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  1. Ooh they are beautiful. I just got myself 3 baby pearlscale s as well. And a little ranchu.
  2. I usually add a cup of water to it and sometimes that tube over the fan that that starts sucking the water up sometimes I have to hold it down over the motor to get the pump to start working. I usually play it by ear sometimes I can plug them in and they just restart themselves and other times they need a little help. Its totally normal. I don't usually leave mine running either when I'm cleaning out the tank.
  3. They are both beautiful but my absolute favorite is the calico oranda.
  4. I live in Missouri I dont know how far away that is from you but if you ever have baby orandas again would love some calico's and black orandas or even blue or chocolate.
  5. Your fish tank is gorgeous and so are your fish. The music is wonderful also.
  6. This totally made my day I thought I only did stuff like this.
  7. The oranda looks like she has orange jewels on her. They are all beautiful though.
  8. If you've uploaded it to youtube just click on the video as if you were watching it, copy the url at the top and paste here.. or give us your username on youtube and we could probably search to find your videos? Sorry you would think by now I would have the hang of this. Its a little fuzzy sorry my camera is horrible.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/my_videos_annotate?v=ZMF2c_uwHhM
  10. Pretty fish. I just found a video of my orandas when I had a tank in 2010. I actually had a black oranda. I didn't remember that. I also had 4 panda orandas. I'm trying to figure out how to upload it here even though the picture is a little fuzzy.
  11. Here is a short video with close up pics of my oranda's. I have two orange, a blue, a red cap, and a white with orange on it. Among other goldies.
  12. OMG Im loving this thread these orandas are ALL GORGEOUS. I cant wait til mine get bigger.
  13. I like the color of them. It's different than the calico with orange in it.
  14. Thanks I guess that is what the salt is for so when nitrite are high they dont get to stressed. By the way your pups are so cute. My sister has two Chihuahuas named pink and Frankie. They are sweethearts.
  15. I was just wondering if Im doing something wrong I did a huge 90% water change yesterday because the nitrites were high 5ppm and I checked them again today and after the water change I primed and added 9 tsp of salt and its still 5 ppm should I do another water change?
  16. OMG you got her. She was so worth it she is gorgeous look at that face on her. Congrats to you Im so happy for you.
  17. I live in Imperial Missouri just outside of st. Louis. The guy at petco did say it is the end of the season for them so I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
  18. @Sherry: Yes, she did. I originally went in to get some beefheart for Peach, and saw the teeny pearlscales. My wife had been talking about getting one for years, but didn't want to order them online. Well she is just darling I notice two of my petcos have tanks for pearlscales but never see any in there so I called them both up today and they said they would order them for next week so hopefully they will get some. I also was looking at dandy orandas goldfish and they had some gorgeous pearlscales but they were huge and I didnt think it would be fair to all my other fish who I purchased as babies to watch grow so I didnt want to order one either.
  19. Congrats!!! They are really pretty and look super healthy.
  20. She's pretty. I love the calicos. Did she come from petco.
  21. Thank you thats what I saw on the internet but wanted to be 100% sure. Phew I feel better now. Thanks.
  22. I bought this fish because she looked different to me but I couldn't figure out what was different until today when I went to the pet store and was looking at the black moors and noticed that the dorsal fin was what is different about her. Does anyone know if this means she is a possibly a mixed breed of what it means?
  23. Ok here is a video hope you can see it ok.
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