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  1. Was curious about it, that's all. I work at a petshop now and have three customers that swear by it. Like ya'll, I would never do it myself, but simply asked out of curiosity. As far as info, it's by word of mouth.
  2. I've never had much problems with ammonia since I run understocked and keep my water changes pretty consistant, but I have heard that crushed eggshells (from boiled eggs) or simply plopping a boiled egg into the water will help with high ammonia consistant with overstocking. Or at least, if you overstock isn't really, really bad. I haven't tried this myself, wanted to see what everyone else thought.
  3. I was also in agreement with Bronwyn, though it is really rare. I use a combination of HOB's and canisters for my goldfish and have never had a bad smell while they were operating. It's super strange. I don't have many ideas, but I look forward to seeing other more experienced fish keepers have to say. Good luck!
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