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  1. Are the lead plant weights safe? It says non-toxic, but I worry it could leach? Any experience on this? Many thanks!!
  2. So glad he is ok! My daughter came home & immediately went to the fish tank & stood on her stool, lifted the lid & made kissy noises at him (doing this makes him come to the top & bob his head out of the water, makes him look like a beluga whale!) Bettas crack me up. I bet he stares at the marbles & rotates his eyes around to study them right?
  3. It looks really pretty & natural. I don't think the fish is going to be able to vacuum the rocks with his fishy lips anymore though, which is a good thing of course, but there may be more uneaten food I think. I clean the water twice a week though, plus the only other tank inhabitant is a snail & he is super flexible to reach food.
  4. I bet the sand looks really pretty! Never thought of it for a freshwater tank!
  5. Shouldn't be an issue now!! Thanks for the input on the cycle. Makes me feel better :)
  6. Oh my gosh me too! I love that fish & so does my daughter (she wasn't home at the time). He is so friendly! His mouth was stretched real wide, he looked panicked & was on his side on the bottom of the tank! I was home at the time. I think he would have died if I wasn't. Do you think it will affect my cycle? I am thinking no since I have two fully aged filters to which I only clean in used aquarium water.
  7. I have been ready to switch to river rock for fear that Yoshi the Oranda would get gravel caught in his mouth. Well, he did it today! I thought I was going to loose him! I had to net him & gently nudge the rock out! Yoshi is about 3 inches long now, not including tail. The care section is very important to be read & all information absorbed & taken to heart! We switched to river rock today. I am hoping that my two fully aged filters & 4 moss balls will be enough to keep the tank cycled though. I felt the fishes life was at risk, so the small gravel is gone. Will be monitoring water parameters & keeping up with water changes.......
  8. I have Hornwort that is growing like crazy now. I used a veggie clip & just lightly secured it that way near the gravel. Yoshi, my goldfish doesn't touch it. Sometimes, Gary the mystery snail nibbles on it (you can actually see his mouth moving up & down with green hanging out!) but, he doesn't seem to even make a dent in the stuff. You don't need much cuz of how fast it grows & it's easy to grow.
  9. Yeah, I don't care if he eats it, that's what I would buy it for!
  10. Of course, I have a lot of time to plan, it won't be until next April! I have never left on a vacation with an established fish tank to tend to though! I just want to be prepared. A large water change for sure, yes! I don't seem to grow algae. I do have Hornwort though, maybe it is competing? I don't have a lot of it, but I sware to blueberries though, that it's growing like an inch a day! Yikes! But it is healthy & pretty. The fish nibbles at the Hornwort & moss balls in the tank, but unsure if it offers any nutrition & the fish doesn't seem to damage anything so... I thought even a sprig of Anacharis though, would do, it's to my understanding that that stuff grows like crazy too.
  11. We may take a vacation in the spring. I was wondering since it would only be 5 days, if my Goldfish takes a liking to Anacharis, (I was thinking of adding a little to my tank) would this be ok to munch on for a few days? I have been researching that it has natural nutrients & goldfish like to eat it. Since my dogs would be at my parent's, they may not even have to come over to check on him? I was thinking it may be better than a fish feeder.
  12. Thank you. If the spots seem to change & look more menacing, I will let you know, but for now, he sure seems like a happy fish!
  13. Update: Yoshi is now by himself in the 20 gallon (except one single mystery snail). Telescope is in my parent's pond. He is still getting white spots. One will disappear & another will appear. Never red or irritated, nor raised much in appearance. He continues to be very active & eating well. I am giving him pellets, spirulina pellets, freeze dried daphnia, & whatever veggies our family is eating for dinner. Broccoli, peas, spinach, romaine lettuce. Question: Can I back off on the water changes? I did another 50% change just now. I was thinking about every 4 days changing 50%. Is this ok? Thanks!
  14. He still seems fine. Very active, voracious eater. I am sticking to daily water changes. Thanks again. If things take a turn, I will let you guys know.
  15. I had posted on the 2nd, but it has been present for about a week with no change.
  16. So in all likely hood, if it was disease related, it would have progress by now? I thought I should just have the meds on hand. I was a bit taken back by the cost of shipping though. I didn't do it just yet......
  17. So, I have increased the water changes, no change yet, but no worse. I was thinking about purchasing from Goldfishconnection the medi-gold & jump start as a precaution. Has anyone used this? I want to have it in the house anyway so......
  18. Thank you! I will increase the water changes & volume to which I take out as well. I will monitor a few times a day. I was examining Yoshi with an LED flashlight in addition to the aquarium lighting. My husband was cocking his head to one side! I had no idea that 40 ppm was high. Very very good to know. I don't know why I had it in my head to keep it under 100 ppm. How crazy for me to think that!
  19. Hard pimple, recessed into the wen. Food/plant debri seems to stick to it & flap around. Water changes seem to help with the debri, but the spot remains. It is not fuzzy or red.
  20. Sorry I didn't paste the info I just realized. Tap water PH still reads 7.4 No Ammonia, or nitrites. Nitrates 20 ppm Tank water is the same except the nitrates in the tank water are 40 ppm
  21. I believe the Topfin 30 is 200 gph actually. I think it totals 350 total GPH
  22. All test kits are API drops. I do not have KH or GH or Chloramines Temp currently is 74. No heater. It's just getting warm in Georgia Tank size is 20 gallons. I realize I have one too many fish Water changes is 2-4 gallons every other day 2 total fish. Water additives are only Stress Zyme Feed pellets in a.m & a veggie in the p.m (Spinach & de-skinned peas are what are in the house right now just from our family dinners) The telescope fish is new No meds Filtration is a Topfin 30 (which I think is 250gph) & also a Topfin 20 (150 gph) I clean the filters by a simple rinse in the used aquarium water only
  23. http://s1287.photobucket.com/user/kris0823/media/VID_20130602_175552_zpsfa7404d7.mp4.html
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