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  1. Sorry to keep asking the same question over and over again Im a little confused about the sum of. ok right now I have no Nitrites at all but it looks like 2 ppm of ammonia so am I correct to do the water change or do I wait until there are nitrites in addition to the ammonia? Again I apologize for being so clueless I just don't want to make any mistakes. I'm really not an idiot or anything else you might be thinking.
  2. So if ammonia is high but Nitrite is normal do I do anything?
  3. Thanks this is very helpful. I think I will get the AQUA clear 110 I dont have any experience with canister filters. I think I got a little over excited I cant wait to add fish (more) but want to focus on getting the tank cycled first it takes alot of attention just to do one tank. Also I hope its okay to ask here or should I start another thread. I was wondering when I am ready I bought a 20 Long tank for quarantine. What I was reading on here do daily 100% water changes and I have alway put a filter on mine but thought I saw somewhere that you dont have to since you do daily water changes is this correct? Thanks
  4. Ok so I got my API master test kit and have been testing the water myself for the last couple of days and Im not 100% sure if I am right about this but I think my numbers mean my tank is not yet cycled which would explain the high levels of ammonia. Tap AM 0 ppm Nitrite 0 ppm Nitrate 0 ppm PH 7.6 possibly higher it was a darker shade of blue than what is on the color card that came with the kit 125 g 7-10 AM 1.0 ppm NItrate 0 ppm Nitrite 0 ppm PH 7.6 125 g 7-11 PH 7.6 AM 1.0 ppm NI 0 ppm NA 0 ppm 125 g 7-12 PH 7.6 NI 0 ppm NA 0 ppm AM 2.0 I did a 50 % water change two days ago and am doing another one larger water change today to lower ammonia so the fish dont get sick I think this is correct and once the tank is cycled will read 0 on ammonia correct? Also I started the fish tank about three weeks ago and put in the carbon filter cartridges that came with the tank and it says to change them every two to four weeks am I supposed to still change them while the tank is cycling and I was wanting to change to the Biological filteration suggested here but dont know if I should do it now or wait will it disturb anything or make the fish sick if I take out the filters and replace with the original filter pads off the old filter cartridges and add the ceramic media to that? Also I have been using the seachem prime with every water change fish seem to be doing good. I only have two of the marineland 400 filters and think I may need something else. Please let me know if you need anymore info from me I will get it to you as soon as I check back. I added 5 small goldfish about two weeks ago just mentioning this in case it is needed. Thanks
  5. I thought my five new babies had a conversation when I added them to the tank. GF#1 said Hi haven't I seen you somewhere before to GF#2 who said I believe we were tank mates at the petstore together and to the other fish they said wow look at all the space we have here to grow. I think they have an American accent.
  6. They are cute. I like pearlscales. We do need to see more of them.
  7. Thanks everyone I was worried about this for nothing. My local pet store tested my water and said it was within normal ranges. I have had 5 baby goldfish in my 125 gallon aquarium since Saturday last week they already look like they are growing to me. I did my second water change today and will retest my water tomorrow and the new fish are doing great the only think I've noticed changing when I test my water is my Ammonia. Nitrites 0 ppm, Nitrates 0 ppm and PH 7.8 are stable.
  8. Hello again I'm back with more questions. I've order my master test kit from Amazon but until it gets here I have some questions. When I had my fish tank up before I often wondered about our water hardness because we live in a newer subdivision. I've ordered the API Master Testing kit and plan to test both my tanks as soon as it gets here but I was wondering if my water is hard how I would treat that so I can have goldfish? And if that test kit tests for water hardness or what test kit I would need to check it? I saw a test kit on amazon for testing KH is the Ph what would tell me if my water is hard? Sorry I know it seems like a stupid question there are just so many things that can mess up your water and make your fish sick and I want to be more successful this time. Thanks Sherry
  9. I have got both my tanks set up and I am back with many questions due to all of the confusion out there on the internet. 1. Its impossible to do water changes on a 125 g tank and keep replacement water (50%) in buckets so what I've done in the past is hook my python up to the downstairs kitchen sink and fill it up this way and when you add a declorinator do you add it for the water that you are replacing only like for instance if you take out 60 gallons do you only treat 60 gallons? Is this right or bad for the fish? 2. I am going to be switching to Seacham Prime as a declorinator soon and was wondering if anyone here uses that along with Seacham Neutral Regulator for PH and do you use them together when you do your water changes? 3. When you change out your filters monthly a couple of people have told me I could just rinse off the old filter which would re-activate the carbons and but it back in the filter and I'm not sure if this is reliable advice what do you do with your filters I saw on Amazon that the filters for my tank are alot cheaper so I could get them there. Thanks in advance for help and advice. Sherry
  10. Omg these are adorable I would love a few for a keychain or bracelet. I make jewelry and would love to see a black moor too. Did I see a calico oranda?
  11. I think it looks very clean and well put together this way.
  12. Recently I saw an add on craigslist for a 150 fish tank with two emperor 400 filters and stand for $500 I thought that was a steal compared to my 125 gallon tank.
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