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  1. I know it's been awhile since I posted here Mainly cause I haven't had internet as things have been toughbut I'm in need of some help. If someone has a lil extra they could spare I'm in need of fish food. I don't want it through PayPal but I was thinking that it could be ordered online through petsmart and I could pick it. Up in store. I have enough for today but after that idk what to do. I just started my job yesterday so I can get more once I get paid. If I have to I will give up my babies but I really don't want to cause I love and care for everyone of them. But if this is not allowed to be posted I understand and you can delete it
  2. I have aqueons on all my tanks ranging from a 10 gallon to the 90 gallon. The lip on my 90 is pretty big and on the bottom of the filter has a wheel that u spin to stabalize it against the glass so it doesnt lean back. I dont think you should have any issues and if so you can always return it. Just one warning for some reason the propellor gets stuck so you have to go and set it right but other than that they are great HOB filters imho.
  3. No. It is very unusual for a single tail to get to be 12" long. Maybe 8" more likely. A foot long fish is like a 7' tall man. There just aren't many of them. A 40 B is 36" long and 18" wide to the fish will have plenty of room. Although, I dont think inside a tank is ideal for any single tail. I dont keep any inside anymore. But if you want it Id say it will be ok. I disagree on this as i have single tails which are 8+ and growing and have seen mant local GF and have seen much larger
  4. So after a recent air pump question i decided to write my review on from personal experience with the eco-plus air pumps. I bought it from a local plant shop which it was used for hydroponics aswell as the air stones. Its been 5 months running without any issues but what i do prefer are its adjustable in the airflow aswell as it is dead quiet. I did a recent water change and shut down all filters and still heard nothing but the bubbles. So if you are looking for a good running and cheap air pump check them out. Here is the youtube video that got me interested in them.
  5. Look up Ecoplus . i bought one cheap at a local aquaponics store and it pumps alot of air and are dead quiet. i bought this one for 16.00 locally http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ecoplus-Air-2-Two-Outlet-Pump-aquarium-hydroponics-eco-plus-variable-control-/130617881784?pt=US_Hydroponics&hash=item1e696eb4b8 I use it for two 1 1/2 inch airstones and a smaller airstone in a 1 gallon tank with tons of air bubbles
  6. Forgot to say that but if i ever move i know who to call for packing my stuff up
  7. I saw that add and was going to buy him but never got a response from them.
  8. Just got the plants today so ty and if u want any plants let me know. I have jungle vals and in about a month some oriental swords im nursing back to health
  9. So does this mean the 90 gallon i bought with stand for 30 i can sell now for 30,000?
  10. If you have one left ill take it please
  11. This past weekend in Tampa Florida (Springhill actually) a local pet store had aqueon come in and do a free filter exchange. What it is that you take your old HOB filter and you get a new Aqueon Filter. I was lucky the sales rep didnt show so the owner told me i could exchange for whatever filter i wanted (Ended up with 4 55/75 1 50 and a 30). Reason im posting is maybe call aqueon and see if there is one local to you
  12. I will be adding more pictures once i finish up his tank. And TY everyone
  13. So went to the LFS the other day and like usual i went goldfish browsing. So there he was a Bronze Oranda which i have never seen in my area before. The LFS guy wasnt sure what type he was so he just sold him to me as a fancy generic which they sell pretty cheap (4.75 with tax). So since i had a 20 gallon already cycling as just a spare tank i went ahead and bought him. Going to add more plants for him but nothing extreme. I might add him to the 90 gallon but im thinking i might just get him a 30 gallon once he gets larger. Man Goldfish are addictive Also any tips are more than welcome. I know the basics of Goldfish but anything different than your usual things. Also im keeping the tank barebottom and only plants no other ornaments.
  14. Ok and ty. Been worried about the dangers of a pump failing. Ireally dont want to flood my living room.
  15. I just got to figure out how to set it up now. Been hitting the google books lately
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