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  1. If you want one (or ten) let me know! I'm gonna have a ton of babies and no where to keep them.Of course. I would love some of the fry. When do you think they would be ready?
  2. Congrats. I love pearlscales, they are by far my favorite fancy. I've been wanting to spawn mine but unfortunately all three of mine are females. Anyways congrats on the fry. I'm looking forward to seeing their development.
  3. There's always next time. Good luck on your future spawns. DarkSeas
  4. Looking good. Nice setup. DarkSeas
  5. ?thank you! I actually really think they are loving the swimming room. They are so much more active now in the bigger tank, it's really fun to see makes me wonder what they would be like in an even bigger tank! I am sure they would love it. I recently upgraded my 55 gallon to a 110 gallon and my goldies loved it. DarkSeas
  6. Its a great looking tank. I bet your fish are loving the extra swimming space. DarkSeas
  7. Hey everyone, Lately I have taken great interest in the wakin goldfish. I just love the fact that they are slender body goldfish, therefore there is much less chances of them having swim bladder issues. I like them because they feel that they are a hybrid between a fancy and a koi. What Ilike most about them is the tail. That tail reminds me of the tails ranchus have. Anyways so in my newfound interest in wakins I decided to order a few from Raingarden, but before I do I was wondering: what food is best for them? Should I give them some of the hikari lionhead I have for my ranchus? Or would it be better to give them some high quality hikari koi food? Just wanted to run the thought by everyone and see what everyone thought. Any thought would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Love the ranchu. By the way I think I bid on that one also, I am glad to see that it went to a good home.
  9. I have to agree, my calico ranchu has also lost some black and gained orange, althougn she hasn't lost all of her black.
  10. Man, those are some great looking fish. That's a beautiful pond by the way.
  11. I have about 3 inches of substrate in the tank. So a java fern will grow on driftwood or ornaments and doesn't need to be in the substrate?
  12. Hey everyone, so I just finished filling my tank with Caribbean-sea planted tank substrate. I then went on to planting it with various swords and ferns, but as soon as I planted the tank, maybe 10 minutes passed and my goldfish had uprooted all the plants. So I replanted then thinking it was maybe booing to be only a one time thing but they keep uprooting. Well I guess my question is how do you guys keep you goldfish from uprooting plants? Any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. Well, keeping the filter on all the time is best, but having the filter on during the day is better than no filtration at all. Have you ever thought about using an internal filter? They are usually pretty quiet. But a canister would be best if you can afford it.
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