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  1. Pics please, so we know it happened!
  2. Hi to Oerba Yun Fang and Everyone, So sorry to read about Kupo's eye troubles! Very interested in your thread cuz' we have one orange tele and one yellow-orange tele, by themselves in a tank since they came to live with us in January and probably about a year old, who in the last few days show similar fluid-looking rings around their buggledy eyes. They look a lot like your pic and Rai's pic of Pippin and both pics show it so well. Our teles don't have quite that much fluid, though, and both eyes are affected the same for both fish. Web search brought up one possible cause that I haven't been able to find much more about -- that highly alkaline water can lead to fluid build-up around telescopes' eyes. The site credits this to Noga and mentions that it's a type of dropsy. Unfortunately I don't have access to his book to confirm this. You'd think that if this were the case, if would affect both eyes? I don't know, just bringing it up for discussion and fyi. I also read somewhere that with fluid from growth rings, the eyeball stays steady and doesn't wobble when the fish moves? fwiw our teles have been acting normally and haven't shown other physical changes, thankfully, just like your post about Kupo. NitrAtes surprised us by getting up to about 80 ppm within the last 7-10 days, corrected over several days with wc's and now around 10 ppm. pH was in the 8.0-8.2 range (it's been around 8.0 for a long, long time). KH in the 89-107 ppm and GH in the 72-89 ppm range, so not irrevocably hard/alkaline. Ammonia 0, nitrite 0. Hopefully Kupo and Pippin will stay all well and have no other troubles!
  3. Maybe volume and/or genre have an effect? Recent blog post from the inbox: http://thefishvet.com/2013/07/27/fish-love-listening-to-music/
  4. Thank you very much for letting us know about Betty. Like whatever she did, she went all in and fought with everything she had to get well again. She has a generous, creative, brilliant mind and a huge heart. Betty, God bless you with happiness and peace! May He keep your family in His care. You worked so hard for so long to help us keep our Goldfish safe, help us learn, and connect us with our fellow Goldie lovers. Thank you for all you've done for home aquaculture and for all those of us foolish enough to try to keep Goldfish!
  5. Hey man thanks for the props! My vote is "new" (of course, you've read about that already lol). But it sure is tough to tell whether real or illusion just from looking at this monitor. So happy to hear/read she's showing encouraging findings.
  6. So sorry to read about your fishes' troubles! Maybe a mod will be along soon. :crosses fingers: Could this be Aeromonas? I'm worried about that possibility..do you have any Medi-Gold food, by chance? Would you able to go out and grab some Kanaplex-kanamycin in case the mods recommend it, if you haven't got some handy already? It would be awesome to start treatment today if possible -- depending on what the mods will say -- and not have to wait till tomorrow's retail cycle (or maybe even Tuesday's :shudders:) All the best to you and fish friends! Will be pulling for you...
  7. Hey, When searching the Web earlier with kinda the same question in mind a couple places turned up down your way, sort of. Except maybe on the opposite coast... I don't have any info except what's on their websites, am not close enough to mosey in and check out their fish but you might be. TropicalFishMiami.com (Miami -- d'oh) goldfishandkoiusa.com (Homestead) Hopefully this info will be helpful...if you find out anything please keep us posted.
  8. Hi, How's Daffodil doing? Hopefully, better!! In case you aren't seeing improvement yet, this post is to answer your video caption, "See if you notice anything." Something's been nagging me about little Daffi's course and I guess the pics also... Hafta start by saying, if there really are changes in the way she looks they're subtle enough (fortunately) that it's very tough to tell from the pics and video. Especially b/c it seems the background light may be a little more reddish in the video and the second set of pics than in the first pics, which of course changes the way the colors look. Also, the Goldfish parts in question usually don't exactly face the camera! N e way, I'm wondering whether the area around the bases of her pectoral fins, where the fins connect to her torso, has changed to a faint pinkish tint (around 0:47 in video; and in second set of pics) since the first pics; and maybe the base of her left ventral fin (0:57 in video) as well. The video also makes it look as if she could have a pinkish-reddish streak on the left underside of her chin, kind of beneath the lower edge of her left gill cover (0:09-0:11; 0:52-0:56). Uncertain but, iirc, if it's for real a blush like that could mean an internal bacterial infection?? Alex will probably know for sure. Just asking whether in live action this looks real, cuz it's so hard to tell over the Internet. Maybe it will help you all help Daffodil if there truly has been a change, and sometimes real minor changes can be harder to notice when you're there all the time, you know? Best regards and best wishes! Please keep us posted.
