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  1. She is absolutely gorgeous. I have always wanted a calico oranda.
  2. Your fish are absolutely beautiful and your photos are stunning
  3. He is alive but barely Is there anything I can do to help him?
  4. Yay i figured it out! No I have not tried garlic juice but I don't think it will work because he never comes out from under the log thingie No I haven't changed anything in my tank recently.
  5. Strips Top fin 20 Prime 76 with heater Last Tuesday 5.5 gallon tank 1 betta 30% every week No new fish added The only other health issue was tail biting. Salt The only medications I have on hand are salt and prazi pro Sorry I didn't copy down the questions.I'm on my iPad (the tapatalk is different) and I can not figure out how to quote.
  6. My beta king is very sick he has not eaten in about 3 weeks and stays under his log 24/7 unless we move it to make sure he is still alive. Today when we moved the log he was to weak to swim back under and just lay on his side his body contorts n a c/s shape most of the time. I think he has been eating his tail because he has almost no tail left. His color has faded a great deal and his body is now black with no blueish sheen. I can't find the questions I'm supposed to answer so I will answer the questions I can remember. Tank perimeters Ammonia .5 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 10 Ph 7.0 Tap perimeters Ammonia .3 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 Ph 7.0 King is in a 5.5 gallon tank We used to feed him aqueon betta food 3 pellets once or twice a day now we try one pellet every so often but he does not eat.
  7. I see breeding stars!!!!! No use naming him lady now but i will find another cool name. The tank is salted at .2% right now and I am seeing some bottom sitting and I am finding that he will swim extreamly fast acrost and up the sides of the tank and I am worried about that but since I put a backround on he has not done it as far as I have seen then again I put it on 5 min ago so there has not been much to see.
  8. Thank you everyone. Quick question is there a certian schedule I should follow with prazi and salt?
  9. Hi For my birthday my mom took me to the lfs to get a new goldie we went to several looking for one that both looked healthy and caprured my heart. we came home with a little red cap oranda:wub:. due to my last new fish bringing sickness to my tank even after I qt him (he eventually passed along with another one of my fish). I want to post a qt thread here in hopes that that does not happen again. My little red cap is in a 5 gallon qt tank ( I can change the size to a 29 gallon but my fish is barely an inch long and a 29 gallon would be huge for him as well as the five gallon is easy to do 80% water changes on and uses less medication) I have not added salt or prazi yet. And now drum roll please..... He/she seems very healthy but so did the last fish. Any help is apreceated.
  10. I will if i get one Sent from my SGH-T679 using Tapatalk 2
  11. What store are they located at? What is the address Sent from my SGH-T679 using Tapatalk 2
  12. Ok thank you Sent from my SGH-T679 using Tapatalk 2
  13. And is it possible to only take one Sent from my SGH-T679 using Tapatalk 2
  14. Where in co are they located Sent from my SGH-T679 using Tapatalk 2
  15. Unfortunatly carlin passed things got much much worse very quickly half of her tail turned white with red dots here and there and it looked like it was disintagrating she also got this weird looking patch on her side tha turend silver/white and then the middle turned light magenta. My dad and I think that the other fish was sick and when we put him in the tank he got the other fish sick. Sadly now my other fish is now showing the same symptoms as carlin Sent from my SGH-T679 using Tapatalk 2
  16. Should I quarenteen her? Sent from my SGH-T679 using Tapatalk 2
  17. Oh ok how soon do I need the metro meds? Because my dad probly wont let me give out our address Sent from my SGH-T679 using Tapatalk 2
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