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  1. Was curious about it, that's all. I work at a petshop now and have three customers that swear by it. Like ya'll, I would never do it myself, but simply asked out of curiosity. As far as info, it's by word of mouth.
  2. I've never had much problems with ammonia since I run understocked and keep my water changes pretty consistant, but I have heard that crushed eggshells (from boiled eggs) or simply plopping a boiled egg into the water will help with high ammonia consistant with overstocking. Or at least, if you overstock isn't really, really bad. I haven't tried this myself, wanted to see what everyone else thought.
  3. I was also in agreement with Bronwyn, though it is really rare. I use a combination of HOB's and canisters for my goldfish and have never had a bad smell while they were operating. It's super strange. I don't have many ideas, but I look forward to seeing other more experienced fish keepers have to say. Good luck!
  4. I agree with motherredcap. It sounds like a good solution, especially with the language barrier. I also think Chelsea's usual approach works with most people, but may come across as a bit harsh, especially to an older adult. My opinion is a neutral approach and, if he's willing, some of your boyfriend's help in showing her how to take care of them better and help them live longer. Though what worries me is that there is a tiger barb and a goldfish living in such close space with each other, much less in the same tank. From my experience, tiger barbs can be very aggressive, almost as much as an oscar. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't tiger barbs require a heater?
  5. I'm no mod, but this could be one or two things. Either he's going through a color change, but more than likely it makes me think of ammonia burns. I'm sure DnAlex will be able to help you more. Good luck and I hope this gets better quickly
  6. A mixture of everything really. I would prefer substrate or floating plants since I don't really have anything to attach to. Sure! I'll happily take it. I don't mind snails, my group will demolish them no matter the size LOL For those of you who have already replied, I will PM you my address and we can go over shipping fees and things like that. Thank you! The responses were greater than what I was expecting!
  7. Thanks Mikey! And if anyone else might want to sell their plants, let me know how much you'd like.
  8. I'm looking for tough, goldfish safe, live plants. I'm not too picky on what they are, just as long as I can afford shipping and start getting some plant-action going in my 55. I already have four moss balls, so I'm safe there LOL. Thanks for dropping by!
  9. This is before I knew about over stocking and all of that, so I'd put this at around 2010. I got started with minnows, and yes, that giant comet there is Oshi, who is still around today Some of you may recognize Clause and Rosie. This is my 55 about a month ago. I have since decreased the number of fish down to four, the three comets and Bree (the oranda).
  10. Poor baby.... He does look very ill, but I think he's passing from old age. He had a long life with you
  11. Awwwwww, so cute! What about Willy? If you look at his orange body markings he looks a like a killer whale
  12. Lookin' much better than what it was. He's healed up so well. He might regain sight in that eye, but due to the trauma, he might not. But your fishy friend will very quickly adapt to that limitation You may just get lucky though!
  13. Definately not poisonous, lol. I agree with everyone else that has already posted. I would have had a lot of fish pass if they were. Just remember that if your water quality isn't kept pretty clean and balanced, the moss balls will begin to turn yellow and die. Then you'll have pieces of moss everywhere in your tank, and boy, it sucks to have to clean that up
  14. Awwww And this is exactly why I love Koko's :)
  15. Hmmm..... Out of most of my fish, the only one that has a weird sleeping spot is Peach. She sleeps facing at the orange light of her heater. My goldies just kinda hover in mid-water, and the two babies sleep in the plants since I have a bit of a current problem. I'm using plants to break the current so it's not smooshing them against the wall.
  16. It might not be anything to worry about, but Dnalex is super-fishman when it comes to this type of stuff. He's helped me with my fish multiple times. Your fish is looking great, though if you'd like to start another thread in the photos section we'd all love to see him/her. If it is anything, it might be bacterial, but I'll let a mod confirm or deny that. Good luck! Edit: As far as his corner hiding behavior, maybe if you gave him a plant or two to hide behind, he might come around. Normal fish behavior though. They tend to be skittish for up to a week, depending on the fish. Just be careful how much food you put in because it can lead to waste building up much more quickly. The good news is that he's started to eat.
  17. They look great. From what little experience I've had with them, they don't eat a lot, and if they do, it's very sporadic. You're just having normal tetra behavior. They look like they love all the hiding places in their home though
  18. NeonVodka


    Woooooow! That is one stunning beta!
  19. Yeah, I made the mistake once about having one huge filter instead of two smaller ones. I had the main filter fail during the night and woke up to a nasty hazy tank and four angry comets. Needless to say, I run at least two after the "talking to" I got from them. They also requested that I must drop whatever I'm eating into the tank upon demand, but I had to refuse that one.
  20. Of if he [DNAlex edit] uses the main baster, everyone is going to be wondering what that awesome new taste to the turkey is
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