  9. ours get peas in their regular diet rotation. fwiw I've read peas sometimes can stop working for constipation. This actually happened to one of our telescopes in the past. For another constipation remedy we've found that blanched fresh baby spinach has been the ultimate secret weapon...in case you'd like to have an alternate in your "aquarium armamentarium" (lol) Best wishes!
  10. Hello again, Still very beautiful! Agreed that respirations look fast. Personally I don't notice anything else atm. Her dorsal is nice and upright and after a read through the posts first, it was a surprise to see her vigorous, normal-looking movements. Would you consider posting more vids in the days ahead? Maybe something else that could help may show up. If you haven't recently checked, would you consider a gill inspection? Also, maybe if you follow up with Steve @ RG, if he's seen anything similar in his fish out there perhaps he could let you know what worked for him. She's had several days of Metro & Prazi, right? I worry that if she has an illness susceptible to one of these, she might not yet be recovered fully but you likely would be seeing a little iimprovement. Or at the very least, no further worsening. She's a beautiful Goldie. From your posts it shows that she's won your heart and from the pics and the vids, it's easy to understand how. Wishing you both the very best!
  11. Thanks for the update and the pics. She's still very pretty! It would be great if she already were showing improvement. But!! -- it may well be a fairly positive sign that her condition has held stable. :crosses fingers: In any case, here's hoping the kanamycin antibiotic arrives soon.
  12. Her/his current troubles just can't hide the fact that s/he's a cute little fish. Like that coloring! Very best wishes to you both, and her/his new tankmate too. Do you have access to any antibiotics? If these are something you'd have to order, maybe the mods will suggest the most likely one(s) to have on hand and you could start that process, if desired. It's surely nerve-wracking (for me, anyway) waiting for them to arrive while wishing the fish already were on them... Maybe s/he will recover and no abx will be needed, though. Hopefully! Pulling for you and New Fish and wishing for rapid recovery, Steve
  13. Hi so sorry about your troubles. Personally, I'd be freaking too. Beautiful fish in your pics! Not sure what Alex will recommend for you, but I can reassure you Metro and Prazi are safe together. If you're concerned that Prazi already was present (apologies, trying to take it all in fast), there's a very wide safety margin with Prazi. It would be hard to give toxic levels unless you were trying hard to do so. In any case, risks from delaying needed meds are worse than any risks from these two meds Very best wishes. Pulling for you both!
  14. Hi thanks for posting Thanks also for the info about your success moving fish this way. It's great -- and kind of a relief -- to read that this worked for somebody else, too. If you're out of a tornado zone -- is that right? -- congratulations on making it safely into a new situation. Fish owners have enough to worry about, you know? Personally (no fish at the time, would have been that much more stressful!) the unpredictable, unpreventable always concerned me when I lived for a while in the New Madrid fault zone (that's kind of out Missouri way, too, isn't it?). No one there seemed to think they needed seismic-stable houses or buildings.
  15. That's super! And thanks for the encouraging update.
  16. Haha, now there's a line that works every time. Esp. if she's a fish girl (btw married x 20 years next June, didn't realize how much amnesia for that stuff had set in...)
  17. Great news! Also -- ten years? Amazing work! Beautiful fish, too. Do you know any fish vets in your country, whom you could ask about Tvilsen? Not hijacking the thread, one hopes, but once an Aquatic Vet/Fish Vet in Helen's city kindly answered an online consultation for us, that we sent by a link on his web page. Maybe he would comment on Tvilsen's complaint..? Helen, are you acquainted with this vet? (iirc he also has a practice in Perth WA.) Being pretty new to Koko's I'd prefer to avoid breaking any of the Forum's guidelines, unsure about raising this question...
