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  1. Thanks! I should have some pictures up around the beginning of next month, depends on how the work schedule pans out.
  2. Thanks guys, they are like two peas in a pod. After being placed in the tank Spock took like a "what is this new thing in my tank?" and proceeded to back away a bit. However the new chu just burned up to him saying hi. Now they swim everywhere together, investigate the plant and poke the snail. Funniest thing I have ever seen is when they bumped the snail off the side of the tank and proceeded to panic as he hit the bottom at a snails pace.
  3. So.. wow... Where to begin? You guys may remember Chubs the Oranda I showed you not too long ago. (For those who don't remember/didn't see the thread, here he is: Now the poor guy managed to cut himself and I believe the culprit was found and burned with napalm shortly after. I was advised by you lovely people to watch the water params and keep the tank clean. I did everything I could short of taking him to the hospital but unfortunately my roommate called and said he had passed away. I understood that this was likely to happen because of the placement of the cut and just how severe it seemed at the time despite looking to start growing back close to the end. I do miss the guy because he really was super active and a fun little dude. However life goes on and there is much more to talk about. I did mention roommate and that is because I have moved out from my parents (I'm a big boy now!) The tank is in place and enjoying itself in the living room for everyone to see and hell even my snail enjoys the attention (he has grown a lot btw). However that will be another story. I am posting in the fish section and I shall leave my personal life to the side. On to the tank. I felt that this was as good of a time as any to make some changes in the tank and freshen things up a bit. I felt down and I bet Spock did as well. I am slowly taking the sand out of the tank, placed a new plant in it and will eventually work on putting some black sand in and making the tank look epic! I even found some LED strips which simulate moon light and I think this will look just amazing. Oh yeah, here is what you all came for as I don't have any completed pictures of the new tank set up (I'm a tease). My new little fish: He is a jet black Ranchu with a little bronzing on his belly. Looks a lot like a moor when I think about it.
  4. This image is a bit clearer. You can actually see his little black pom pom.
  5. Thanks everyone! I did a big water change yesterday and he seemed pretty chill about it. Had to push him away from the siphon because he was getting too curious.
  6. Hard to tell, I would say he is about 2.5" body with a 1-1.5" tail. Very rough gestimate but he is like 5 times bigger than my ranchu (Just shy of 2") which cracked me up.
  7. Thank you! He is still a little camera shy but certainly has character. So far he hasn't done anything bad to Spock and seems to enjoy the bubble fountain. I will try to get some better camera and pictures soon.
  8. Was originally going to try and find another Ranchu but I found this guy, alone with a common Pleco. Immediately found someone working there and told them that having those fish together is bad and explained how they are terrotorial and like to attack and snack on goldfish as they are slow and clumsy little guys. After bagging up the fish we talk about bowls and I express how I hate them with a passion and the guy who runs the fish department states that he doesn't sell them nor does he advise placing goldfish in them. He also states that they need at least 10 gallons for the first fish and then 5 gallons for any extra (not perfect but you know, close enough). Anywho. Here is Chubs the Oranda.
  9. I am positive that I have, looking at Chubs and spock right now. Chubs is quite literally swimming in circles and Spock is waddling around munching sand.
  10. I may have found a HUGE calico Oranda..... Like this thing is 5 times bigger than what I usually find around here. (Maybe I shouldnt tease you guys so much)
  11. It was for the greater good I guess. Not regretting it as the fish will both be happier in the long run I would imagine.
  12. Fear not, he has not died. Basically my gold and black oranda/fantail has constantly picked on Spock (my Ranchu). This was consistent, every day no matter what. He seemed very aggressive and was stressing spock. As such i asked around the office and a coworker has a tank with space for him. So right now I am looking to get another fish as my tank has settled in nicely and all readings are looking stellar. My options are: Calico Ranchu Jet black Ranchu Blue Ranchu Blue Oranda Chocolate Oranda. I really want another Ranchu as they are slower and a bit clumsy in general so I believe they will do well together.
  13. Thank you! I've considered Kirk. Going to watch them some more and see how they are acting.
  14. Sure does! that little guy was listed as a red/black oranda. So I guess time will tell. Right now he is about 0.8" without the tail.
  15. Sounds like a plan, I will look around for the seachem prime stuff, it's definitely been in the back if my mind when I'm in pet stores but not something I've actively looked for. Right Now the nitrates and nitrites are at 0, PH is dead flat 7.0, I don't need to worry about chlorine, Ammonia did go up to about 0,75 mg/l but has beeen steadily below 0,2 since then. Will do another measurement tomorrow and report with a new thread in the appropriate category should any issues arise.
  16. Thanks guys (Immediately feeling better). The ranchu is probably the second one I have seen in the country in about a year now. I just could not say no.
  17. So I'd like to think that I saved them from the petstore and gave them a decent home but I still broke the rules in some books. I have been monitoring nitrates, nitrites, ammonia and PH like a hawk and as of today these two little critters. They are both very active and jolly and get along really well. The Ranchu is named Spock and I still haven't found a name for the Oranda/fantail. Please don't angry :c
  18. Tinko really has inspired me to take good care of my future fish. Such a beautiful Ranchu..
  19. Right now they are just fake plants, I will be replacing them with real plants soon, haven't quite decided on what to get and will probably wait for a few more weeks until the LPS get a bigger order. (currently a VERY poor selection available.)
  20. More recent and nicer picture.
  21. Here is the tank, the water is crystal clear now and I got some suction cups to fasten that air pipe to the corner and make it look neater, still working on some background stuff (I have it sitting in the room but I need to cut it to size.
  22. He sure is a blast, I am now watching him poke at bubbles with his antlers..
  23. Just woke up and decided to try the video recording on my phone. What I ended up with is some snail footage commentated by yours truly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXTE-kRaK2U&feature=youtu.be
  24. Thanks everyone. Its a 33 gallon (120L) Juwel Lido. I added some stuff and its looking a lot better. Will post pics soon today
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