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  1. Well, they wrote into my contract that I could have a 75 gallon fish tank, as long as I assumed the cost for any damages it may cause (they had a previous tenant who had a mold problem because of fish tanks). But I don't know if they realize how heavy a 75 gallon tank is when it is full. I am thinking of just selling the whole thing. I love my fish, but I can't afford to pay for a hole in my apartmant and they two apartments below me. I don't know what to do.
  2. Hey, everyone! I just moved to a third floor apartment, and I still need to move my 75 gallon tank in, but I am nervous about putting 800 pounds of dead weight on an upper level. What do you all think? And what are some of your experiences with large aquariums in upper levels? Thanks, Ali.
  3. If other, please specify! If you have strong feelings about your dechlorinator, please explain! I am thinking of switching.
  4. Starsmom- you really think that is the problem? I know it is a drop from the 8.0 on the tap to the 7.6 in the tank, but the tank is always steady at 7.6 no matter what. Or do you think that it maybe rises right after a water change, and then drops again in the tank and that is the problem? I think DataGuru is helping me on a thread on another fish site too. LOL... I am so desperate to find the answer to this problem.
  5. I put the plants in BECAUSE of the gasping for oxygenation, so I doubt they are the ones that caused anything.
  6. Okay, I tested just for you -- The pH in the tank is 7.6 pH from the tap is 8.0 kh from the tank is 4 , or 71.6 ppm kh from the tap is 5 or 89.5 ppm
  7. Hi, Starsmom. Thanks for the response. I used the liquid form of fluke tabs -- I used the fluke tab regimen described in the book you just quoted regarding fluke tabs in Dr. Johnson's section. I believe the oxygen test is Tetra brand. I don't think they could have been exposed to anything unsavory that may have burned their gills... and no, they didn't gasp in the old tank (29 gallon). It's very frustrating. My little Calico has started flashing too -- he is the one who gasps the most.
  8. Ammonia Level 0 Nitrite Level 0 Nitrate level 5 Ph Level 7.6 Tank size(How many Gals) 75 How long has it been running? about a month - was fully cycled with tank water, filter, and gravel from the tank it replaced. What kind of Filtration? Rena filstar xp 3 canister and Penguin 330 How often do you change the water and how much? Once per week -- 30%-50% What kind of Water additives or conditioners? Aquasafe, recently salt. Any Medications add to the tank? Most recently anti-fluke How many fish in the tank and there size? 6; smallest is 3.5 inches, largest about 6 inches (measurements not counting tail) Add any new fish to the tank? Yes. What do you feed your fish? Progold, brine shrimp, bloodworms, krill, spirulina flakes, peas Any unusual findings on the fish? Such as "grains of salt", bloody streaks, frayed fins, fungus? No Any unusual behavior? Like staying at the bottom, not eating, ect..? Yes -- see concerns below If you can what is the chloramines Levelfrom the Tap? No clue. Ok folks, down to the problem. I have 6 fish in a 75 gallon, and they all spend a good portion of their time gasping for air at the top of the tank. I understand fully that this is a symptom of low oxygenation, so here is what I have done. I have added two airstones, a spraybar to the outtake on my canister, a powerhead that sprays out across the top of the tank, and two large live plants. And they are still gasping as much as ever. I was reading that this could be a symptom of gill flukes, so I treated the tank for flukes this week, and have seen no difference. Apparently this was not the problem. So, I then purchased an oxygen test kit (for $15! sheesh!) and it reads 5 mg/l , which is not particularly high, which is confusing to me. So I tested the test (does that make any sense?) by taking a small cupfull of water and added an airstone to create an insane amount of water agitation, and of course, there is not creature in the cup of water using up oxygen -- and, after 5 minutes, the test STILL read 5 mg/l, so perhaps the test is faulty? I don't know. I have no clue what to do at this point. What else could cause this gasping? I don't see how I could oxygenate the water any more-- as it is, I am worried about there being too much water current for the poor guys. Please take note, that this is the ONLY symptom I see. Their energy levels are all high, they are healthy looking, colors bright, healthy appetite, etc. What could this be?
  9. Okay. Thanks for the speedy reply! I will try to get these clamps on.
  10. I just got a Rena XP 3, and I am having a teeny problem with the setup. In the instructions it says to fit this supposedly flexible tubing (ha!) 5 centimeters up the intake tube and spraybar. I worked on this stuff for hours (even tried warming up the tubing...) and I can't get it on more than 3 centimeters. I have the filter running, and so far no problems, but do you think this will suffice? I haven't put the clamps on yet -- I wanted to wait to hear what you all think. I tried to call the tech support line, but all lines were busy, so I left a message which they have never returned. Here are some pictures of what I was talking about:
  11. Last night, I was at the fish store, and I found a new water clarifier that is phosphate free, guaranteed not to raise the nitrites, or harm fish or plants. My water in my new tank is kind of cloudy since I added the gravel (I really rinsed it, but this kind is always a little cloudy at first). At any rate, it made my water just horrible! It was just little dusty looking, and it turned it white, and now it has been over 24 hours, and it is still bad. I tried doing a couple water changes today. How much is the maximum amount of water I can change at once? My situation is this is a new tank, but most of the gravel is old, and the filters and biowheels are old too, so they have already a lot of the bacteria on them. My question is, can I change close to all of the water, since I just set up this new tank a few days ago anyhow? I mean, a few days ago, the fish had to be transfered over with the old gravel and the new filter, but most of the water was new anyhow, so it would only set me back a couple days to do a full water change. What do you all think? My ammo, nitrites are 0, as is my nitrate for the moment (since I did so many water changes today). Oh, and this is a 75 gallon (yes, I decided to get it), which I transfered my 3 goldies for now from my 29 gallon over to. Thanks!
  12. I got him at my LFS which carries a lot of goldfish. But up until now, they didn't really have a lot of high grade ones. Here is their website: http://www.rainbowfishstore.com/ There are a few pics of him on there in their gallery -- that is where I got the pic, since I am not the best at taking fish pictures.
  13. Thanks, everyone! I knew you would make me feel better about the expense.
  14. I just spent $60 on a new goldfish. I have never spent so much in my life on a fish!! I hope I don't regret it later, but this fish is amazing, and I don't know when I will come across another like him again. I am going to call him Theodore. He is a lot bigger than he seems in the pic, too. What do you all think??
  15. I like the word "bric-a-brac". Nice job, toothless! Aqua
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