  18. +1 A terrific thought Good going for planning ahead. There are several branches of the big chains close to here. Two PSmart locations in particular (could just as easily be any chain, though) seem to work hard at keeping healthy tanks and fish. Of all the GF we've had, our most successful have come from these. Even at these two locations the selection can vary and every now and then they'll get a sick fish from a supplier. Being familiar with the stores and their tanks, it's pretty easy to tell when something's different / not right. There's also a local branch of a smaller chain that usually has really great-looking fancies but being familiar with their tanks too, it's pretty easy to know they always have sick fish in the tanks. Almost every fish we've lost has come from here (Attention -- Slow Learner!). Best wishes, and please keep us posted!
  19. Hi, So good to read your fish seems to be doing better. Those are some some fine-looking fish! When you write that your fish is hanging around the filter [filter intake?], and since there's a question that s/he still could be recovering from something, it brings up a few horrific stories other people have written about sick and/or weak fish and filter intakes. Have you considered, or would you consider, a safety guard for the filter intake? Those black, cylinder-shaped Fluval Edge Pre-Filter Pads (usually about $2.99 at the local PetSmart near here) have been recommended. These have worked well for us altho we have found it helps to rinse them in some of the old, outgoing tank water at WC time. Before we got one of these we made a homemade guard by wrapping a piece of foam filter pad around the intake. fwiw, here are "Before" and "After" pics without and with the above Fluval Edge Pre-filter. Same fish by the way, Popeye and Black Olive -- about eight months apart. http://s848.photobucket.com/user/taz1107/media/Black%20Moors/Babyfish7-28-2012009.jpg.html?sort=3&o=3 http://s848.photobucket.com/user/taz1107/media/Black%20Moors/Fish006-1.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  20. @Mr. Hyde Good question that deserves to be asked. Also, as you or one of the other poster pointed out, the cost of Prazi isn't exactly negligible. Since you asked, more or less (lol), my 2¢: 1. Mernany nailed it. One of the thornier GF health problems and also maybe the final common pathway for parasite infestations and most other Goldfish illnesses seems to be bacterial infection, esp. internal infections. 2. Bacteria always are around in the tank. Normally the GFs' defenses keep them at bay. As you probably know, when the defenses get compromised, whether from physiologic stress like bad water chemistry, from any random tank crisis, from fecal or egg impaction, or from trauma like an injury or (the issue here) where parasites damage the slime coat or make tiny wounds where they attach to the GF, it lets bacteria get in and set up an infection. 3. When this chain of events is set into motion, by the time a GF obviously is doing poorly it seems her/his chances of a good recovery are...umm... So, imo a big part of the rationale to go ahead and treat for flukes is to help keep the GF off this dismal path
  21. Well, first step accomplished. Way to get it done! It's really nice you cared about helping the Oranda and even better, you found a way to make it happen in a hurrry, too, Chances are you helped the Oranda dodge one and maybe several bullets by getting him to safety when you did, Please update us often, If you can post pics, more is always better! Do you give uour fish names?
  22. P.S. We had a beautiful Calico Telescope (Veiltail?) that became constipated on Lionhead and even on homemade gel food, but baby spinach agreed with him fine. Fat green poops! Sadly we didn't get the opportunity to give him Repashy SuperGreen. Wish I'd understood in time how serious an issue constipation was for him RIP poor Apricot. http://s848.photobucket.com/user/taz1107/media/Calico%20telescope/iPhonepicstransferred6-06-2013150.jpg.html Fortunately you still can help Mai Tai!
  23. From your pics I can understand, me too! ...following along... Please accept apologies if I've overlooked stuff in the thread...If constipation is a possible issue, or if you want to check for constipation, have you considered spinach? Baby spinach blanched in dechlor water till it's tender enough for Goldies to tear has been a surefire anti-constipation secret for us. Has worked even when green peas wouldn't work. You know her best, of course, whether fasting is wise and/or for how long, but you maybe could consider trying baby spinach after a 24-hour fast. Another constipation remedy that's helped our Goldies is a 10-30 minute bath in Epsom salts and tank water, 1/4 teaspoon per liter. fwiw we've floated the fish in the tank while inside one of those disposable clear plastic paint pails from local Big Box Home Improvement store, keeps the bath water iso-thermic with tank of course and you can discard the bath water afterward. Hopefully, along with the poop! Best wishes! Pulling for you both
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