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  1. No wisdom to add from this quarter, unfortunately, except to say congratulations -- he surely is a cute really appealng little guy. Liking the creative camera btw, getting 2 different images in one pic!
  2. Hey Mikey "Write so that you can't possibly be misunderstood."** Just a guess, but it seems you probably did understand the "trust yourself" part so it was kind of a surprise to find out it might create confusion. This is to clarify, just in case: Those posts were NOT meant to suggest giving treatments until, and unless, there's a specific diagnosis -- with supporting evidence, of course. It's pretty easy to be hypochondriac if you've ever had sick Goldfish, you know? Lucky for us, imaginary stuff usually goes away on its own. Still, you know your fish best, and if something tells you things may not be right, imo it's worth not dismissing until you get everything figured out. Just keep your eyes open like you've been doing, and stay objective (that is, in the sense of avoiding bias). [This is supposed to be encouraging so if it's a yawnfest pls accept apologies.] Regards, Steve **Looks like I have to work on this lol
  3. Great! Well, cross hygiene off the list. Please do keep trusting your instincts, though.
  4. So sorry to read about these ongoing troubles. Best wishes for getting everything cleared up. When you write, "They just don't seem right," from personal experience I'd say -- fwiw -- trust your instincts and stay vigilant. Although it surely is frustrating, when you suspect a case of the "just not rights." Hopefully you won't mind if asked, has everything in your system been cleaned recently, like filter media, sponges, intake, hoses etc. (where applicable)? Remedial hygiene rounds have helped mild cases of "mystery ailment" / reduced activity in our fish in the past (and if you're a person who's always all over tank housekeeping, please accept apologies!). Please keep us updated!
  5. That's a very pretty Oranda. Congratulations! Have you chosen a name yet? S/he kinda reminds me of orange sherbet fwiw. A PetsMart near us had a good-sized (for that PetsMart) Oranda that looked very similar a few weeks ago, actually was there several weeks. This evening was the first time we've been there in a few weeks & the Oranda is nowhere to be seen...if your Oranda is from PetsMart & you adopted the same fish, thank you for giving her/him a great home. I worried about the fish but we'd have been overstocked, without adding a tank or having the fish be an extended-stay Sterilite refugee. In any case, you have a beautiful fish & the lucky fish has a wonderful home. Yay!
  6. Did you write that you see red streaks?? You have antibiotics on hand in case they're needed, right? IT DEPENDS ON WHAT THE MODS WRITE, but this worries me for bacteria in bloodstream, such as Gram-negative bacteria, & if that were true, it would be necessary to act fast. Best wishes! It seems keeping Goldfish (and reading the D&D forum) can be tough if one is soft-hearted and gets emotionally involved easily, you know?
  7. Have you chosen your filter yet? If you haven't, fwiw we've been really happy with Eheim Classic (#2213). Water chemistry stays stable with any bioload our 29 gal. can throw at it. We did have to learn to prime it, but once learned it's been a cinch. True, it's a better biofilter than particulate filter. Only very rarely has this ever been noticeable, though. We picked Eheim Classic because, of the reviews we could find, Eheim had the most positive brand reviews and Classic the best Eheim reviews. Best wishes! Let us know what you choose and how you like it:
  8. Man I'm sorry Best wishes that everybody has a complete and miraculously quick recovery
  9. Most people recommend 50% water change at least once a week, more often when the system is stressed (like if the tank is new, if it's overstocked, or if you have good bacteria but something kills all or part of the bacteria). How do you know if your water is stressed, or if the bacteria are happy? Check the water chemistry. Have you been asked, how you've been testing your water? Please consider upping the water changes to at least 50% per week, more often if test results show it's needed. Your fish will love you even more!
