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  1. I've got two fancy goldfish, one orange and a red cap and they are 2,5/3 years old. The tank I have is 120 liters. Many people told me it is to small, fish will die, etc. Meanwhile I had mutiple times goldfish eggs and even tiny youngsters! I bought myself a male (orange) and female (red cape) The orange one is still behaving like it should but the red cap is laying on her belly a lot of time. It eats perfectly and if she swims I didn't see anything strange. Doing water changes doesn't effect the behavior. Also adding medicine, like Esha 2000 doesn't change a thing.
  2. I dose every day excel and liquid plant food. I also used Seachem root tabs. I also tried the Estimate Index method, I think it's the Tom Barr method. Once a week I remove the algue and do a water change. And I use a Eheim 2215 canister filter with biologic, sponge and cottonwool for filtration. The plants can get some real sunlight but not much I think. I think I should try two light tubes first. T5 or T8?
  3. My tank is 120 liters so that's between 31 and 32 gallon.
  4. At this time my 100x30x40 tank has one 900mm Interpet tropical daylight of 30 watts. I have no idea how much Kelvin it produces and I think it is a T8 light and I really like the color. Now I have tried a lot to get rid of the algae in my tank. From a lot of plant food (liquid and tablet) to little, and the same for Flourist Excel. I have tried a lot (12 hours) and low (8 hours) but that does not give the desired result. The leaves of the plants also have holes and certainly the leaves at the bottom to keep it a long time never full. I even soil plants that grow spontaneously go upwards to tackle light. So I think that light really is my problem. I prefer to buy a used front circuitry that is directly suitable for two fluorescent tubes so I can plug one socket. Lighting I would be able to purchase any new related the power. My own system is now a year old. What do you recommend?
  5. I called them Seven and Mr. Marbles after Seinfeld but I forget which is who. It sorts out easy. The orange one and the white one
  6. So I changed things against all odds and maybe a week is to short but I seem to see some results! I start using more plant food (EasyLife pro fito) and Seachems Florist excel. The algue on the front glass isn't grow as it used to be
  7. Hey Amanda, That's the method I'm using right now untill I find something better that don't cost a lot of time.
  8. At the moment I'm using a T8 30 w 900mm 36 Interpet light. Does a Dennerle T8 light a bigger change against algue. I also used Easy-Life Easycarbo is that the same as Fluorish Excel by Seachem?
  9. I don't know how it works in the US but over here you can return it to the store after it's broken. If you return it back with in a year you can have a replacement for free. If it's shorter than a month you can asked your money back and buy a different brand like Eheim. Good luck!
  10. I don't use carbon filters. I had one deliverd with the pump and the booklet said to take the filter out after two weeks of usage. You only need a new one when ypu started op your tank.
  11. Wow, I didn't know it last for that long, to bad I already threw it away
  12. I have an Eheim 2215 canister pump and I use both sponge filters as media to filtrated the water. My question is how long can I use a sponge before I must replace it?
  13. My tank during test running about 8 weeks ago. I'll post up some new pictures soon
  14. Don't know if they sell Seachem products overhere. Just saw a couple of products on Dutch webshops. I do have Easy-Life ProFito. Does anyone have experience with it? Found it! http://www.aquaplantsonline.nl/seachem-flourish-excel-p-584.html It's expensive!
  15. So turning the light on, shut it down and turn it on in the afternoon for example? What do you mean giving the plants some excel? It's okay to have some algae, I don't mind it, looks kind of natural. My dad always let them grow at the back, only cleaning the front glass. But I do mind that they are on my plants so they stop growing because the brown algae are blocking the light.
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