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  1. My friend is going to stay at my house now. I'm only going to make her do a 30% change as she is not a fish keeper at all. But have given her a syringe and measured out a double dose of prime to do on the two days I am away. The qt tank has had a 100% wc Filter has cycled media in it. Ammonia reads 0 an hr after wc. Hopefully I don't come home to a catastrophe [emoji24][emoji24]
  2. Sorry for the short replies, just wanting to keep it as simple and clear as possible. Thank you [emoji3]
  3. No extra tubs [emoji27] 3 fish I filled a 300lph canister filter with cycled media.
  4. I should add the temperature is 25 degrees Celsius and the ph is 7
  5. So I have some new fish. Big fish. About 22cm long, 15cm tall and 11cm wide fat ranchus. In a 2ft QT tank. 50L I leave tomorrow and will be back in 3 sleeps. They will be without a wc for two days [emoji24] Ammonia is currently at 0.50 I'll do a 100% tomorrow, then two days will pass, and another 100% the day I get back. Will prime be sufficient to care for them over the two days?!??!
  6. Oh great ! I might try get some from New Zealand too. Was it expensive?
  7. I got a reply from replashy saying they can not ship to Australia as the product has not been approved. BUT new life spectrum have a gel food now, I have purchased it online from tech den. Very similar , get the algae based one.
  8. Very late reply, I did not choose to trim his wen, he is happy and finds food just like all the others. I'll do it when I see signs of stress.
  9. Thanks everyone [emoji6] I just love them so much
  10. Hi everyone. Sorry I've been away again. I was sick [emoji40] My plants are doing well [emoji3] I lost a few that didn't have good root systems when planted. But you live and learn [emoji3] The aqua scape has worked out well so far. The substrate has not moved too much at all. I kinda wish you could see more of the rocks tho. Any tips on pulling plants up and re-planting? Thanks xoxo
  11. Oh yeah sure ???? hes my funny face ❤his name is Charlie. he was too busy looking for any tiny spec of food. Even though it all sinks haha.
  12. Oh no ???? i tried both kinds of links. Thanks for trying xo
  13. G'day everyone I have made two videos today, Hope you like them. I would love some fresh ideas on what other types of videos I can make. I love doing my videos but i'm running out of ideas for new things. Any suggestions would be great! More of me in them? more talking? keep them short? Thank you and ENJOY xo
  14. I have seen good looking fish pop up in allfishtoyou on Facebook. I haven't purchased from them. They ship. I just dont have the heart to ship fish... i get scared fir the little guys. My local petbarn has been suprisingley amazing. The quality in shape has been pertty good! Not quight show quallity but nice. Oranda, bubbleeye, butterfly telescopes ranchu. And the staff dont let you buy anything until they have asked you how big your tank is, how long its been set up for and whats in it, ph etc. So far... i have been impressed
  15. Should I remove my mystery snails? Or maybe they are apple snails. Yellow round guys.
  16. It's a maintenance round. I do have new fish in QT however they don't have plants in there tank. So it's the salt that is no good for plants... Depending on the plant type?
  17. Hi Everyone, It's time to do the ol prazi treatment again... only this time I have planted tanks Can I still follow usual prazi treatment using powder prazi and salt? Will it harm my plants? Should I be posting this somewhere else? Thank you
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