  10. idk if it's correct but have read pectoral fin contour differs between the sexes, more than just thickening of the first ray in males. Unfortunately haven't been able to find again the website that explained it best, They did say it takes practice. The best way I can summarize it is to say the lateral tip of male pec comes to a more acute point (think spinnaker sail) and female pec fin is slightly rounded by comparison (jib sail). Can anyone confirm this? Also, best wishes for finding the right "bull oranda"
  11. Hi, best wishes with your Goldfish and welcome to GF keeping -- and to Koko's! I hope Monarch, Cooper, and Herbert get well fast and stay well. Lucky for them and for you, you came to Koko's! Here at our house we lost some fish we really loved, before we found a good forum and learned how to take care of Goldfish. There are a bunch of things you'll want to know, so that you have healthy GF and your GF have a happy human. If you're new please keep in mind that you'll soak up info pretty fast, really. So if you feel like it's TMI just focus on the parts that are making sense. The rest will grow from there. Are you OK with a real basic question? pawsplus is asking if your tank is cycled...is that a familiar term? If it's not familiar, what it means is this: an aquarium is like its own ecosystem and besides your Goldlfish, your tank has to have families of "good" bacteria living in the tank. The good bacteria help keep the water clean and healthy for your fish. Right after it's set up, a new tank doesn't have good bacteria growing yet. It takes a couple weeks and/or some help for the bacteria to grow. Fish can have a really hard time in a new tank until the bacteria are growing well and helping the water stay clean. So when somebody says a tank is "cycled," they mean that the good bacteria are growing in the tank. (Who knew?? One of the most important parts of an aquarium, you can't even see!) If this info is old hat, please accept apologies.
  12. That's terrific. Thank you for the happy follow-up. Keep up the great work!
  13. No way is it worth the risk imo. Ich kills. One time (and only one, hopefully!) we had Ich. I thought I was being übercareful not to cross-contaminate Except nobody told the Ich about that lol It was nightmarish -- salt-resistant Thank God (reverently!) for help and advice from Dr. Tim Mullican at the Georgia Aquarium If anything like that happens at our house again, the hospital tank is going into a distant room from the main tank All separate equipment Fish care done at separate times Just saying Best, best wishes btw! Pulling for y'all Somebody needs to tell Lady Luck, "Enough already [for Goldiegeek]!", you know?
  14. fwiw I vote bacterial also Best wishes! :crosses fingers: imo you're wise and correct to hit it early and hit it hard Pulling for y'all
  15. Good move imo. You're welcome! And thanks for the update. Best wishes to Glen for a smooth, speedy, and complete recovery. Also, please accept apologies for somewhat misdirected earlier post about prefilter sponges on filter intakes. A prefilter is great to have, of course, but wouldn't have helped when the entire intake disassembled itself (if I'm understanding correctly)!
  16. If no mods speak up, and if you place a GF connection order, please think about getting BOTH Metro-Med AND Medi-Gold if the budget allows (at least shipping is cheaper, buying both at once!). Aeromonas sp. are ubiquitous in tanks, they say, and they're a common opportunistic (in the sense of, taking advantage of a fish's decreased host defenses when s/he is ill or injured) soft tissue- or wound-infection bug. Flexibacter/columnaris is another iirc. For either of these infections, of the above two medications Medi-Gold is the one as I understand it. Please keep the water 110% clean if you're not already! Next wc please consider giving filter media their routine periodic rinse in old tank water too. Bugs love dirt and slime of course. It looks like you live north of the border up there in Civilization. Jk -- my other half is from Kingston area haha. Maybe a helpful USA forum member can buy them and ship them to you in Canada, if needed? It used to be that GF Connection wouldn't ship international. Please act fast, though, because if you should happen to need these there will be absolutely no time to spare, to save Glen. idk if it's avail. in Canada, but Seachem has some meds that can be found in more specialized or hobby-oriented lfs's here. Seachem's Kanaplex (aka "kanamycin") is another antibiotic that would be great to have in this situation, if you happen to locate some. Any other brand kanamycin is OK also. Please don't let me alarm you TOO much, though. It's a situation where you take the necessary planning steps, do what's needed in order to be ready, and then don't fret, you know?
  17. With a breeder net it's really easy to know how much the fish ate, and how long it took; plus, leftover food can be discarded and doesn't go to overfeeding other fish or dissolving and adding to the tank's organic load. A divider will work just fine too, though. When it's feeding time we've just scooped the fish into the breeder net like a big fishnet and hung the little net hanger things over the rim of the tank. Breeder nets beat ordinary fishnets imo 'cuz they're bigger and they keep their box shape so you can make sure nothing comes into contact with the fish. Our finny little piggies? They learned after about, say, two days that the breeder net means chow and now the more assertive GF actually swim right in. At times it's tough just to get the fish we want without a couple freeloaders. If it's true that people have certain parts of their brains devoted to hearing, or vision; or emotions or music lessons, etc. -- it seems at least 73% of a Goldfish's brain must be dedicated to food, you know? Our fish got the hang of it no worries
  18. You're welcome. And thanks for the back story about little Bijou, how sad! It's nice to read that you're patient with her and try to help your "nutritionally challenged" little Goldfish. Here's a question, if it's OK to ask (this has worked for us btw): do you think it would help, to feed Bijou in a breeder net? We got a little collapsible breeder net about 6 in. x 6 in. at Petsmart, it hangs over the side and in the tank at feeding time. You can put a fish in the net with her/his rations and then tip the fish back over into the tank-at-large after the feeding. All the other fish may still want that food r-e-a-l bad, but they can't get to it through the net.
