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  1. I took this photo for another forum, but I thought you guys might enjoy it!! Me by the pond via a tripod!!
  2. Yesterday was the last round and he seems to be doing much better! This weekend (when I have more time lol) I'm going to add in my telescope for quarantine! I'm sure they will both appreciate having a friend! Thanks again for all the help everyone!
  3. Okay! Two weeks it is!! Thank you for clarifying that!
  4. Thanks, Lisa. It's been hard to come to terms with an accidental death, but I'm working on it. Today marks a week for my little ryukin on the metro meds. I can't remember if it's 10 days or a week long treatment. Either way, he's looking so much better! Begging for food like it's nobody's business! Still hiding a bit, but he's the only goldfish in the tank. I can't wait to get my new goldfish in with him!
  5. Hey everyone! I know it's been a while since I updated this, but I wanted to let you know my little ryukin who was bottom-sitting is doing much better now! He's still a bit shy but he's always been shy when he was the only goldfish in the tank. It looks like he will make a full recovery.
  6. Thanks, Alex. I will get those into my little ryukin. My other fish, a telescope from aurulentbubbles on tumblr, has been in QT the entire time. I wanted to make sure the main tank was clean before I added him. I'll get to the meds tomorrow. One of my outdoor cats was hit by a friend and had to be euthanized. I'm feeling broken right now.
  7. Thank you, Heidi. I think the worst part about it is how visible goldfish are. I turn around and I see just one in the tank. It's not like losing a few tetra, as sad as that is, I hardly notice it. But now there is a large goldfish-shaped hole in my tank.
  8. Man, I make so many double posts, but I always remember stuff just outside the time limit. He's also been shooting up to the top and holding air in his mouth. Don't know if that's relevant, but I'm assuming everything is now.
  9. Thanks, Lisa. He will be missed. The prettiest little redcap. The ryukin has been bottom sitting for a while. The poor thing has a massive tail. I always thought that was weighing him down, but now I'm not so sure.
  10. Couldn't go back and edit it, but the other goldfish, the orange ryukin has been doing some bottom-sitting, too.
  11. Shortly after I sent that message, the power went out due to a severe thunderstorm. It just came back a few minutes ago. And when it came back my flippy fish, Burbbles, was dead. He was the one that made me like orandas because I'd never seen one as beautiful as he is. Thank you for all you have done for me, Alex. I know it always seems to end sadly, but I really do appreciate it.
  12. Ah okay. I knew it was one of those. Thanks! I'll try this for a few days and hope I see an improvement.
  13. Well the good news is he's slowly eating the MetroMeds. I was able to get a few pellets in him last night, and I've been giving him a few an hour today. It's 10% of his body weight per day, right?
  14. Thanks, Heidi. I do have MetroMeds from when I was dealing with Waddles. I'll try to get him to eat some. I feel I should also mention this guy is most likely stunted. He came from a pet store with horrible tanks, but he was just too pretty to leave.
  15. Well now there is something else compounding the problem. Flippy fish (the oranda) is on his side on the bottom. He occasionally darts to the surface for air. The water is a bit on the warm side at 76F, but I have a bubbler going. This tank hasn't been hit with Prazi in a while, too. Been about a year. Maybe more.
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