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  1. Hello! I'm also from BC. I know of a guy down in Oregon that breeds Ranchus. Here's his blog: http://...................blogspot.ca/ I emailed him just now to ask if he ships internationally, which I *think* he does but not entirely sure. You can look at his blog for videos of his fish, they are super cute when they are little, although I'm not sure of how high quality they are. Hope it helps in some way! xD
  2. Yeah I think I'll ask at the post office as well... It's a good point ^^
  3. Would be awesome to see some photos of peoples filter plants! I'm interested in putting lots of plants in my tank.
  4. Awwh this is heartbreaking to read about You're doing all you can and that is important, he loves you and you're taking the best care of him. Let's hope he makes a full recovery!!
  5. Today I noticed there are two other pinholes in her pelvic fins, one in each... What should I do? Do you think she has got an infection?
  6. Tank Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 5 pH - 7.6 (it was dark blue) high range pH - 7.4 GH - 60 KH - 30 Tap ammonia - 0 nitrite - 0 nitrate - 0 pH - 7.6 GH - 80 KH - 40 Other info: Test kit - API Freshwater master test kit (drop test) Water temperature - 80 F Tank size - 33 gal. (been running for a week and a half) Filter - AquaClear70 (300 gph) I change the water every 3 or 4 days. Last water change was yesterday at 4:30 - 5 pm and I did 80%. Only 1 fish in the tank, it's 6 3/4 inches including the tail. For water conditioner I use Seachem Prime. I feed her "Nippon Pet Food Goldfish Lionhead & Color Enhancer" sinking pellets once, sometimes twice a day. I feed her about 7 or 8 pellets each time and soak them first. I also hand feed her peas every couple days. No new fish, just her, she's technically in quarantine, though I haven't added any medications or salt yet... I have never medicated or used salt before. I don't see her acting odd at all really...sometimes she can get spooked and dart around the tank, but it's only because I move suddenly with my hand in the tank or something, and she seems to be used to me now and doesn't shy away as much. She darted when I was changing her water yesterday. As for the unusual findings, I'm really concerned because in her tank I noticed little ...worms? floating about. They wriggle a tiny bit but mostly just get pushed around by the water current... It's gross looking having them in there and I'm worried they might be dangerous. Yesterday before the water change my brothers came into my room to say hi and look at Mochi and pointed out the little worms. One of them said it is from over feeding and will go away if I don't feed her too much... but I have to get more opinions on this... They don't seem to bother the fish or anything, and I tried scooping them out with the net and managed to get some out of the tank, but they are really tiny and thin and white...they probably slipped through the mesh somewhat. Will they disappear if I use salt? I was thinking about whether or not to use salt... I'm just not sure what to do. On Mochi's scales, some of them look a little different..like they are shinier? They have little shiny patches on some of her scales on her sides. Not sure if this is normal for her or if it's something to be concerned about...I'm probably just over thinking things, but there's so much I don't know about goldfish illness and disease so I figure I will ask to be sure. >.< So there's that, as well as there seems to be a tiny hole...at the edge of her tail, as well as little white bumps on the top edge of her tail. Here it is... The picture isn't great. I could use a better camera, but it shows what I'm talking about. Really, I think I'm over reacting a little bit. But it can't hurt to check, in my opinion. My real wonder is if I should be medicating and salting her tank? I just need some advice on how to move forward. >.<
  7. Congrats on having Waddles!! What a cool thing to do, Jared! You are soo lucky. Ranchus are super cute and this one is no exception
  8. I'm also from BC, do you know if it's an ongoing sale? Or is your petsm*rt just getting rid of inventory?
  9. Karen - maybe instead of getting a new fish right away you could think about upgrading tank size instead? That way when you want to add a fish it wouldn't be an issue. Your fish is happy right now either way, and it is always best to be fully prepared. I know I'm not the wisest person on this site, but looking at some of the answers you're getting I would have to advise getting a QT tank set up (or at least to have the supplies needed for QT on hand), and would suggest upgrading tank size first if at all possible. It seems like the best scenario in my opinion...but it all comes down to your decisions. Good luck!
  10. Sorry if i worded my post wrong haha I'm on my cellphone and it's a bit slow to type on and refresh the page age such
  11. That's not necessarily true. It doesn't matter how good your filtration or how many WCs you do if the new fish brings in a disease, it brings in a disease. Always QT. I didn't QT once back before i found Kokos and contaminated my whole tank. Please QT. it doesn't need to be fancy. Many people use a sterilite tub or a 10 gallon tank. No filter is needed. Large daily WCS, Prazi, salt and observance. . You won't be sorry for QTing. You may be sorry if you don't. that's why i said if you're able to quarantine....lol
  12. Welcome to the site Karen if you are able to quarantine the new fish, have very good filtration and do enough water changes. you should be ok to add another fish.
  13. Wow pretty fish and lillies! Also cool set up!
  14. !! I hope your fish becomes well! It sounds like he will, with you taking such good care of him! He will be so happy when he's healthy again
  15. I know right? I'm so happy and thank you! Thanks and thanks! :3 Thank you so much ^-^
  16. The store owner told me she had moved the oranda to a different tank with fresh water so I didn't think it would be a huge issue? Should I put any medication in the tank or salt or something? If the tank was on the same filter system as the others, then maybe. Just continue with QT protocol and make sure to test all of your parameters. Okay thank you for the advice I am not too worried I think she'll be fine, though I do plan to test and keep her in her own tank. Yes. I think that it's an older model because she put another box out after I bought the filter, called AquaClear 70. They gotta sell the older stock first right? Thank you! I hope she will be! she's almost 7 inches long now Thank you~ It's a 33 gallon I believe...It's exactly 3 feet long Thanks!!
  17. My photobucket was deleted so I had to re-upload all the pictures
  18. Thanks Thanks so much! I'm actually running two filters on this tank for now - one I just bought yesterday, an AquaClear 300 (HOB), and an Eheim canister filter. The eheim I had running on the tub for my pearlscales, but it was well over the filtration they need so I'm using it in this tank for now
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