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  1. My goldfish, Posen, passed away. I think it was because of bad water quality. I did not change the filters as often as I should have. Thank you
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jO3yEjrmOcg Ive already used melafix, but my fish looks floaty still. What should I do?
  3. Thanks for all the replies! I live in Pennsylvania. I looked at East Coast Ranchu's Facebook page, but it said I had to sign in to view the fish they had for sale. Is there another way to see the fish they are selling? Do they have a website or something?
  4. Hello everyone, Hopefully you weren't scared by the title. This is not going to be about getting a second goldfish after a previous one died! So anyway, a year ago my science teacher noticed how much I loved the goldfish in his classroom and offered me them since it was nearly the end of the year and he had to get rid of them. I took one and I've pretty much kept him in my 40 gallon tank ever since then. It's been a year and I've learned the basics of goldfish keeping, so I am wondering about getting another fish. The one I have now is a comet. I doubt my science teacher knew there were different breeds of goldfish. I've looked at Rain Garden goldfish and Dandy Orandas and all these places but I can't find a seller that offers good quality goldfish online that aren't $60+. I've already spent hundreds on all the equipment for my tank and I really don't want to spend another hundred on a fish. It's really important to me that the fish have been sourced well and are not just from some careless Petsmart around the corner, but I really don't want to spend that much money on a goldfish. I'm not even sure I'm experienced enough to try and take care of an expensive fish. Do you guys have any suggestions of where to get goldfish? And also, do you think a 40 gallon tank with a comet would be a good home for another fish? thx
  5. Thank you, I'll get a prefilter for my three mystery snails.
  6. Hi its Inception I keep finding my mystery snails partly stuck in the intake tube. This has happened many times, so I put mesh over the intake tube. I still find snails stuck and I don't know what to do. Has this happened to anyone else before? What should I do?
  7. Hi everyone, it's Inception. Anyway two days ago I found these worm shaped things on the sides of my tank and I freaked out and moved my goldfish from the plastic tank it was in to a different (food safe) container. I don't know exactly what they are but it can't be Planaria because they aren't moving let alone swimming. Will these things hurt my fish or was there no reason to move my goldfish, Posen? Here's a picture. I just realized I am probably infamous for this tiny little plastic bin my fish has been living in while my 40 gal is cycling...
  8. I did a water change just yesterday. I'm not sure exactly how much water it can hold because I got the tank and goldfish from someone else. I'll be gone for four days, but I'll feed Posen (my fish) the morning i leave and the night I come back. So i guess that's technically just 2 days. I doubt the white film is algae, because I've had this tank for 2 months and that's never happened. I don't have an algae scraper. I have an air pump running. I don't think this is the same stuff that builds up in ponds, because this appeared in just two days. Thank you everyone who answered
  9. Hi guys, My tank got this film on the sides of it (it's a plastic tank) and I'm not sure where it's from. I couldn't get it off when I lowered the water and I'm worried it could harm my goldfish. Here's a couple of photos. You can see my cycling 40 gal in the backround of the last one. Also I'm leaving for a trip soon and I'll be gone for a couple days. Will my goldfish be okay? He wont be fed during that time, and I want to know if he'll survive it.
  10. I tested it high range and regular, got yellow both times. He's eating, bur still not always moving.
  11. I have no filter. Right now, all I have is a tiny plastic tank with my tetra whisper. I have all the supplies ready for a 40 gallon except a usually expensive filter I found online for a good deal. I will set up as soon as I get the filter, don't worry. My tap water's pH is oddly a lot higher than the tank's water. It is 7.6 pH according to the chart. The rest including Nitrite, Nitrate, and Ammonia were all 0 ppm.
  12. My goldfish has been bottom sitting all day today and yesterday as well. His fins flap similar to a heartbeat, sudden and quick (not trying to be poetic, sorry) and he does not move around the tank at all. This is all in ppm unit. Ammonia level is 0.25 (tank) Nitrite level is 0.25 (tank) Nitrate level is 20 (tank) pH level is questionable. That is my pH. The right side shows HIGH RANGE pH and the other side shows regular pH. I tested the water using the HIGH RANGE pH test solution, but the result looks closer to the lowest pH on the regular pH side. It looks like 6.0 not 7.4. I got a pH regulator from Marineland. Should I use it? The brand of test kit is API FRESHWATER MASTER TEST KIT. The temperature is 70 degrees. Tank size is 10 gallons (I know, I know, I am moving the fish to a 40 gallon next week.) It's been running for three months. I got it last week from my science teacher. I changed 60% of the water two days ago. That was MY first time changing water. I used the Jungle Start Right conditioner. There is only one goldfish. No medications, no unusual findings on the fish, I said the unusual behavior at the beginning. I recently (today actually) (halfway through the last paragraph) got a tetra whisper replacement for a borrowed air pump that I returned to my science teacher. It has been running for roughly five or ten minutes and the fish is now moving around. Did I just right the last paragraph for nothing? Is that all my goldfish needed?
  13. My science teacher needs my air pump back. Will my fish survive without it, or will I need to get a replacement?
  14. Can't wait to set up! I'll post another pic of the finished tank later ?
  15. Currently my commen goldfish is in a 10 gallon plastic tank with an air pump. There are also 5 baby snails in the tank. I want to move them to my glass 40 gallon tank. What do I need (equipment/supplies) for a 40 gallon tank? I got this tank from my science teacher and I think it is too small for the goldfish and snails. Also, if I put a water filter in my 40 gallon tank, do I still need to do water changes? If so, how often? And how? This is my first goldfish and I want it to be healthy. If someone could give me a basic list of things to get or advice that would be a great help. Thank you!
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