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  1. Georgia's post in My little oranda is missing 2 scales was marked as the answer   
    It should be fine. If you are not seeing any irritation or bloodiness at the site of the missing scales then there should be nothing to worry about. Just make sure the params in the tank are pristine as en extra precaution. My fish have lost many scales in their lifetime. It's about as harmless as getting a paper cut, although it may look a bit unsightly to some when it heals over.
  2. Georgia's post in Is this Ich? Never have had this in my tank before was marked as the answer   
    Unfortunately, it does look like ich to me. A moderator will chime in to clarify.
    Do you have salt on hand? Aquarium salt or unrefined, non-iodized salt should be used to treat ich, if it is indeed what your fish have. Morton's canning and pickling salt is popular among the forum. You can probably find it at the grocery.
    good luck!!
  3. Georgia's post in How many goldfish in fluval edge 23L was marked as the answer   
    It sounds like you're new at this. Goldfish need a minimum of 15-20 gallons per fish due to their excessive waste production and growth rate. Sadly, your tank size is quite small and could not house a single goldfish. I encourage you to explore around the forum some more and learn more at goldfish keeping. Your first step can be looking at 10 steps to a healthy goldfish:
    There are very experienced and intelligent members here that can help you out, so don't hesitate to ask questions!
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