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  1. ill do a 50% water change right now. no i dont have baking soda. and i dont have an airstone
  2. the two orandas are about 4inchs long without tail the smaller oranda is 2.5inchs without tail apox.
  3. i have two 7inch orandas and one 4inch oranda. i did recently get a new test kit from amazon. i dont use any buffers or such. the tank is about a year old. the nitrates would jump from 0~20 at times.
  4. so what should i do as of now? and idk what you mean by has my test kit or test procedure changed?
  5. By perfect I mean 0 on ammonia nitrite an nitrate. I'm using the API test kit. The weird thing is my tap water has no nitrites and nitrates o.o my tap PH is 8.4 but my tank PH is around 6.8. Idk how's that's working??
  6. Every week I test my water to see if there's any problems. Well this week the results were Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 4pmm Nitrate: 40-80 ppm All the other weeks before were perfect. Is it a cycle crash? Do I need to take out my fish? How much water should I change? My tank is a 40 gallon with 3 fish. Water changes done twice a week of 50%. Help Guys!!
  7. I think so. Right now he has a silver arrowana in it and he's planing to give it away. So I'll just wait for it. I'll keep you guys updated!
  8. Awww darn it. My friend told me it was a 50g pond and I didn't bother getting it anymore. I wanted something like a 100+ Gallon tank. Thanks for the info tho guys! In the future I'll being getting a pond I just don't know when. I'll just stick with my nifty little 40g tank for now
  9. I live In California. We don't really have seasonal temperatures. San Francisco to be exact.
  10. Im getting a pond today! I was wondering what I need for it. I already have a filter. What else do I need? Not sure how big it is cause a friend Is giving it to me. Over here where I live it gets pretty cold at night and it's winter time. I would say it gets to 40-50 degrees over here in the winter. Proabably going to stock it with orandas and ranchus. Oh and I might get his 8 foot tank too. Excited!!
  11. Double the amount of prime for the 100% WC?
  12. No. I never noticed the red on the pelvic fin until you told me about it.
  13. Ok I can do that. My tap water has ammonia though. That's the thing. And it's not cycled and prime only kills the ammonia for 24h right?
  14. The params are for the QT tank. My main tanks cycle crashed and I'm doing 60% WCs every 2 days. I'm in a tight situation....I know...
  15. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Kk85W0HvSqM
  16. I moved him yesterday to a 10 gallon. It's not cycled.
  17. My parents know nothing about fish. They just like looking at them. I'm the one doing the work around the tanks. I think I would be able to do surgery as long as it won't be very expensive. What is erythromycin?
  18. http://s1347.photobucket.com/user/Alexander778/media/image_zps7eeb0d5f.jpg.html This has been going on for about 2 weeks. Sorry of the picture isn't that clear. He wouldn't stop moving.
  19. I believe it is this med. http://www.petmountain.com/product/bacterial-fungal-aquarium-medications/11442-513099/api-e-m-erythromycin-powder.html
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