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  1. I purchased a Aqueon T5NO fixture when I recently set up a 40g breeder with intention to only put in some anubias. Well, I have several different plants in there now and, aside from the fish eating some of them, are all doing well. The amazon sword shot out two gigantic runners with many rooted plantlets, about 3-5 new leaves on the anubias, etc. This was even before I started experimenting with Seachem Flourish. It also gives off a pretty pleasing color in the tank IMO. Since the 40B is so deep in width you'd probably want two of these for fully planted front to back or start out with one to see how it goes. When I bought it, it was about 46-50$ I want to say?
  2. It looks awesome! Came a long way from that 10 gallon all the way to 120. Those under-substrate planter things are really nifty, too!
  3. Yes, where you circled is the thing I'm wondering about. It doesn't look like a loose scale. It's like a strand/string coming from the body. It's one long one and two or three smaller ones. I think the concave area you might be seeing is shadow in the photo, since I don't see anything like that on him. I tried to take a clearer photo but that's about as good as it gets since he won't stay still. :/ Tried lifting partially from the water to get a clear pic but when I did that the thing became translucent. Should I just keep an eye on it for now? I can keep trying to get a picture.
  4. Ammonia/tap - 0/0 Nitrite/tap - 0/0 Nitrate/tap 0-5/0. I've never really seen these in the water at anything above a questionable 5. Ammonia and nitrites have been 0s but not much sign of a nitrite in there? pH - 7.8-8 Test kit - API liquid. Temp - 70-72 Gallons/Running - 40/Maybe 3-4 weeks? Seeded media from previous 20. Filters - 2 AC 70s. WC/Frequency - 70-80%/usually twice a week. Once every 5 days, at the moment. 80-90% (Prazi schedule) Last WC/Amount - November 7th. Did 80-90% # of fish/size - 2 orandas. 3.5 and 4 inches. Conditioner - Prime Food/Regimen - Omega One pellets, Repashy Soilent Green, 1-2x weekly frozen blood worms or spirulina brine shrimps. Misc others like leafy vegetables and fruit treats. New fish - No. Meds - Started another cycle of Prazi last week. Last Prazi treatment on fish in question was July into August of this year. Findings - This white stringy/worm looking thing that's been slowly sprouting from the fish. :| Behavior - Normal eating and activity. I noticed this thing on my one fish (Chu) a few months back. It seemed to appear soon after I did a Prazi treatment. It was really small, like hardly noticeable. He wasn't acting weird or sick so it left my mind. The last 2-3 weeks, I've noticed it is growing in length... >.> His behavior is still normal in every way. So just what the heck is this thing? It's the white thing in the orange area right behind the head. And some video.
  5. Thanks. I hope you try it. It was fun and you'd save a lot of money doing it yourself!
  6. Thanks! Am so pumped about the new product in the fish section at the local Petsmart. Thanks. They do seem to be enjoying the space. Thanks! The Anubias came today. They look pretty good, but what do I know. :s (purchased from MikesWetPets if anyone is interested) Accidentally pulled off a leaf. ;_; R.I.P leaf. Tossed them on the driftwood for now. Chibomb photo. Lol. Sorry for blurry images! Before and after Anubias. Just need to get some plant substrate before I kill the swords. D: Thanks for looking!
  7. Love that piece of driftwood! I completely thought of South Park when you said crabs. ... Craaaaab people. Craaab people. ;-.-
  8. Update sooner than expected because what should arrive just today other than... The glass canopy. Talk about quick shipping. Since this was all that was needed to set up, I went out and picked up some last, and some unexpected, additions. I don't go into Petco often, but it must've been fate because I picked up this: Apparently my local Petco sells wood from their goldfish tanks. Who knew. 4.60 for small and 10.99 for medium. It's currently undergoing it's fouth boil and it leeching some light tannins and getting lighting in color, because I discovered this during first boil: It's covered in algae. T.T A lot has come off during boiling, but I am wondering how to get what's left? Can I scrub it? :s Heading into fourth boil here. It looks like a totally different piece of wood. I was surprised when I went into the Petsmart to see they're really doing an overhaul on their aquarium section. With the addition of some new stuff... like good looking plants. D: I got two Amazon Sword. Not sure how they'll do. And need to decide on a substrate. I just put them into gravel for now... Suggestions? I read on the PlantedTank forum that Amazon Sword is a heavy root feeder. Decided to give these Flourish tabs a whirl. After returning home, tearing down the 20 and much rearranging, the stand was lugged into my room. And the first virgin blood was spilt. >:3 They didn't seem to know what to do with themselves and this much space. It's hard to tell from these pictures but the light makes them look so much more vibrant and the colors so vivid compared to the LED thing that was in the 20g hood. Props to whoever thought to put plants in little dishes. So much easier than doing a full substrate bottom. And of course the canopy in action. Now hopefully the Anubias will arrive soon and I will be back to blow you all up with more pictures! (and maybe this thread should unexpectedly be moved to planted tank pictures, heh).
  9. Thanks again, all! I wholly recommend anyone giving this a go. I looked into this and did end up getting one to try. The one back corner was off about the width of 5 pieces of index cards. :/ I painted it black cause I didn't have any white paint. D: But it's not right up against the bottom glass, not sure if it'll even look black when filled? Anyhow, just a quick progress update: Ordered a cheapo light fixture. The Aqueon dual T5NO. And a AquaClear 70 to use in addition to the 50 I'm using now. Goal is to one day replace the 50 with a canister, but today is not that day. (disregard Halloween decor ideas) Purchased some foam board and painted it black. We'll see how that turns out. Hoping the T5 will allow for growing some low maintenance plants. If anyone has experience with this fixture, feel free to input. Couldn't find much in the way of information on this light. I had a derp moment today when calling around for prices on glass for the canopy. As I measured I realized it would sit pretty bulky and high on top of the aquarium. So... went with the premade route and ordered a Marineland canopy that set me back almost double what the DIY would've been. That's on the way along with two Anubias Nana that I'm gonna try just tying down to those little glass bowls for now. Hopefully they'll live and someday there will be a pretty driftwood and other plants in there. Will be setting up once canopy arrives. While we wait on that... Meet Chibi, the new goldie. (apologies for weird saturation) Went in on a Wednesday (their shipment day). Tank full of Orandas. I looked at this and another for a good hour and a half. Left for the day. Came back the following Sunday or Monday, only 3 left including this one. He/she is missing a pectoral fin so I assumed that's why no one wanted it. Kinda just a little stub that it moves around as if there's a fin on it. :| There was also damaged scales on that side of the body (I'm guessing injury took the fin?) but otherwise seemed healthy. Figured he/she deserved a chance, so here we are. And glad to say the new goldie is just as chipper and active as my two-armed goldie, despite the handicap. Has a really cute, chubby little face that isn't quite noticeable due to image quality. Updates soon!
  10. Thanks, you guys. I'll update again when I get the things to put the canopy together!
  11. Thanks much, you two. Just wanted to understand it beforehand.
  12. What makes the bottom of a tank mirror-like? My aquarium stand is open top except for cross beams and I'd like to try out bare bottom but I don't want to see through into the stand! Is it just the addition of water and/or light that causes the reflectivity? Does it require a full surface underneath or need a painted bottom, or... ? :s
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