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  1. Thought I'd do a quick update with all this spare time on my hands! First of all there's bad news, poor Geisha died she started developing SBD and unfortunately she passed on, my thoughts are that it was caused by something internal, other than a bit of floatiness she seemed fine So this left Edie quite upset leading to me deciding to get her a new friend and here she is! Still need a name though so if anyone has any suggestions for her that'd be great
  2. Thanks, it's amazing how much they've changed already! This is when I got Edie in February And now Then this is Geisha in April And tonight Her blue seemed to get darker and now you can see her tummy is getting white Sorry for the blurry photos they were taken on my phone
  3. Thanks guys, I do take great pride in these two, I know I'm biased but they are just gorgeous and a pleasure to keep
  4. I'm new to the forum and I'd like to introduce my girls, Edie (red/white oranda) and Geisha (blue oranda)
  5. Chubs is gorgeous, hate to see goldfish put with territorial fish or in tropical tanks, glad they listened to you and great find!
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