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  1. Hey can someone give me some advice? I have one python and will soon have two 55 gallon tanks. I currently have fish in QT with salt and Prazi and have been using buckets and a hand held siphon (old school) because I do not want my current tank to get a fluke (or any other nasty) outbreak. Will I eventually (or now) use one python for both tanks? I am afraid of any cross contamination. Is there a way to disinfect it so I can use it on both tanks? Can flukes stick to plastic? I do a lot of water changes (sometimes 3 times a week) and do not want to bleach it between tanks. Or am I going to have to break down and buy another? Advise is appreciated!
  2. Just at Petsmart, on sale $22 for the big bag in white. Getting it on payday for my new 55 Gallon!!!
  3. So my python gives me issues sometimes too. I assume it is hooked to a faucet? I got the really long one which I do not need for the living room since it is close to the sink but did need for my bedroom (not close to the sink) and sometimes I cant get the thing to start sucking water when I am working on the living room tank. I turn off the faucet, straighten out the hose so it is not coiled up from storage, then start the faucet water again, let it suck some air, and then pop it in the tank making sure I do not let it above the water line. This process usually works, involves a fair amount of swear words, and only seems to happen on days when I am pressed for time. What makes it even funnier is I usually do this after I have taken a shower and am running around with only a towel on followed by a parade of four chihuahuas, but I am sure that has nothing to do with the function of the python! And the fish don't seem to notice...
  4. Thanks for this thread! I just got a used Eheim and I was looking for this very info!!!!
  5. Beautiful! Sweet set up! I am happy that you have comets! I love them!
  6. So one of my little Moors that I had in QT since July 1st died the other day. One day it was just hanging around mid tank spacing out (very unusual since they are really quite busy little guys) so I removed her (?) to a 10 gallon bin so I could salt her to .3% and give her some time to not be pestered by the other one. She had no outward signs of illness and was eating and acting just fine until the day before she died. She was not very healthy when I got her (skinny, frayed fins) but was progressing nicely. I am sad but not surprised. She passed away on a little plastic leaf and looked quite peaceful. The other one is fattening up and is quite active and, very mischievous. He has a little Ryukin type hump developing and it is cool to see his "this in my serious food foraging face" paired with his little cute little waddle. It is like a four foot man coming up to me (six feet tall barefoot) and telling me he's going to kick my rear end....go ahead, try it! I think I have a future tough guy in my hands regardless of how large he gets. In the mean time, I was debating how I was going to stock my new 55 gallon tank when I found the perfect Craigslist add. Needless to say I came home Sunday with a little butterfly telescope and a new black moor. Even better, the poster was a Koko's member so I know they have been loved and looked after. They are in QT now and have settled in nicely. These two are beautiful! They both have perfect tails and are very social. They managed the car ride home just fine (a whopping 15 minutes) and settled into their 30 gallon QT nicely. I think I could actually her them chatting: Moor: What is this new place? Calico: I don't know do you think there is food here? Moor: But where are we? It smells different? Calico: Do you think they have any shrimp pellets? Moor: Can we check things out before you think about your stomach? Calico: I need a snack before I do anything else.... I will introduce everyone after they are Prazied and set up in the new 55 gallon which will be in a month. Plus, I need a better camera, my current one does not capture wiggling fish very well. Here is the little one that passed, as I think she should be honored and another one of the two new fish, being a bit indecent, and a nicer shot to show how lovely they are. Maybe I have my hands full. These telescopes all seem a bit mischievous! Enjoy!
  7. Just reading through I hope your fish gets better. I think they said not to salt because of the pine conning. I'm not an expert at all just want to make sure you didn't miss that!
  8. I figured shipping would be an arm and leg so I vote for in person, too. You think I would only need 20lbs? I want to "plant" my plastic plants in it so I need at least an inch of sand I think, at least in the middle. My gravel makes me nervous I would looooove moon sand! So mine was not deep enough to bury my fake plants. Plus, my fish are "decorators" and like to tear everything up when I am not home. I anchored all my plants to suction cups with fishing line and stuck them to the sides and bottom of the tank so they would stay in place. Plus they do not get gunk stuck under them that way. So far so good with the exception of one that they keep knocking off (I think they just don't like it.) I used these black suction cups from Lees that are pretty heavy duty. I also painted the bottom of my tank black to you don't see any thin spots. The moon sand has a little sparkle in it and is very pretty! You will love it!
  9. I found a lot of the cheaper places had an extra shipping fee when I went to purchase it due to the weight of the shipped item. I found it more cost effective to buy it in person. I got a 20 pound bag and only used 3/4 of it for my 55 gallon. It is not planted but gave me about an inch of coverage until the gang moves it around. sg did a great you tube video on Tahitian moon sand. One was about adding it and another about cleaning it since there is a potential for gas pockets in the sand you have to stir it up. I think it is lovely n cleaner than I thought n I don't suck up too much with my python since its heave...oh and my fish love it!
  10. LOL I think I just responded to your CL ad. I pm'd you about a creep on CL in San Jose collecting and reselling fish and fish stuff. Please read it and do not sell anything to him!
