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  1. I replied to the email I received, but apparently that did not go through. Using the API Master Test kit, today's numbers are: PH 7.0 Nitrate 40 Ammonia 0.50 GH 107.4-125.3 Because I use the Seachem Regulators (phosphate based system), I don't usually test the tank for KH. I changed about 45-50% of the water and added: 2.5 ml Prime about 1 ml-2 ml Stability 2 ml Replenish 1/4 teaspoon Seachem Alkaline Regulator Miss Beatrice looks pretty well....unfortunately the light burned out in her tank, so I'm trying to see her using a flashlight! From what I can see, she continues to improve. As you say...it's the water. I think water changes were not as frequent as I usually make them, when she was being 'fish sat'....and we already know about the overfeeding issue by my grandson. I still can't seem to load the pictures for you. I'll try getting a better picture today and again try to send to you, but I'm having no luck with it! I appreciate the advice given so far....it's a big help!
  2. OK...I'm hopelessly inept re: using computer and forums! I'm the first to admit it! I think that earlier today I posted as an answer to the thread we were on re: Beatrice sick fish .... I could not edit in my replies to your questionnaire, so I wrote the entire questionnaire with answers/comment new and sent it to 'reply'. Obviously...this was incorrect. Can someone check into this for me, and advise re: my sick fish Miss Beatrice? I only have a couple of hours before I have to leave for the pet store, so am waiting to hear what I should buy for meds (if anything)? I do not know how to get the picture I took of Miss Beatrice to you, either. My granddaughter will be here a little later to help with that. THANKS! sorry to be such a dubbitz!~ Bertha
  3. I don't know if I posted the above information that was requested correctly???? Also, I don't know how to send a picture of Miss Beatrice? I'm not very savvy with computer groups, so please inform me how I was supposed to do this, if I did it incorrectly?
  4. Hello..Bertha here. I can't seem to find a way to edit/answer directly on your D&D Form, so am typing answers to it here: Results taken this morning (8.21.16): TANK: Ammonia (Tank) 0.25 Nitrite (Tank) 0 Nitrate (Tank) 40 GH (Tank) 107.4 *I do not usually bother with taking KH in the tank....using the Regulators affects the readings. PH (Tank) 7.0 TAP: Ammonia (tap) 0.25 Nitrite (tap) 20 Nitrate (tap) 20 GH (tap) 53.7 KH (tap) 89.5 Treated the tank this morning with: 2mls Prime, 2mls Stability, 1/2 tsp. Seachem Neutral Regulator, 2mls Replenish Removed all decorations (except for substrate) and another 30% water change this morning (for about 50% in three days); replaced filter carbon two days ago. Turned off heater two days ago....tank temp had been about 78 degrees. Tank temperature now about 74-76 degrees. 10 gal tank...running with this fish about two years. (I realize that 10g is not ideal: however, it is what I have and all I can afford at the moment). Filter is Aqua tech (probably 10g, not sure) Water changes done about once a week (usually) at 25%. It had been longer because of vacation. Last water change two days ago at about 20%-30% and this morning at about 30% Only one fish in tank. Hard to get accurate measurement , but I think about 1.5-2.0 inches nose to tail. Food: TetraFin Goldfish Crisps (occasionally) & Omega One Natural Protein Formula Goldfish flakes. No new fish. No medications to date: I have Maracyn 11 but have not started it....waiting for advice. Tank filter: Matrix (which I've now removed because I found precipitate on the heater), carbon. Conditioners: Seachem's Prime Seachem's Stability Seachem's Replenish Seachem's Neutral Regulator Seachem's Alkaline Regulator Tank decorations: a bridge that is plenty big to swim through, plastic plants and marble/small 'river rock' substrate. No sand or small gravel. Symptoms: I thought there was a growth that appeared to be like a tumor, which is why I originally contacted you. I couldn't see that growth today, or, if there, it was not as pronounced. Today it appears as if there are several small 'bumps' instead. these do not look 'cottony' (more like a 'pimple, I think). I've taken a picture on my iPAD....not the greatest picture, but you can see these 'bumps'. I have NO idea how to send you the picture, though! Miss Beatrice is acting normally....swimming normally and eating. I think that my little grandson (or another grandchild) 'helped' by feeding the fish without my knowledge.: when I began water change two days ago, I discovered the top of the Goldfish Crisps broken and a lot of the food missing. .... although Miss Beatrice had been acting normally when I went to do routine water change two days ago I found a huge amount of old food under the substrate, and the filter media bag needed to be thrown away, rather than rinsed: it was 'gunky'. It was then that I saw the growth on her side....which I thought was a tumor. If someone can identify what kind of 'Fancy' Miss Beatrice....I'd appreciate it. We've never know, And, yes....she is missing an eye. I didn't realize that until I got her home from the pet store when we bought her...I remember questioning the odd look to one eye at the store & the clerk told me it was just the way she was colored! didn't have my glasses with me at the store...the lack of the eye has never seemed to affect or bother her. I will go to the pet store this afternoon to buy medications (providing they have in stock). Please advise about meds/anything else I should be doing?
