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  1. OKAY, a pure sine wave is not a "serious, serious overkill" and they are not going to cost you "your firstborn child" when you consider how much this hobby costs. Some filter motors and aerators do not require a stepped up sine wave and some require a pure sine wave. Your example of an eheim and aqueon (emperor/biowheels, too) only require a stepped up wave. If you guys have those filters, fine, get the cheaper stepped/square sine backup power. My filters- which you don't have- are a Rena XP3, aquaclear hobs, fluval canisters and they require a pure sine wave backup power to run when the power goes out. Believe me, I also bought a cheap APC stepped up sine battery power and they DID NOT work for my filters. If you guys have these filters then, get a pure sine wave. Mine is the CyberPower CP1000PFCLCD ($132 on amazon).
  2. For your UPS/backup battery, make sure to get one that outputs a 'pure sine wave' (for example, ctrl-f "sine wave" when you shop for it on the amazon product page). Those will run anything with a motor like your filters. I made that mistake the first time and just grabbed a cheap one at best buy. That one was just a square wave/stepped up that did not run my fluval canister or aquaclears.
  3. It's the same as in this photo http://www.flickr.com/photos/100329937@N02/12788972293/
  4. sorry, I can't get the photos to upload. Flickr's having problems. The vent is not red, it's grayish but maybe it's a little stretched? It looks normal to me
  5. Here are photos of the vent. Looks a bit stretched or distended, maybe? No normal poop after the epsom salt (it's been two days of 1/4 tsp per 10 gallons); only the clear poop. It's different white poop after MM. Before the clear poop had a clear milky center, but now sometimes it zig zags, is a bit coily.
  6. Here is a very bad resolution of a microscopic view of what is from his poop. I am getting a better microscope next week (this might be 10x??). I don't think anyone can really make anything other than that there is plenty of something moving around. http://www.flickr.com/photos/100329937@N02/12845659445/ Here is a clip in the middle of a vomit. I could not get my phone out in time for the beginning but at around 6 seconds remaining you can see something powdery being expelled (along with the bigger white pieces). http://www.flickr.com/photos/100329937@N02/12846225454/ Sometimes, he bottom sits with his head pointing down and bottom up (at around a 45 degree angle to the bottom); other times he sits down flat.
  7. ...and how long can I keep that epsom concentration for? Thank you.
  8. He still is bottom sitting, but not as much. Sometimes I catch him just hanging in the middle of the tank. He is however, still bloated. Since feeding the MM's yesterday, he is much more active when I come into the room than before. Is epsom salt okay with the Prazi and MM?
  9. I did manage to suck some up in a cup. It's not too clear however. An example would be at around 10 o clock (upper left-ish) http://www.flickr.com/photos/100329937@N02/12830232054/
  10. Hi Alex. This was about six hours after a meal. I came home to pick up something real quick and observed him vomiting the substance. I should have filmed it when it was floating all over the tank.
  11. so after a second day of MM's he started to vomit this white milky substance (about two mouthfuls). He has not been pooping out anything significant other than the clear poop (clear outer poop with a milky white line inside) for over a week now. Is this the result of the constipation?
  12. Thanks again, Helen. I have some anubias and pothos(in an AQ filter). Will those plants survive the salt? Or shoud I expect them to wither?
  13. Thank you all. I purchased the MM's from Rick's goldfish connection on april 2013. There was no expiration date on the package. Maybe I'll purchase a microscope to examine the waste. Could anyone kindly point to what I should expect internal parasites should look like? Any examples of [slide] photos? Helen, what would be the percent salt concentration you would recommend? 0.1 or all the way to 0.3?
  14. *his poop remained the color of the "food" despite.... He's back to being active now and begging for food but will bottom sit the rest of the day. All I have seen for a week now is the long stringy poop that he has never had before.
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