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  1. Hi just wanted to post a quick video I got of my goldfish Tuesday while cleaning out the tank. They all moved over the one side so it was easier to get them together. They have already grown a lot since I got them. There is a orange fantail, a black moor, a redcap oranda, a calico telescope and a white and orange oranda. The guy at the pet store said the white and orange oranda was an albino oranda but I'm not certain if this is true because as she is growing out the is getting a lot more orange on her since I got her. Enjoy. http://www.flickr.com/apps/video/stewart.swf?v=109786]width=
  2. I'm not at all surprised at how beautiful your fish are This is a good article. I was looking up the dslr cameras on best buys website and they are kinda out of my price range where would you recommend getting them at?
  3. Very nice I love the planted tanks but wonder if I could actually pull it off. I was wondering if you have that sand in your tank the tahitian moon sand? If so when you clean out your tank do you have problems with the gravel vac sucking it up because it is so fine? I want to try this in my 125 gallon but am worried about cleaning it with the gravel vac.
  4. Your new tank is beautiful. Your little puppy is looking up at the camera like "do you love those fish more than me?" Give him a big squeeze and kisses.
  5. My sister actually did give me a 10 gallon aquarium kit that was just sitting in her basement and I just today set it up for my betta.
  6. I have never really liked betta' s til recently I got myself one like yours yesterday. Crown tail I mean it's a dark purple and red color. I was going to buy it a 5 gallon tank but think I will just skip ahead to the 10 gallon that my sister gave me.
  7. Yes, it is that one . And ??? Silly me sorry I really misunderstood. That black betta of yours is gorgeous. I'm sure he is just loving that 10 gallon tank.
  8. This wasn't the black one you just got was it? Sorry for your loss.
  9. They are beautiful and look especially good in the new tank. What petstore did you get them at I never see pearlscales let alone crown pearlscales here in Missouri but would love to get one. As for names you could do Mad hatter, peachy queen (red/white queen) tweedle dee and cheshire.
  10. I do that too. I set up my 125 gallon as soon as that is cycled I want to set up my little 29 gallon and have been staying up to late looking around on the kindle for a theme.
  11. I love the Alice in wonderland theme and the tank turned out gorgeous. Very creative.
  12. Looks good cant wait to see a betta too.
  13. You have beautiful fish. I especially liked the one where it looks like the lionhead and ryukin are hugging. How many fish do you have if you dont mind my asking? I used to have a calico ryukin like yours with the really long fin that looks like a veil following her. I also had an orange and white one shaped like your red one and always wondered why if they were both ryukins why did they look so different???
  14. Name him batman he is so cool looking. I would love a black one.
  15. Thanks everyone. I have a bubble wand in the back of that bridge but I dont have a strong enough pump for air for that and both of those dragons after I get my filtration where it needs to be Im going to get new pump that should have enough strength to push air to all three. Out of all four of our cats tess seems the most curious of the tank but she only pays attention to it when Im paying attention to it so Im not worried. I will get some new videos of the whole tank and fish closer up so you can see them. Also I am really liking the tahitian moon sand and am considering replacing the bare bottom with that and maybe some fake plants because in my experience goldfish will eat the real plants.
  16. Here are two cute videos of Tess my cat welcoming the new fish.
  17. That is a nice tank I like the idea of a pair of pearlscales some Tahitian moon sand and some of those rounded glass marbles in a turquoise color in the tank. With the plants and all the other stuff you mention like you own ooak background with the stencils.
  18. I was never very interested in Bettas until me and my niece were looking at them at petsmart and this one red half moon tail betta just stood out to me. It was the most beautiful betta I have ever seen its tail was perfect it looked like a long flowy gown he/she looked so elegant. I didnt get her though because I dont know how to care for them but I cant stop thinking about that fish and keep wanting to go back and get her
  19. I never buy fish from petco here in Missouri because there tanks are always filthy and the fish look sick but every petsmart I have been to there is always an associate cleaning the tanks and the fish look really healthy. I bought five baby fish from there 3 weeks ago and all are doing great. Petsmart seems to have really healthy fish. I've bought from them for years and never had a sick fish.
  20. He is gorgeous calico orandas are my favorite. Our petsmarts only have a redcap and two orange large orandas.
  21. I've purchased some aquarium salt for the next phase.
  22. Oh thank you all so much I get it now. Me and my fish thank you all. You are all very knowledgeable and kind. I worry about irritating people by asking until I finally get it. When it said the Ammonia + Nitrite I was wondering if the Ammonia was supposed to get higher to make Nitrite and than I do a water change thats why I got confused but now it all makes perfect sense. I did a 90% water change and the water looks crystal clear now. I will check the params again tommorow and daily and follow the above instructions by dnalex til there is a reading of 0 ammonia.
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