  5. Hello ~ I noticed a growth on the side of Miss Beatrice last night. I can't get a close enough look to identify it...I don't think it's columnaris, ich or parasites. It seems more to be a 'growth'. Beatrice is swimming normally (she's a 'Fancy') and is eating. Behaving normally, for the most part. I suspect that my little grandson 'helped' by feeding the other day....yesterday was the day I siphoned the bottom, changed about 25% of the water. Tank bottom was dirty with uneaten food..... I also changed the filter media. I've been using a little heater because our house get scold during the winter months and at night: I've unplugged the heater since it's hot out now. Can someone tell me the ideal temperature range for her tank? a friend had told me 80degrees for Fancy goldfish, but I thought this might be too warm? I will change out some more of the tank today: I figured another 25% to try to get up any leftovers I might have missed yesterday. PH is a bit low at about 70, so will add some Seachem Regulator during the change. Can someone advise me re: meds? I have trouble finding antibiotics here, but have some Maracyn 11 on hand. I didn't start bedcause I wanted advice first. Anything else I should be doing? Thanks!
  6. I may have another fiolter, which is not in use. I'll check to see....that would be the ideal answer temporarily! The present tank is 10.5"x12.5"x20", which I think is a 10g, not 15 as my husband thought? Miss Beatrice measure 3/4" as my best guess: hard to measure her on the move! that's from mouth to tail, but not including tail. I will check craigslist for all....I didn't see the Petco closest to me having the sale, but know that they do have it more than once: I will have towait until the next sale; part of the house is closed off for winter, and there tryuly is no place for the bigger tank for a few months. I don't mind doing small daily water changes: for me, I think this will be easier than the barrel idea (although that's a wonderful indea to have on file!). Whenever I do a water change, I always siphon the bottom...and frequently use my turkey baster to make sure I get under odd places. I do not have gravel, but use the larger 'stones' instead or the glass 'jewels': both are way too big for a fish to swallow. I don't cover the bottom...just a scattering on the tank floor. I have no living plants (etc): a few plastic plants which I check for any rough edges (etc) and a ceramic bridge she sometiems swims through. Pretty simple. I check all the plants for signs of algae (etc) on a regular basis. Any other advice?
  7. Yes. I will begin looking as soon as possible. I understand that the present tank is not ideal for her. Meanwhile, though....I suppose my focus must be on improving the tank we have, and going from there. Probably #1 will be to get another filter; what I have is apparently not sufficient! And I've had good advice about better food to buy, too....although there are not many choices in the ara where I live. I'll begin online search today.
  8. Sorry....I replied via email, but should have done so here. Filter is aqua Tech 15. The filter has been running ever since we acquired Miss Beatrice.....which I think is about 6-8 months ago. From an article on your site, I see that I should use a larger filter, and will try to find one asap. When I can get a larger tank tank, I'll just use that filter then and buy another one to use with it, to get the filtration needed. PH varies, but in general I have soft water. The change to Seachem Regulators was (orignally) to control pH problems in my ACF tank; the use of the Regulators along with Replenish established a steady tank for her....I used the same changeover for the fish I then had, and have stayed with it ever since. Without the Regulators, pH can vary from about 6.4-6.8 and spike to 7.4-7.6'ish' during different seasons.
