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  1. Yes, originally I firt saw him in the same pond tub as Samson, but he'd been moved to a tank for a week before I purchased him and he and all the other fish in that tank were all healthy
  2. Still no improvement which is quite frustrating, he's had pristine water and no kusuri for 4 days with .1% salt, I've had him a week today, I was hoping he'd be a bit happier by now
  3. His wen is pretty big, when it gets to the point of covering his eyes I'll have to consider trimming it
  4. Since I've nearly had Georgie for a year I've been looking over his first photos and I noticed he had a very similar body shape to my new fish Jasper, the same long slim body, small wen and short tail... Here's Georgie nearly a year ago 7/7/2013 And here's Jasper And in case any of you were wondering, this is Georgie now at 7 inches, I absolutely adore his wen! Excuse the mucky glass..
  5. Jasper is still prefering to stay in a spot and rarely move, he still eats fine and will move if provoked, I did a 75% WC today params at 0 and pH at 7.6, added the appropriate amount of salt to get back up to .1% and leaving him to rest, I have noticed when he does swim he seems to dart, perhaps this is aggitation from the flukes? Fins are still up and he is generally alert, just the listing and darting that concerns me
  6. Okay, thanks, I'll keep doing water changes and maintain .1%
  7. Just got back from my friend's birthday meal out to find Jasper speeding around, I also noticed the temperature is warmer than before
  8. Grr my phone won't allow me to upload to youtube and my laptop's down, plus I've had the hassle with my nan having a fall and having to go to my friend's birthday meal soon, really starting to stress, anyway the params are at 7.6pH 0.25ammonia and 0 nitrite and nitrate, I don't have any means of measuring the temperature but it does feel quite cold, colder than my main tank usually is, maybe that has something to do with the inactivity?
  9. I'll see what I can do when I'm back
  10. I have just brought the salt down from .3% to .1% with water changes and did a regular dose of Prime, there is currently no wormer in the tub, it is food safe, I can't upload a video as I don't have a decent camera or a youtube account, I'll test the water when I'm home
  11. That is correct, sorry I can't get a video
  12. I am quite annoyed to report he's back to bottom sitting and leaning to one side, fortunately sixth form ends early today so I can do another WC
  13. Well he did wait 4 weeks for me to come back to him and bring him.home
  14. Will do, just had a little talk to him and he was looking at me, at bed time he stays in the corner closest to me and in the mornings when I leave for sixth form he goes to the end by the door and watches me leave, what a little cutie! I love him already
  15. So he's not really bottom sitting now, he just kinda hovers just above the bottom of the tub and every so now and then moves to another spot or goes mid level to watch me lol, also no leaning to one side anymore so I think he's improving, just quite slowly
  16. Did a 70% WC and down to .1% salt but he's still choosing to stay in one spot
  17. Will do when I get home, this morning he's a bit more lively but still chooses to stay still the majority of the time, when he does swim he's a speedy little fella!
  18. It's bed time for Jasper so I covered the tub and have been secretly watching him for 10 minutes or so and he is definitely more active with the cover, he's just slowly waddling around foraging for food, either he likes the dark or he feels a bit better, I'll update in the morning but for now I must say goodnight
  19. There is no wormer in the water now and he's at .3% salt, it's Kusuri Wormer Plus I'm using, he does seem to be moving a little more than before, fins are up and he still has an appetite, I'll see how he is tomorrow evening and report back
  20. 50% water change done with double Prime, params at 0ppm and pH at 7.6, he is now level again but still inactive, is it possible he could have an internal infection that is making him slow?
  21. Noticed Jasper seems to lean to one side when he rests, I'm doing a water change currently even though it's a day early, he's just worrying me a bit
  22. Thanks Chelsea, since it took nearly 3 days for ammonia to get to .25ppm I think every other day will suffice, also I just noticed the little fella watching me then he had a little waddle to the other end of the tub, perhaps he feels a bit better with some of the flukes dead
  23. Ahh thank you, is this every day or what?
  24. And if I should add prime between wc's should it be a normal or double dose?
  25. No I didn't think I'd need to since I double dosed, should I do? I am only feeding every other day so ammonia is staying low anyway
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