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  1. I will be attending with Goldfish and Plants. Always a good time if you are in the area, swing over
  2. I thought I would share my latest collection of imports. I have them all in a 300 gallon Laguna Tub. Enjoy
  3. Thanks All, I do not keep all those guys in one Tank. I had to get some individual Pictures and Videos up on my web site, and to help me remember who I had pictures of, I just kept adding them to the extra tank. I took the opportunity to get a nice Quick Video and feed them all at once.
  4. Thought it might be fun to show some Butterfly Tail (Goldfish), eating some nectar Enjoy
  5. Yes they had a very nice turn out. It was a lot of fun
  6. Thought you might enjoy a quick video of the Show. 103 Goldfish entered this year Enjoy
  7. Time to Start getting excited about the 2015 Central Florida Koi and Goldfish Show. I hope to see some of you at the show. I think Central Florida in March should be just perfect March 13-15 Orlando Florida http://cfks.org/ Last year Goldfish Show had over 105 Goldfish entered into the Show. Here are few Highlights from Last Year. http://rivergardennursery.com/blog/2014/4/7/2014-central-florida-koi-and-goldfish-results
  8. I had a customer asking about a few goldfish for the pond they are building and they did not want very large Koi, so I made a quick Video of some "Koi Like" Goldfish. I thought these looked nice, so I thought I would share
  9. Hello All, Thought you might Like to see a short Video of some little Calico Ranchus I had moved to a different tank Enjoy
  10. Thanks, I do sell some. I am a collector but get more than I can keep, so I sell as well. Most of these imports require me to buy a bunch to fill a box.
  11. Good thing, once you start "FISH-NAP"ing, it is all downhill from that point Thanks, I hope to get a change to visit the farm, but not yet
  12. Thank You, I bring them in from an importer in Thailand
  13. Thought you might enjoy my little video of both top view and tank view. Enjoy
  14. Correct, Technology midnight's have a slightly different Body, however I can not tell the difference. The name of Black Opal is the name the Breeder is using for them. I keep the name, as these can be traced back to Black Water Creek (breeder) out of Florida (USA). They still do not breed true and I know the Breeder spends a lot of time trying to produce any of these. They still cannot produce them to large a scale
  15. All goldfish can change color. Kayla has a black opal, (post #138) one of three that she bought from the breeder, which has actually increased in the amount of black it has. It's a beautiful change. They don't breed true, so they are quite rare. Thank You and you are correct. Most of what I see from the Black Opals, is a little Red will come in and then be replaced with more Black. You are also correct in that the do not breed true, they are hard to come by
  16. Thought you might enjoy seeing some Black Opal Goldfish. I shot them in the tub and moved them to an aquarium, so you could see both the Top View, like in a pond or water garden and Side view for aquariums. I do not keep them in that little tank, don't worry I just wanted to get some good videos
  17. Thanks, I use Southern Delight Goldfish Special Mix and Repashy Super Green or Soilent Green Gel Foods. I also feed some blood worms and Brine shrimp as treats. For the single Tail Goldfish I use a mix of Koi foods I developed.
  18. Thank You, Yes I own/run/ lose all my money with my Fish Store, but it sure is a lot of fun
  19. Thought I would show a video of some of the Calico Ryukins I had in this week Enjoy
  20. I got a group in from Thailand and thought you might enjoy the video. I like this little Guys
  21. The Show is this weekend, so no more feeding of the goldfish, until after the show
  22. Most of the Goldfish in that Video come from a place very Close to you... BlackWater Creek
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