  9. I have to leave for work for a few hours, so think I should repost the basics here....must be easier? TANK today pH 7.2-7.4 Nitrate 40 Ammonia 1.25 Nitrite 0 GH 107.4 Did about 10% water change (last was on 12.28.15) & treated with 2 mls Prime Conditioner, 1 ml Stability, 1 ml Replenish (gently raises GH) , 1 tsp Alkaline Regulator (to slightly raise the pH). Rinsed the filter media bag. Installed the heater.....BUT turned it off a few minutes ago as it was creeping close to 80degress (I don't know how high it should be for Fantail) TAP TODAY pH 7.6 Nitrate 0 (tested it twice to be sure) Ammonia 1.25 Nitrite 0 KH 107.4 GH 35.8 - 53.7 Unable to move tank to a different location at thsi time, but will hope to get a larger tank in a few months. My husband claimes the tank we use is 15 gallons, not 10...so that's somewhat better, I suppose. Walmart = closest store. Petco and PetSmart are abouyt an hour's drive. I have done online ordering before...so can add the recommended food to an outgoing order in about a week. Miss Beatrice is doing better, with the warmer temp in her tank. My biggest conern is adjusting and stabilizing all 'tank factors' for her; I am not very conersant with the needs of a Fantail, as I was with the needs of an ACF.....but am ready to try whatever is recommended. Miss Beatrice is really quite lovely and very friendly!
  10. Ok...thanks. I can't find the reply you sent earlier, but would like to know your thoughts about the problem! Will it come to me here now?
  11. HI... I just replied to your response (from my email, since it came through there): should I re-iterate here? As you can tell ~ I'm not very aquainted with how forums work; sorry if I take a while to bedcome acclimated!
  12. I've had my tank set up for some time (originally had been home to an aquatic frog): after much fiddling over many months and adjusting with carbonates, I switched the tank to Seachem's regulators system: it's been a very good decision. I also use Seachem's Matrix in my filter. The tank is 10g and I have one 'fancy': I think it's a Fantail, but am not sure. It does not have the 'humpy' appearance of what I understand Ryukins to have (?). I am unable to afford a larger tank at this time; Miss Beatrice has been with us for about 6-8 months and, in general is doing nicely. I think she has only one eye....both her eyes are black adn it's hard to tell. I remember remarking this when I bought her, but clerk assured me it was just her markings. I have no other fish (etc) in-tank with her....although sometday I'd like to get her a 'companion', when I can afford a bigger tank. Advice? I am looking for a general guide to : Ph, GH (KH not really needed since the phosphate-based regulators will throw it compoletley off), temp reange, Ammonia & Nitrite I know to be at zero. Nitrates? Lately, it's been very cold...at the moment it was -3 degrees when I got up and is now 17 degrees outside. Miss Beatrice is acting "off'.....the past few mornings: I thought I'd lost her this morning! I realized tht the room where she is gets to about 60-maybe 62 degrees at night. Thinking this might be too cold (in contrast to what the local fish store claims). I slowly began adding warmer water to the tank during the pwc this morning. I dug out an old heater made for small tanks (75 watts)....installed according to directions, and the tank is now about 72degress. I have it set at the lowest mark possible. Now I'm worried that the tank is too warm, and that it came up to 72 degrees too fast? I also have question re: Nitrates. Winter tends to mess with our tap water, which is our source. Nitrates are showing at about 40-80. I use Prime in our tanks, which I find a terrific product. Should I up the doseage and make small water changes more often (every few days, for instance) in order to bring down the Nitrates? Last question: finding quality food is a problem here. I can not find any of the foods you list locally. I am somewhat on a budget...so advice is appreciated. Thank You!
