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  1. How much epsom salt do i use for a ten gallon tank to help with constipation? And for how long?
  2. I think i will just do a 1 inch layer of seachem flourite black sand.
  3. What do you mean by plants on top of it? Were the plants not actually in the dirt.
  4. Iv done the dirt layer before and hated it. little pieces of bark worked there way out and made the tank look messy and its hard to move plants around without causing a mess.
  5. So is there no way to keep sand on top?
  6. At least 2 inches and i would like to be able to grow plants.
  7. I have decided that i want to use black sand in my tank but it cost to much to do the hole tank with sand. Iv heard about layering substrates but i don't know how to do it and keep the sand on top from settling under the first substrate. what should i use on the bottom to keep that from happening.
  8. Their all in! I would post pictures but I don't have the lights for the tank yet so they come out very blurry.
  9. Thank you. I thought it would be ok but I wanted to make sure.
  10. I finally set up my new tank and now i'm wondering if i can quick cycle it with my old filter media. If I move over my fluval 306 that's well established and the media from my aqua clear 70 into my aqua clear 110 how quickly will it cycle and how quickly can i add fish.
  11. I had a look at the fixture you mentioned and I suspect (just guessing based on how much light I know a high output fixture can churn out it without having actual PAR readings) will be too much light. Running two of the bulbs will work, but you may find you'll have to mute the output. Raising the fixture is the best option (offers better spread, reduces/increases intensity based on height raised), but window screen is another option. A shorter photoperiod will also be good practice; the timer will be of good use. You can start small, say 5 hours, and increase/experiment from there. The Odyssea fixture will be a good investment should you ever need more light, but you can also reduce its default output to suit your needs. This is great to hear. I think i'm going to buy them!
  12. How many pounds of active flora would i need for the 125?
  13. I totally forgot about this stuff! I read about it a couple of months ago and heard a lot of good things about it but i couldn't find anywhere to buy it. i think i may just go with this!
  14. Thank you this is very reassuring.
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