposed to help with that, so perhaps I should continue with that before I pull out the antibiotics?
  16. My four year old female pearlscale, Elrond, has had floaty issues for a while now. Last summer/fall, she spawned several times. The floaty problems got worse when the males chased her, but she was not releasing any eggs. Finally, she released a LOT of eggs (several times, about a week apart), resulting in a very large and very successful spawn. After that, she still had the problem with her bouncy, floating to the top of the water when resting, with her tail at the top of the water and her nose pointed down. She's been fine like this for about half a year, as she has her little places where she can rest and sleep, with her tail and abdomen safely underwater using some floating plants. Lately, she's been getting worse. I moved her over to another tank (along with all the other fish in her tank) while I redid her tank with dirt substrate. I set up a place for her to rest, using a loop of airline tubing to contain floating plants for her to sleep under. The only problem was that she chose to rest next to it, not underneath it, no matter how many times I tried to make it more attractive for her to rest under. After several days of this, she developed a reddened area on her abdomen underneath her tail, where it was getting exposed to air. I put vasaline on it, then cleaned her old aquarium to get it ready for her to go back into. After getting back in her original tank, she got back to her old resting spots, and the red area cleared up after several days. While all of this was happening, her floating problems seemed to get worse, and they haven't improved. Before, she was floating nose-tip down, now she's tipping over a little closer to upside down, or rolling to the side a little bit. She's also having trouble swimming downwards for long enough to get food. I've taken to helping her out by holding her in one hand while giving her food with the other. She's still eats like a pig this way and me holding her does not stress her out at all (she's the friendliest of my fish), but it's very distressing to see my lovely little Elrond, mother to so many little fish, in this sort of a situation. I went ahead and moved her to her own ten gallon tank, and put a tsp of Melafix in. She has a pantyhose over airline tubing loop to keep her tummy wet, which seems to be working for her. I sort of fear that she may have a bacterial infection, and I'm not entirely sure which medication to give her. I have a full box of API Triple Sulfa, and enough E. erythromycin to start her first dose, but I don't know if those or some other medication might be better in this situation, or if I should just continue with the Melafix. Levels for 10 gal. quarantine: Ammonia: 0.5 ppm (the tapwater had ammonia in it, but I use Seachem Nuetral Regulator and Prime) Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 5ppm pH: 7.8 Filter: Aqueon 10-15 Previous tank (75 gallon with four other fish) Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 10ppm pH:7.9 Filters: Aquatop 370 with UV, Penguin 200 biowheel The tank before both of these was a 40 gallon that was temporarily overstocked due to the major redecorating of the 75 gallon. All tanks have been running for about a year or more. Thank you!
  17. Very pretty! And clean and shiny! When I tried a bare bottom tank, it didn't stay that way for long.
  18. I got some more plants today. These were at the lfs so they were labeled this time, thankfully! I got some Java moss, a lacy Java fern (I already have regular Java ferns that have done well in my tank), some vallisneria, and some baby tears. I should be done getting plants for a while now, at least until I see how these do. Although I do really like dwarf hairgrass . . . Here's some pictures of the tank I took this morning (without the plants I just got today). I currently have no fish in there, and I don't plan to put any in until I've had it set up for about a week, and the water levels test out fine. Also, that will give the plants a bit of time to get adjusted before the fish start poking at them I might change the locations of a few of the plants, too, but right now I want to see how they'll do.
  19. I noticed that the leaves are really more of a heart shape than round. It's kind of hard to tell in the pictures because the leaves are crinkly and curled up. Here's a couple more (hopefully better) pictures. I would think that it would be a fairly common plant, and not something too exotic as I just got it at Petco!
  20. I went ahead and draped some of it's leaves over the side of the tank. If I can't have it submersed, at least I can have it's roots in the water! I looked at pictures of those, and I'm sort of leaning towards the Ludwigia. The leaves seem to be slightly different, sort of curled, but it could just be the variety that it is. The colors certainly matched, anyway. I don't know if it's just the one where I live, or if it's all of the Petco stores, but I do remember them having one last year around this time . . . either way, I hope you find something good!
  21. Oh yes, it feel like the goldfish could hurt their little mouths chewing on it, with how tough it is! Maybe i could gradually take it above water so hopefully it won't die from too much or not enough water!
  22. That's nice to know that the pennywort should be hardy. Goodness knows I need some hardy plants! I got one of the grasses before. It lasted several months, but after about a month, it seemed to stop growing, then had a lot of algae growing on it's leaves before it eventually died. At the time I thought it was due to not having enough light/nutrients for it, but now I'm wondering if I should take it out of being submerged in the tank, and instead have it's leaves hanging over the side of the tank. It doesn't have the aquatic plant sort of feel. It's leaves are really sort of hard and wiry in a way, and that curl it has in the picture is the way it's leaves want to stay. :\ It's really too bad, because I do like the look of grassy aquatic plants. Thank you everyone! Now I have all but the last two plants identified. I was looking at them, and it seems like they're pretty similar as far as leaf shape and overall structure go, except one has red leaves while the other one doesn't.
  23. Holy crap that is a lot of snails!!! I don't need any as I already have seven, and I caught them mating the other day! Good luck on selling them all! You've probably already done this by now, but have you tried to see if a local pet store could give you store credit for them?
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