  13. I'm confused when reading about using salt in the tank....am I supposed to use salt on a regular basis? Or is it recommended only for fish that are showing signs of illness or new to a community tank? We have a new goldfish..a fancy (but I'm not sure exactly which kind). I'm planning on it being the only fish in the tank , but wonder if a tankmate of some kind is recimmended? Snail or pleco perhaps....and what kind?
  14. Thanks everyone..as usual, terrific replies and help! I'm planning on only one fish. I love the comment about the less a fancy looks like a 'goldfish'...that will help when I'm buying!
  15. I was thinking of starting a new tank upstairs. I love the sound of the water in a tank at night, but would not be around the location a great deal during the day. From that point of view, I was asking aobut the 'hardier' goldfish....meaning the fish that may not require speical attention. In general, I suppose I should say the fish with the fewest health problems in general. I like the look of the long-tailed fancies, but wonder about whether they require extra care or are more prone to helath issues? I have a good test kit and am familiar with maintaining a tank, but relatively inexperienced with goldfish.
  16. What is considered the most hardy of the various goldfish types?
  17. wow...that was an interesting conversation, and I liked seeing both sides of this argument! As things turned out, I had nothing to help the poor fish 'on its way', and also had to go to work. When I came in, it was , sadly but predictably, dead. I tried all day to do whatever I could to help, but I knew it was a losing battle from the beginning, I think. And thanks for the note re: the fish wrapped around the filter: you guessed it rtight~ I was very wrooied about the filter as a dangerous source! I never thought that the fish might have died first...it was the second fish that had been poorly when we goth it, so I supose I shouldn't have been too surprised! somehow, it was a real shock... However, the one that was 'hale & hearty' remains lookijg well. We hope it will continue to thrive ...I'll do all possible to keep the conditions optimal and keep it's life happy!
  18. Thanks again..I appreciate all the great advice I've been given. Nitrates are down today and all other water parameters look good. Unfortunately, I think the little guy has taken a turn for the worse...no interest in food and barely swimming, although I find he's moved to various location in the tank. I had my hopes up there for a while, but now I thik it's just fading too fast to give any more help. I wish it were otherwise...it's so sad to not be able to help at all. Still...it does swim a bit and comes up for air on rare occasion, but mostly just lies on the bottom, listing to tone side. Oddly...one of his original tankmates was found dead tjhis morning...he's wrapped around the intake on the filter unit! I've never had this happen...my husband has had fish for years, I've had Bettas mostly, but also a community tank of guppies...and never had this happen!
  19. I have the API Master Test kiet, also the KH/GH kit. And I use the Seachem Ammonia kit since it gives me both total and free readings. ditto for the seachem Nitrate/Nitrite tests, which I use if I'm in real doubt about the water conditions and want a more specific reading. All the parameters are good, although I'd like to see the Nitrate down a bit: it's about 40. PH is 7.0-7.2 and I'm hoping to raise it a little? Nitrite 0, GH (now) about 100, up from 89. I didn't test for KH since I use the Seachem Neutral Regulator &/or Seachem Alkaline Regulators, which, being phosphate-based will throw off the KH reading. I did move this poor little fish into a QT tank. It has no filtration, but is large enough to accommodate surface and there is plenty of oxygen because of the low water amount. I checked the fish a few minutes ago...and I really don't see any way it will survive. It's been pretty beat up...one of the other fins is also gone, although I don't see any signs of wounds, infection (etc). I'm not an experienced goldfish-keeper (but am loving this site!) ~ but I have a long-term Betta friend (now at least five years old!) and my aquatic frog. I haven't had time to really search your site much, but want to thank everyone here for putting up such gret information, and being so helpful. I feel that at this stage, I need to consider euthansia: I'm not happy about searching your site for help with that, but noticed that you have it listed. On a brighter note: the other two fish are looking pretty perky today! The one was always looking well; the other listless and a little wobbly. I was also worried about it, although the primary concern was this poor fish with no dorsal fin. This morning both the others are swimming about & acting as if they're acclimating to their surroundings.
