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  1. My Ranchu Tiger has a similar problem, hole in Wen, sunken. still happy, no signs of stress. Tiger is orange so I can see the tissue around it is pink. it would look white on your color fish. Tiger has a great appetite too I treated Tiger originally with betadine swab bi daily over 10 days. The pink color went away and it stopped getting worse.... but he has had a relapse. If you can find it there is Hikari bio bandage that is a great start for any soft tissue issue and better alternative to betadine. I just cant seem to find it anymore
  2. Hi all, I hope im in the correct place. Its my 1st post. I have a large tank 450l. I recently went pond hunting and found out that most medium sized ponds are about 450l. My question is why do ponds need less filtration than indoor tanks, and why do fish grow faster in a pond?
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