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  1. Question too please -- what are your thoughts on keeping seven Fancies in a 125-US gallon tank?
  2. Clandestine video from LFS yesterday showing white in wens -- can see pretty well in a red Oranda near beginning and a redcap near end. If you would, please post your impressions of the white stuff. Thanks!
  3. @Helen: Thank you for the reclassification. Still working to become familiar with Koko's! Thanks to everyone else for your wise support. Will post pics if possible (to get any). Maybe if I'm dumb enough to go back all the fish will be either clearly OK or clearly worse. @dnalex: good to know if temptation becomes too great...definitely encouraging. Aeromonas is less contagious than Flexibacter/Columnaris, true? Seems there's a Mark Twain quotation about how the best way to get rid of temptation is to give in at once haha Luckily with everyone's help from the Forum the impulse is much more manageable, though. Thank you again! Now, what are those 12 steps exactly?
  4. Last "rescue" Oranda died . Thank you for your advice to help us out. Still, some of us are slow learners... The only local LFS with really nice-looking Fancies (different LFS than the poor Oranda) must have problems with their care and/or suppliers bec. the fish frequently show health issues right there in the store. Or, they don't do well after being adopted (in my experience). If they weren't the only LFS with more than just chain-store level aquarium care products, maybe I could just keep out entirely... So: right now they have a bunch of nice-looking, cute, frisky young Orandas but several of them have one or two random white spots on their wens. In another tank (same water circulation, of course -- I've asked) a GF has a shallow ulcer on its flank with faint white cottony stuff trailing from the ulcer. AFAIK the wen spots may or may not be trouble but the ulcer well could be Columnaris, true? Most people who adopt won't be ready to handle what's likely coming next! PLEASE just remind me NOT to bring home a fish with possible Columnaris exposure, if this does sound like Columnaris. Hard to treat, fish unlikely to recover, slim chance of successful "rescue," true? Even with quarantine it's a VERY SERIOUS risk of unintentionally infecting healthy tanks and losing all our healthy GF, right? Just not worth it!! Right?? No one person can save every Goldfish at risk! Of course if you disagree... :rubs hands: ARRGH!
  5. Hi that's a cool heater (is it OK to say that?? haha) Wish I'd known before buying a 25W Eheim Jager for our 2.5 gallon tank! FWIW the Eheim fits just barely in the 2.5g. The tank top rests on the edge of the heater, but the heater does fit and the top covers the tank like it's supposed to. The Eheim works well and Solomon, the Betta in the tank, seems quite happy with it. Betta fans will understand, of course -- you can tell the Betta is much happier and more comfortable with it in cooler weather. http://s848.photobucket.com/user/taz1107/media/Fish002.jpg.html?sort=3&o=3 Pic of Solomon where you can sorta see the Eheim Jager in the background
  6. Thanks Maybe you already saw email...in case you didn't, your email arrived. FWIW you and my Better Half use the same email provider. We've had some interesting moments now and then with delays just like this one haha
  7. @AnnaMNR Nothing in inbox so far...email settings & spam folder checked also. Almost an hour has gone by and your email should be there, you know? If you would, could you please post the name of your email provider. You know, the part that comes after "@"? Not the complete address!! Just your provider. If you can post this info, I'll make sure that "@[provider.com]" is on the Trusted Senders list and then ask you to re-send email. Why does it seem things are only guaranteed to be easy when it doesn't make too much difference?
  8. Thanks for helping and for being on top of privacy & safety!
  9. btw it's supposed to be ..."zero625.."
  10. Hello! Hopefully Tippy is holding her own & even showing more improvement. Just to update you, still awaiting email with shipping address. Plan to mail PP same day when address received.
  11. Above noted Many thanks to dnalex and Koko. (Awaiting Koko's email message.) @AnnaMNR -- we're happy if we can help!
  12. Hi, it's terrific to read Tippy is doing better! It feels a little strange to ask this, but idk...if it helps you and Tippy it's worth it: We have a sealed, completely unopened 4-ounce container of Prazi-Pro that we bought sometime around the first of the year in 2012 (no expiration date visible). Then the fish forum mods at the time persuaded me to use a different prazi product and the Prazi-Pro has just been sitting here; likely we'll never use it. Of course you wouldn't receive it at once but if you have an address where you'd like us to mail it -- an address that also protects your online privacy and safety -- please let us know. We could send it USPS first class. No charge to you! We'd be happy to see it get used and help someone out. If you want the PP and you'd rather not post any addresses on the forum, which is understandable, just let us know how you'd like to transmit the shipping info. The important thing is, Tippy's looking better! Hooray!
  13. P.S.: That's awesome news! It's great that s/he's showing some improvement. Still, please consider finishing a complete course of the meds, if you hadn't already plaaned to.
