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  1. Cool!!! That tank is big enough to get into [emoji23]

    I have had issues with driftwood too.

    Where abouts are you located? I ask because you say litres and I'm in Australia so it's nice to see a measurement I relate to without a calculator [emoji23][emoji23]

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  2. First attempt/practice at a DIY brine shrimp [emoji494] hatchery. Anyone else use one? I'd love to see it!


    The 4 outlet manifold will have a hatchery on each tube for when my fish spawn next season, but for now I'm just testing it out [emoji4]


    The other end is going to be used as a tap to let the brine shrimp out when hatched. I have a single one somewhere but I'm impatient lol [emoji23]





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  3. Update. Fish is much the same. I had stopped everything accept the trisulfa. And keeping my guns crossed.

    Fish looks pretty good and has shown me some really definite breeding stars on his fins!!

    I'll take that as a good sign and roll with it [emoji4]

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  4. 8 minutes ago, FishyMandy said:

    Yep :)  I've had two success stories but it is pretty hard to treat.

    I'm going to check out the metro I have... I think it's a bit old even though it has no use by printed on it. 


    But do you think it would be okay to add the Epsom and trisulfa to the tetracycline anyway? 


    I would love love to try kanaplex but I don't think I can get it here ?

  5. 9 minutes ago, FishyMandy said:

    My usual dropsy routine is


    Metro+Trisulfa+Oxy+Epsom salt.


    1/2 Teaspoon Epsom salt per 10 gallons
    Metronidazole (I'm not sure how much powder that would be, I used 2 Tablets or 2 scoops of Metroplex per 10g)
    1 Tablet Trisulfa per 10g
    3/4 Scoop Oxymav-B per 10g

    100% WC daily and replace meds .


    This is the Oxy I use

    I'm not sure on the spots, I suspect they could be part of the infection but I'd rather let one of the mods chime in on that.

    Thanks for that link ❤ I've been looking for the oxy version! 

    So you mix the metroplex, trisulfa, oxytetracycline and Epsom into the tank water all ant once? 


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