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  1. It's ok guys don't freak out I was really only ever gonna have 3-4 goldies in there And thanks to all your guys advice I'm only going to have 3 fish in there. I already have a Blackmoor and an Oranda, do you guys think I could have a cute little ranchu in there with them?Oh and what snails will eat some of the algae In the tank. I want some apple snails in there but I also want some snails that will cleanup a little
  2. I was thinking about using an aquaclear as well as one of these http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=6168&catID=6 What do you think??? If you can purchase it without breaking your budget, definitely do so. Do you have room beneath your tank to keep it? Yeah I will definitely have room, it's only $99 so it's pretty well within my little Budget I set. Yeah I'll have excellent filtration don't worry by the way I'm keeping fancies so if I followed the guidelines of 20 gallons 1st fish, 10 gal for each additional fish; 4 fish would be pretty happy. They'd still have 5-6 gallons extra space. Everyone always taught me this way, seems like the guidelines just keep going up and up lol
  3. I was thinking about using an aquaclear as well as one of these http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=6168&catID=6 What do you think???
  4. 56 gallons and i plan on having 4-5 goldfish in I plan on a 56 gallon which is like 211 litres something like that, and i want to have 4-5 goldies in there As for budget i only want to be paying AROUND $150 per filter, max.
  5. Hey guys just going through my options of filtration and i'm stuck on whether i should get an Aquaclear and a canister filter or just two aquaclears? I know that a canister and an aquaclear would probably be better but are canister filters that good, are they really worth the extra money? Heres the big question: Will it really make that much difference? Will it really make that much difference if i just have 2 aquaclears? Thanks for your help and opinions
  6. Thanks heaps everyone! Yeah I'm gonna have to go with the Tahitian moon sand like you said tithra. It's cheaper, I can buy it from an actual shop where I can check it out before I buy it, and I can actually choose out the bags I want haha. The place that sells the crystal gravel is only online and I really want to be able to check out the substrates in person before I buy them, so yeah Tahitian moon sand it is Tahitian moon sand and some large crystals it is I'm thinking a clear quartz sphere and an amethyst sphere I love crystals
  7. What do you think? Do you think that there's any chance one of goldfish might swallow one of them? If you do then I'm just gonna get Tahitian moon sand, it's a lot cheaper as well. Wow I didn't realise it was like 3 in the morning over there.
  8. Did I do something wrong, do you guys need any more info (all the Info you should need will be in the links) All I want to know is will either of these gravels be ok for a goldfish tank?
  9. Hey guys I found some pretty cool gravel and I just wanted to know If you guys think it would be ok to have in a goldfish tank I love this gravel :heart And if not that gravel could this one work? Here the links to the websites for them. http://www.livefish.com.au/plants/gravel-and-sand/amethyst-500g-box.html http://www.livefish.com.au/plants/gravel-and-sand/quartz-gravel-diamond-black-1kg.html The top one is black quartz (yes REAL quartz) And they other one Is amethyst gravel. CRYSTAL GRAVEL!!! How awesome
  10. What a cool fish! Awesome colours. I see your from Australia, where'd you a cool fish like that
  11. Yeah City Farmers are pretty good i got my blackmoor from them and its a pretty high quality moor I don't know if a photo will do it justice. My local city farmers has some pretty awesome oranda as well. As for my other lps
  12. I know he's such an awesome and adorable fish, so is my oranda, I love my fish His eyes are actually A LOT better then they used to be, I really do try my best to take good care of my fish The only problem I have that's not much of a problem is a couple tiny little nematodes in the tank. I've cut right back on feeding since I seem them but their hard little things to get rid of.
  13. blind fish usually do just fine finding their way around they use their other senses to find food and navigate the tank. However, if he is slower at finding food than your other fish you may want to consider teaching him to hand feed or using a tank divider when feeding to make sure that he gets his fair share of food. EDIT: it's also a good idea to keep 'hard' decorations etc. to a minimum when you have a visually impaired fish as they may be more apt to bump into something than other fish. Silk or real plants would be the best tank decoration since they are nice and soft and unlikely to do any damage if a fish accidentally bumped into them. Nitrates in tank are inbetween 20ppm & 40ppm I do water changes every 3-5 days and change about 30-50% My tank is 20 gallons, don't freak out too much they'll be in 50 gallons soon Tap water has 0 ppm nitrates. I use the API Master Drop Test Kit. Thanks for your help, removing my little boat decoration sounds like a good idea. What do you think about having cups and glasses as pots in the tank do you think he'll be ok with them? Also I've just started to teach them hand feeding so he'll get more then his fair share of food Here you can see his left eye, it's a tiny bit better then the other one. Only a TINY bit. And here's some photos I took just then His eyes are actually improving a lot so that's great!
  14. My moor is really bad at getting food, and his eye sight, I'm pretty sure, is not real good. It really scares me to think he might be going blind. How do you care for a blind fish?
  15. I don't think he has the actual condition cloudy eye. It's more just like he has a little bit of mist all around his eyes, it is more one then the other but after some thinking and looking at you guys photos which in very grateful for, I've come to believe that it's just the moors, they tend to have those shady, darker eyes. I think we can all agree that when you look at an orandas eyes or even like butterfly tail or telescope eyed goldfish (that wasn't one upon a time a blackmoor) there eyes are just naturally darker and misty or shady. I think it's simply because they're all black. The only thing I can think of is that my nitrates are usually a bit high :/ What do you guys do besides water changes to keep your nitrates on the right side of town? Lol
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