  14. Hi, I think I can identify with your cautiousness. Sounds like whatever else, you want to be sure you don't do something harmful, right? Very smart. I'm fairly new at aquaria personally altho more comfortable with other aspects of vertebrate and invertebrate biology, and even some microbiology and pharmacology. Doesn't guarantee that it applies to fish, though, you know? So...I was looking for this same info recently and the answer seems to be, "OK together." A couple indicators: API medication "General Cure" contains exactly these two agents. Also...as a pure noob on Koko's idk the policy on posting links, but there's an aquaculture website where readers email questions and the mods, who apparently have both some formal training and some experience, post the questions along with their responses. There's a thread there also saying these 2 are OK together & even recommending it for that particular inquiry. The website and / or link are available if OK w/ KKGFF to post here. Between the mods and me, I'd choose the mods' advice but the above is what I could find. If you need to make decisions pronto and this info is in line with what you already know to be true, maybe it'll be helpful. Like the chicken soup tale, "It won't hurt!" The drawback would be that once an anti-infective is started you have to finish the course, even if later you decide you'd have preferred otherwise. Cheers, and keep that positive attitude / outlook that I sense is there also!
  15. Hi congrats on your fine new fish. She is a beaut! Good on you for rescuing her. ;D As far as the owner goes, well; it has been said that guilty people accuse others, you know? Hope not though... A mod could confirm this but Prazi + Metro is a great start imo for parasites. It's like a "one, two" punch. Metronidazole is such a good agent, we're lucky to have it -- low toxicity / high margin of safety and like prazi it's good against lots of parasite-y little critters (including internal flukes (Metro)). It also works very well on many bacteria such as the "stringy white poop" type. Whether in combo with Metro or eventually by itself, from past sad experience I would make sure my fish get the full course of QT prazi. Obviously since Metro has been started you'll prob. want to give it for a minimum of 14 days, or 21 days, or whichever you agree with makes up the complete course of Metro. Congrats again! It's win-win for you and your new friend.
  16. +1 Actually, unless the kids name them, if the Goldfish get named it's usually when sooner or later they name themselves Two that did strike me right away are our two Black Moors. When they were very small we tried feeding them spinach. The one with a single/one-piece tail was more aggressive and boy, he really loved spinach. The other, shyer Moor with twin tails wasn't having any of "that yucky stuff," so: The spinach-lover is "Popeye" The shy Black Moor is "Black Olive Oyl" ...Popeye and Black Olive! Now they're much bigger (check out the plastic filter intake). Neither one has a shy scale on its body and they both love spinach. Or anything, for that matter haha idk but based on the pectorals Popeye actually may be female and Black Olive may be male. http://s848.photobucket.com/user/taz1107/media/Black%20Moors/Babyfish7-28-2012009.jpg.html http://s848.photobucket.com/user/taz1107/media/Black Moors/Fish006.jpg.html
  17. Hooray! Thank you for the update. Hopefully that means he's at least staying the same / holding his own? Best wishes to both you all. :crosses fingers:
  18. Thank you With the plan to work up to 3% if needed, well -- it sounds as if it's needed! Thanks also for the tip about the gills, I didn't know / hadn't thought of that.
  19. Thank you for reading and if you would, could you please share how to tell when a salt dip has been adequately successful at removing the slime coat? After reading and thinking over some Forum posts, tried 1.5% sodium chloride dip for 10 minutes with constant observation. 0.9% did Bupkes a couple weeks ago as far as I could tell. The goal? Success with Prazi therapy for persistent, frequent surface gulping and also as routine QT protocol. Two Broadtail? Veiltail? idk Telescopes Thanks again http://s848.photobucket.com/user/taz1107/media/Telescopes/Fish011.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  20. So sorry Asher is having difficulties...if he could, he'd tell you, "Thank you for caring so much." Your posts bring up 2 experiences, hopefully you won't mind having them shared and maybe they'll be helpful, even if only as food for thought... We've had 2 Goldfish that at first didn't like spinach at all but that have come to like it pretty well over maybe 6-12 weeks. Of course, they mostly ate other food in the meantime (including gel food made with spinach). Don't give up! In a very horrible experience of tearing a betta's fins while cleaning the tank, and the betta already was stressed because of well water issues at the time, I wish I had begun antibiotics immediately -- like is done sometimes for trauma patients with at-risk injuries. Maybe he wouldn't have developed, or would have fought successfully, a Columnaris wound infection. Just saying. Personally, don't know what the fish Sensei will say, but with an injury when already stressed like in this setting, I'd give one of our fish empiric ABX starting pronto. Long post, apologies. Very best wishes for you & Asher. Haven't met you yet and even so will be happy when he's all well again. 8^)
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