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  1. Hope your fish feels better! I had the same thing happen to me a few years ago so I know what it feels like. One fish pulled through so there is always hope!
  2. I followed her directions two and it totally worked! She is awesome. The only thing is that now every time I put my hand in there to clean gravel or move rocks around, they swarm on me! I'd like to think of it as goldfish kisses but they are really just little piggies!
  3. Oooh she is adorable! Consultations! I am glad you went back for her!
  4. I would like to fish nap your orange oranda and your pearlie! Adorable!!
  5. I love my two ehiem 2217's. I also have an AC110 (more so in case I need emergency grab and go cycled media) all on my 55 gallon. I bought a little eheim suction thing that helps with the priming but I have not used it since I primed the filter once (when the tank was new), got a little water in my mouth (but whats a little fish water), and with the dual shut off valves you do not have to re prime every time you clean out the filter as the vacuum stays in tact for a short period of time and the water stays in the tubes. When I reassemble it, I fill with dechlor water and then I just open the valves, get a little sputtering, and then I am good to go (I alternate canister cleanings every three weeks.) I will say that the directions are terrible. When researching reviews, this was a constant issue that others had. Once I figured it out (from a You tube video) I was like "duh" because they are super simple to assemble. I highly recommend them and the come with a full set of mechanical and biological media. Replacement parts are easy to find on Amazon or elsewhere. They are nearly silent and very easy to clean. You can reposition the spray bar to agitate the water if you'd like. I do know that the 2217's have these little metal clips to hold the top on and the plastic part that the clip goes around to secure the lid can break off if you drop it or use too much force, but I do not have to pry my top off and I am careful and have never had an issue. I did a rapid cycle by adding the new filter to the new tank and used two ac110's for about a month until the new filter was cycled. I then removed one of the 110's. I still do 50-100% water changes on my tanks twice a week since my tank with commons has high nitrate issues (or really, my fish are huge and poop waaayyyy too much.) I'd also say invest in a Python! Best thing every!! I did a lot of research and the Eheim Ecco's seem to have a lower satisfaction rate. Check the "Monster Fish Keeper" forum as their reviews are very helpful, they do some comparison product reviews, articulate (like analyzing flow rates over time, etc...science stuff that was TMI) , and they deal with very high bio loads from the large fish and high water volumes that they keep, especially those that keep chicclids, as they are notorious poopers like goldfish. Then leave the forum and come right back here. Their members actually argue and call each other names in their posts! Yikes!
  6. I got two from the same store and the fish guy there said for the most part they are a;; kind of cross breeds because they get them from lower quality breeders. One of my new mores has a huge ryukin hump but the rest of him looks like a moor. Regardless, I heart them and will take the best care of them even if they are not pure breeds! I agree. pictures please!
  7. I blame Kokos too....I have a 400 sq foot apartment, a 55 gal with commons, a 29 gal qt a 20 gal qt and another 55 getting ready. When my QT is done I will have an extra tank, a strong desire to get two ryukins, and one last piece of furniture not covered in a fish tank! Is there such a thing as a crazy fish lady?! Will I be single forever wearing a sweatshirt covered in tank water with photos of them in my wallet? What a fate! At least I will be in good company!
  8. OMG that is a HUGE fish! I am in love. Happy that you found him a lovely pond.
  9. Yeah Katie! I have commons and I think they are great. I had four smashed into a 29 gallon and they were healthy until they got really big, which took a few years. So, maybe you can get them, grow them about a bit, and then in a few birthdays from now get a bigger tank! Just a thought! I can't wait to see them! They are funny, and very smart, and really tough!
  10. Hope your new fish feel better! I got a few from a chain store and the were not looking so good at first but after a few days of really clean water salt and low stress they started to look great. They just were not taken good care of until hey came home with me. You'll do a great job!
  11. When I dose with Prazi, I pour it right on the bubbles to help mix it around a bit.
  12. She's fabulous! I love your background too!
  13. Willy Dean, going on seventeen, had a busy day. Apparently he is quite good at staying alert as you can tell by his ear being in the "I'm ready for anything" position. Too bad he can hardly hear and can no longer stay awake or more than thirty minutes at a time. He is my soul mate. And he fell asleep watching the fish tank. http://i1292.photobucket.com/albums/b563/mermaidkitten/4ead070cbbcf52b56e60cf97f28b704f_zps791a1fa5.jpg
  14. I put mine in a cone feeder. Check out this video: What a cleaning crew! I am in love with your calico!
  15. I did this on an empty tank: Supplies: Flat black latex paint (craft is okay just make sure it does not say "water soluble" or "washable", flat black indoor/out door spray paint I used Krylon) , plastic paint drop cloths, paint brush, painters tape, a razor blade, vinegar or rubbing alcohol, and a lint removing cloth like the one for cleaning computer screens (rubber gloves if you font want paint on your hands) First clean the glass (outside) with vinegar or rubbing alcohol to remove dirt and do not touch it with your skin so no oil gets on it. Wipe it down with the lint removing cloth. Make sure your tank is somewhere stable and in a place where it will not fall and debris will not drop on it (like tree leaves.) I taped up the sides and covered them with plastic so the paint only goes where I want it. I double covered the top because I did not want any paint to get inside. I painted some flowers on the back first because I am fancy like that. I used the paint brush with the latex paint to paint the bottom and the back (I did not do the sides.) Remember....OUTSIDE not the inside of course. And I layered this about three times with a day of drying time in between. I used a flash light at night to see if I missed any spots (which of course I did.) It was easier to see that way. Finally, I used black spray paint to sort of seal it in and make sure it was waterproof. Let that dry. (For me, I had to make sure I did not spray my dog or the wall of my apartment too) and make sure you are in a well ventilated area. The two types may have been over kill but there were still some unpainted areas that I really wanted to fill in. Remove plastic and tape. I used a razor blade to scrape off a few stray areas. I rinsed, rinsed, rinsed my tank and inspected it to triple check that there was no paint inside. Set up all my filters and stuff. I know that it will sort of scrape off over time if you scrub it or scratch it but I don't move my tank around much. Voila! I am going to do a blue one next. This pic is not great since I had just put the sand in and it looks a little hazy. I took step by step photos so PM me if you would like to see them.
  16. I don't know about the pellets but the girl from the Solid Goldfish blog started giving her white fish Respashy Soilient Green (spelling?) and the fish turned a little yellow from all the good stuff. I liked how she explained in the video that she did not mind because it is so good for her fish. So I guess I am no help but I am thinking of switching from ProGold to a Kikari or NLS. What do you like better about the Hikari?
  17. That looks fantastic! I love the look of it. Happy Birthday!!!
  18. I use a Mr Clean spounge (those white ones) since they are stiff, cut them in half and use it as a brace. They don't compress over time and balance my filters much better. I used to use a wash cloth but they look tacky! Those thing never stay on!
  19. That's an awesome idea! Thanks! Yeah I think I will Prazi the big tank again so they are all on the same schedule.
  20. The Alice tank came out great. Uh, how many fish total? I am jealous I have no more room for tanks....okay maybe one 30 with 2 ryukins but then I'm maxed!
  21. Thanks! They came from Bubbles on the forum! They are very funny and sweet fish!
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