  20. I finally found the responses...I'm new to groups likme this, so please have patience with me as I try to navigate my way through ... It looks to me as if there may have once been a dorsal fin...there are little stubs where the fin might have been. I don't see any (obvious) wound or shreds of fin, but have no idea how the poor fish was treated in community before it went into a little baggie at the fair. My guess is that the fish is a Comet or Common Goldfish, so I think that it may be a deformity, or has been injured. I see no sign of the other fish nipping at it, or attacking...but am not in fornt of the tank every second, either. I will have my grand-daughter take a picture & try to send it in to you. Meanwhile, I'll go looking for something to separate the fish into; thanks for the info on that, too. I have an extra ten-gallon tank that I can use...good to know that I don't need filtration. HOW OFTEN do I change it out, if I'm not using a filter?
  21. Hi ...I posted earlier today asking for advice/help for a fish with no dorsal fin....but I can NOT find the post now, or if there were any answers. Can someone please advise?
  22. Can someone hel;p? My granddaughter won three goldfish at a fair yesterday...and I noticed one was in pretty poor shape on the way home....no idea how long it had been in a little baggie at the fair (etc). I checked the water parameters in a tank which has been empty, and all seemed good to go with the pH in the baggie at 7>0+ matching the tank water. I also had added Stability, Prime, Seachem Alkaline regulator to bring up the pH and help stabilize GH...and Replenish to boost GH (it was 89). I disabled the heater, as the ambient room temperature does not fall below 65-ish. Today in re-checking the fish, I was happy to see all three alive...one ooks fairly hale and hearty, two are questionable...and this one remains alive, but in sad shape. I just noticed that this fish has no dorsal fin! It will swim when it has to....using the vacuum, for instance. Should I separate it from the other two (I have a 'goldfish bowl' but no filtration for it), or leave it with the others in the tank? The tank has mostly bare-bottom with scattered marbles & rocks (no samll gravel), a few plastic plants. One filter ...I can install a second if needed. The filter unit has Matirx & a carbon filter for media. It's a 15g tank: which will have to do temporarily. In closing, Please know that I'd strongly discouraged playing any kind of 'win-an-animal' game becasue I feel it supports animal abuse and overkill. However..this was not my decision; I've taken the fish in an attempt to help them. Thanks!
  23. Hello ~ I am a new member and not sure I am p[osting this in the correct area... My granddaughter bought a little Ryukin two days at a pet store. we were very careful bringing him home in the bag fromt he store, and once home, floated the bag in the tank to acclimate him to the tank temp (etc). I tested both the store water he was packed in and the tank for compatibility...all good, so I released him. where he promptly went to the bottom and stayed for about two hurs. He acted as if he could NOT swim! Eventually I removed him (Poirot by name) into a 1 gallon 'critter keeper' with very little water...only about two inches, and one plastic plant. Poirot is eating (good sign) & pooping (another good sign). A little more active today ~ so I changed out 50% of the water he is in last night and added another extra inch from the tank. I don't know if he can swim to the top for air...and am concerned because the critter keeper has no filtration of any kind. We thought he had injured his back either when being netted at the store, somehow in the bag travelling home. Other: Poirot is about 1 1/8" long from nose to tail (not including tail). I am aware of the odd way ryukins swim....but concerned that he's not able to rise . I wondered about treating him with antibiotics...in case of something like swim blasdder disease? If so, what is recommended? Ditto for using salts (I have both Aquarium Salt and Epsom Salt) ? Food? I have several types of goldfish food...flakes & pellets: Poirot seems to only eat from the bottom of the tank. a friend tells me I should feeding shelled peas, spinach & lettuce....while I can see some value in thsi, I'm not used to this so have NO idea about (or whether) to proceed. Water parameters (yesterday): pH 6.8'ish', Nitrates 10-20, Ammonia 0.50, Nitrites 0. Tank was treated with Prime, Stability and 1/2 tsp. Neutral regulator. Should I move Poirot back to the tank? He's swimming up a bit today in the critter keeper....not just lying on the bottom. when he swims, he stays upright. I appreciate all your help. Bertha
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