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  1. streading

    Bleu Mask

    So beautiful congrats
  2. It is very sturdy we got it from ikea it can hold a ton of weight it's the floor I'm worried about
  3. I finally got my tank set up. It is. My first goldfish tank and I am really excited. I got the whole setup at the thrift store for $40 it also came with a stand but it was not stable so we used my bookshelf.
  4. Thank you Helen for all your help
  5. How do you administer the prazi and where do you find it
  6. What does treat for flukes mean ?
  7. My tank is 29 gallons and he would be the only fish he is actually quite big about 7 inches
  8. I was just wondering if he would need any special care
  9. Just great we did not even realize he was missing until after 5 minuets of starring even then my mom did not notice it
  10. I was at the pets store yesterday and fell in love with a goldfish. The only problem is he is missing a fin. I'm new to goldfish and don't know the name of the fin but I can tell you the location. Itis one of the first set of fins on the stomach right under the head. I fell in love with him and am going to have to store put him on hold for me but before I do I was wondering how do you care for a fish with a missing fin. Also he seemed to get along without it just fine. Sorry I don't have a picture.
  11. Is she in a bowl if she is you will need somthing much bigger around 20 gallons She is such a cutie by the way
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