  11. So here is a picture (although not very good one) of my commons that grew to 13 inches in a 29 gallon thank with seven other tank mates nearly as large. Mind you they are only five and he was she was this big at the age of two. I did not know any better and am down to three due to the various illness that I attribute to poor water quality from over stocking. They grow no matter what in my opinion. Jumbo is now in a 55 gallon (almost 5 feet long) and she needs a 75 because she can hardly turn around. Plus, trust me on this, they are messy. I have an Eheim 2217 and an Eheim 2028 and an Aqua clear 110 and I still struggle with nitrates and, minimum, do two 50 percent water changes a week. It is much nicer to watch my three (only) happy healthy fish with a lot of space than to see a bunch of fish cramped into a tank with the inevitable illnesses they will suffer from over stocking. Their colors have popped, they are more social with me and with each other, and are happier now that I am taking better care of them! I think they are just as beautiful as fancy fish, are really smart, and have great, distinct personalities (much like myself .) Now I have to start saving for my 75 gallon, and then a house because we are going to be pond size soon!
  12. FYI I bought some from Amazon and they sent me Seachem Focus instead (not cool when you have a sick fish and I have no clue that the Focus even does.) They have them mixed up. I had to reorder from Fosters and Smith insted but it arrived pretty fast and the price was decent.
  13. I really hope he feels better soon! You are in good hands here! I know nothing about diagnosing but someone told me this and it helped "Don't Panick!" and follow the advise you get here you are in good hands.
  14. this one basically had to fit into my bedroom. I think it turned out perfectly and simple like I wanted it to. that being said, I probably have too many tanks. I'm betting my hubby would definitely say so. LOL I am trying to figure out a way to hide my new 55 gallon from my boyfriend. It is currently stashed in the back seat of my car covered with a blanket (fleshless of course) I am hoping he won't notice it!
  15. That looks fantastic! It is ready for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party! I lay in bed at night and design my new 55 gallon. Start with one idea then think of something else. Basically, I need more thanks and a bigger apartment!
  16. I just had to make this decision a few weeks ago too. My fish was recovering from a bacterial infection or something and was making progress bet her mouth was in bad shape and she could not eat. Tried hand feeding, syringe feeding, she just looked miserable and we did not think her "lips" were going to grow back. She loved her food and I did not want her to starve to death. Once I made the decision, I used clove oil and she did not seem to suffer at all. Just for the sake of understanding the process ahead of time, I would check out sg, she has an awesome blog and many educational youtube videos, including the clove oil process. I think i watched it about ten times before I got the courage to do it. I hope your fish feels better! It is pretty amazing how tough they are if we are committed to keeping them healthy!
  17. Yeah, if she is looking really worn out/beat up it is a good idea to give her a rest. A lot of people will use a plastic colander to float the lady fish for awhile to give her a break. Generally, you want to let them stick it out as much as possible since the males are assisting the female with dropping her eggs. It is a judgment call as to how much is too much. I removed Edie for about a week and put her in a separate tank because Hashi was tearing at her tail so aggressively and it had gotten pretty torn up, I wanted to give her time to heal a bit. Significant physical damage may warrant time away in QT. General stress/exhaustion is probably better dealt with by providing short term breaks in a colander Thanks for the info! She looks really good physically, just looks pestered! I love your videos by the way! I have learned so much from them!
  18. Not worth its own thread but I do have a question. I have three new moors in QT and the two (I assume) males are doing this to the smaller fish (lady fish I assume.) No injuries, but she just seems exhausted because they tag team her. I finally got a big bushy plant for her to hide in so she could get a break and it seems to help a little. Is there ever a time when I should separate her so she can get some peace? If so, for how long? And my house is going to end up looking like a fish store!
  19. Sad to check in and read about your fish. Sounds lie, you did your very best. I can't imagine not having fish....I'd honor his memory and start over. It sounds like you are just as devoted tomfishkeeping as everyone here.
  20. I think it goes on for the whole month of July. At my local store it was not really advertised in the store but it is in their flyer. They don't seem to have anything bigger than a 55 gallon (which is what I treated myself to!!) and I had to get the guy to do a price check since there was no sing or tag. Keep in consideration it the the tank only, no hood or lid but you can usually find used hoods on Craigslist and Fosters and Smith have really great prices on glass tops/lids (one brand is a few bucks bore so get the cheapest.)
  21. I know nothing about plants so thanks for asking these questions miss Katie! I can't wait to see the reply. I did watch a good video by Tithra on YouTube about how to disinfect new plants. I'd check it out. They had some really nice moss balls at petsmart today but they are like 8 bucks each and I want a couple of them for my baby moors. I think I'll wait until they are sone with QT
  22. Chris, That sounds like a great deal! How many ounces is the bag? 12.3oz . Incidentally, I use Prime as well, it can be a great deal. Especially if you're just buying 1 item. Prime prices are on average higher than non-prime prices. So when you want to buy 3 items rather than 1, you can usually find it somewhere else cheaper. Competition is pretty stiff on fish food and I know short term price is the deciding factor. But I humbly request that you give us a try if we've got it in stock. We use the proceeds to do things like sponsor forums and introduce cool new products like Repashy that the big guys don't want to take chances on. And I'd like to add that my Tasty Worms orders get to me faster than Amazon (uh and I work for Amazon)!!! Not sure where they are located but I have my fish's stuff in a jiffy. So I prefer them.
  23. Thank you for sharing and I am sorry you lost him. I learn so much from your videos and your advice in the forum. Your dedication is amazing. I also admit I covet your calicoes in you tube and watch one of your videos when I get stressed out at work! They are all so beautiful!
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