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  1. Thank you! Lots of room for him! My daughter drew a background for the new set up too (she is 5 yrs. old), I will take a picture when I have more time!
  2. I was having trouble keeping up with the ammonia output. Seemed to be out of nowhere too. I would get a 0 reading, then it would spike. I had increased to 80% water changes twice a week too. And yet, Yoshi had a few ammonia burns on him. I cleaned the tank, another 80%, tested water. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite & only 10 nitrates. We have 4 Mickey mouse platies, a gourami, and a cory catfish now. I think this is a nice little set up. Fair amount of plants too.
  3. I was so nervous! I brought him in a bucket. I made my Dad keep him indoors & add pond water every 1/2 hour & after 1.5 hours I let him into the pond! My Dad thought I was nuts, but this is my daughter's fish & I wanted to make sure he would be safe. So far so good! I really underestimated Yoshi's size. When he was in the bucket, I realized he was about 6 inches from nose to tail. I really think unless you have money to upgrade to a larger set up (down the road once they begin to grow) or have a plan B like I did, then in my opinion 30 gallons per fish is more accurate when you factor in the end result. The adult size.
  4. I debated on it for a long time. I was afraid he would be more delicate being a fancy & swimming with comets. But I was watching them yesterday & the comets are pretty mild mannered considering. They were a bit rough during meal time, but I noticed Yoshi just hung back in the water lettuce & waddled out after & cleaned up after the big guys.
  5. I don't know if anyone remembers my orange Oranda "Yoshi"? He keeps growing & I just don't have the money to upgrade to a whole new tank set up. (He was in a 20 gallon by himself.) After needing to drain 80% of the water 2X per week & destroying my back, I made the decision to go back to a modestly stocked tropical community tank. My parent's have an outdoor pond (1,200 gallons). I hope he will do ok being a fancy with comets, but their pond is modestly stocked as well & is densely planted. My parent's said he is doing well! Eating & swimming all around. They said he keeps to himself. Wish Yoshi luck! Kristin
  6. Ok thanks! I get the feeling that I would have a heck of a time convincing the husband that spending $30 or whatever it was for fish food. I don't know. Oh BTW, no clue on the nitrates. They have always been weird. Maybe it's my test kit
  7. Ok. Less rocks it is! So, Melafix or no? I was going to do a daily small water change at the 24 hour mark in between doses. Then a large water change at the end? Also, do you know of a good medicated food? I would love to order from goldfishconnection but the shipping is astounding unfortunately. Maybe more in the $10-15 range? Or is this unrealistic?
  8. No rocks then at all? Or, less rocks? Take some out?
  9. My dogs & cats like to chase a laser pen, well so does my fish!
  10. If I need to use something more harsh than Melafix, I will remove the Cory, though I still wonder about a medicated food that won't cost me one of my limbs.
  11. http://s1287.photobucket.com/user/kris0823/media/IMG_5366_zps3387728c.jpg.html?filters[user]=135999919&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0 Above is the overall tank
  12. I mean that's all I have done thus far. So far, it doesn't seem serious & seemed worth a try with the Melafix since it appears to be relatively harmless to all?
  13. Question: Melafix isn't really a medication right? It was my understanding that in limited amounts it is ok for the Cory's?
  14. I tried to upload a slideshow? Does it work? A little blurry.
  15. http://s1287.photobucket.com/user/kris0823/slideshow/
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