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  1. I will be attending with Goldfish and Plants. Always a good time if you are in the area, swing over
  2. I thought I would share my latest collection of imports. I have them all in a 300 gallon Laguna Tub. Enjoy
  3. Thanks All, I do not keep all those guys in one Tank. I had to get some individual Pictures and Videos up on my web site, and to help me remember who I had pictures of, I just kept adding them to the extra tank. I took the opportunity to get a nice Quick Video and feed them all at once.
  4. Thought it might be fun to show some Butterfly Tail (Goldfish), eating some nectar Enjoy
  5. Yes they had a very nice turn out. It was a lot of fun
  6. Thought you might enjoy a quick video of the Show. 103 Goldfish entered this year Enjoy
  7. Time to Start getting excited about the 2015 Central Florida Koi and Goldfish Show. I hope to see some of you at the show. I think Central Florida in March should be just perfect March 13-15 Orlando Florida http://cfks.org/ Last year Goldfish Show had over 105 Goldfish entered into the Show. Here are few Highlights from Last Year. http://rivergardennursery.com/blog/2014/4/7/2014-central-florida-koi-and-goldfish-results
  8. I had a customer asking about a few goldfish for the pond they are building and they did not want very large Koi, so I made a quick Video of some "Koi Like" Goldfish. I thought these looked nice, so I thought I would share
  9. Hello All, Thought you might Like to see a short Video of some little Calico Ranchus I had moved to a different tank Enjoy
  10. Thanks, I do sell some. I am a collector but get more than I can keep, so I sell as well. Most of these imports require me to buy a bunch to fill a box.
  11. Good thing, once you start "FISH-NAP"ing, it is all downhill from that point Thanks, I hope to get a change to visit the farm, but not yet
  12. Thank You, I bring them in from an importer in Thailand
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