  19. Wow congrats to you and Glen, best wishes for complete recovery. idk what mods will say, but delayed infection is quite possible (although fortunately, by no means guaranteed) & I personally would be watching this pretty keenly. The most critical period is from about 24 hours to 7 days after Glen's injury. Do you have antibiotics on hand, that you would be able to start immediately in the event you see any signs that Glen's condition / behavior is deteriorating? (if you don't already have some, mods of course know & could recommend which antibiotics you would need) fwiw I'm thinking Glen's good appetite, behavior, & appearance at this stage are very, very hopeful signs. If no infection occurs she's going to recover fully -- with help from your good nutrition, pristine water, & tlc. Hooray! Also fwiw Fluval Edge Prefilter Sponges fit perfect over our Aquaclear and Eheim filter intakes to help shield the fish, plus they're pretty inexpensive. Is something like this, a thing you'd consider? Again, prayers & best wishes for you both, as well as your young Healing Prodigy!
  20. Hi, if you haven't had "The Chat" with your LL yet, and Renters' Insurance+50 gallon tank doesn't work out here are a couple of other factoids that could be tossed out there if you wanted to -- -given the 40B footprint versus its height, it should be a really stable setup (I personally am not all that worried about our 29 gal. here overturning, but 20L and 40B tanks look like they'd be particularly solid). -the 40B's stated capacity is 40 gallons but it would never be filled to 100% capacity, so worst imaginable (Lord forbid) disaster, it would be a matter of 27-28 gallons versus, say, 37-38 gallons cleanup. Compared to what happens when there's a busted washing machine hose, for example! fwiw: Spoiler Alert! It's always good to be as truthful as possible, so don't calculate or look up the true capacity of a 40B tank ahead of time. It's disingenous enough already, my bringing this up, but if you want to use the "It would only be 10 gallons more" angle then look away immediately, so to speak... Great looking tank & beautiful fish. Thanks for the pics! What's the little guy's name? Also, hatsoff for being a conscientious, considerate fishowner and tenant. A smart LL will want to keep you guys around
  21. Thanks for the fantastic pics! "Please, I want some more..." Apologies if I'm late to the party, but is that last pic REALLY a BLUE CHU? (If so, s/he's a Really Blue Chu :chuckle:)
  22. Beautiful tank and even prettier fish! Thank you for sharing the pic btw water looks perfect imo And...now you have a 40-gallon backup tank!
  23. Hi and welcome! Have you checked out the pics at Rain Garden Goldfish or Dandy Orandas? (not advocating any sites on purpose -- those are just the 2 I'm aware of, for Orandas) You wrote you've been researching, maybe you've seen these...if not, they have a big variety of pics of really nice, healthy Orandas, perhaps help form an image of what types of fish you like. Please let me add, consider getting ones that already show nice wen growth. Not all fish have equal breeding stock & we have bought Orandas when very small that were great fish that we loved, but never grew much of a wen. Regards, Steve
  24. @ 4prettyfish Please accept sincere condolences for poor Jet! From your threads/posts it seems you did all you knew for him, and also did everything you could to find more that might help him (maybe foolishly, but somehow or on some level I like to believe he understands this and really appreciates your caring). Thanks for your thoughtfulness in starting this thread. imo you really did think creatively "outside the box" about HITH or wen ulcer disease (whichever applies) and nutrient deficiency. Way to put it together! To me, it absolutely makes sense that if nutritional deficiency causes or contributes to HITH or wen ulcer disease, that internal parasites well may be to blame, or at least material contributors. How likely is it, really, that simple nutrient deficiency would be common in GF enthusiasts' fish? Or as commonly-seen, anyway, as HITH or wen ulcer disease in the fish of conscientious GF keepers (operative word: "conscientious," excluding those poor GF that have to live in bowls on a flake-food diet). Different phylogenetic class, true, but among mammalian species, host nutrient deprivation due to an intestinal parasite burden is well-known, well-described.
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