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  1. So you now know that math is totally not my thing!
  2. Updated Pictures. They are still not the bast but it the pink part under the white is less visible. I can best describe it as less "raw" looking.
  3. Good to know! I called my neighbor and she asked me if she needed to feed my dogs. Instead I was like "no, please go take a bag of white rocks out of my filter" and she did it without question! Sweet of her and apparently she already knows I am nuts and did not ask why! Thanks. I am sure the dogs got biscuits regardless.
  4. So I am salted to 0.02% and will add more tonight which will bring me to 0.03%(which is an increase of about every 12 hours until.) I left the ammonia chips in but I think I will get some new ones just in case. I added a double dose of Prime today and will do a 100% water change tomorrow morning. I took some better photos but it will be a few before I post them. His behavior is normal still and today the sores are now white white and less red is visible. They are not fuzzy or puss filled at all, and are still pretty smooth, I can best describe it as a scabbing but I am not sure if that is really what it is. So, as far as a wound goes, it looks clean and is not getting worse. I hope super clean water and salt will get him all fixed up! He is such a dapper little guy i would hate for him to suffer! (OMG I tried to use a word that described his wound and I accidentally used a graphic word instead and my post was edited! That's awesome!)
  5. There is a good hand feeding instructional video on YouTube from Solid Goldfish blog. I followed her instructions and now all my fish eat right out of my hand!
  6. DP that is totally hysterical! And honestly, I never looked at it that way until someone else on the forum described water changes in that manner and I learned to step it up!!
  7. OOooh hes cute and I think he will turn out to be gold! You are in good hands here.
  8. Thanks! I will start the salt tonight (ugh I am still stuck at work so it will be a while) double the prime and up the water change volume. Fortunately he seems completely unscathed by it for now. I will get some better photos as well. Should I take his little buddy out and put him in the other tank that's already up and running or would it be best to treat his buddy as well as a precaution since I am just salting for now? Now that I think about it, i put some "ammonia chips" in the filter a week or two ago (I think they were Aqua Clear) and have since removed them. It was a whim since the tank is uncycled (and I had no intention of letting it cycle since it will be torn down soon) and I have never used that stuff before. Do they max out and then leach ammonia into the tank? I have never had ammonia levels that high on any tank (even with lazy water changes and giant commons) so I am really surprised (and kicking myself in the rear as well!)
  9. Here's the only one that came out okay but it still stinks. I will take a better shot holding him when I get off tonight. It looks so creepy! Thanks Alex! http://i1292.photobucket.com/albums/b563/mermaidkitten/null_zps8791518d.jpg
  10. My black moor is having some creepy skin issues. The scales on his humpy head have peeled off and all I see are two pink humps. Details are as follows: I am posting the water params as they were last night when I got home because I think it is relevant. Today they are all reading 0 on an un cycled QT tank since I did a total water change. Ammonia: 2ppm (yikes!) Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 0ppm Tap Levels: I don’t have these handy right now PH: 7.6/ 7.8 (high PH test) and I use Gold Buffer so this is usually consistent. Three weeks ago I used Kordon NovAqua since the pet store was out of Prime and it crashed my PH to 6.0, even with the Gold Buffer! Test kit: Api Master drop kit and I test PH and Ammonia on this tank twice a week Tank Size: 20 gallons running since July 1st Filters: AC 50 and AC 20 Water Changes: Normally 50% every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday since this tank is a QT but I missed yesterday Early today I did a 100% water change and ensured the temp and PH were matching Fish in tank: two black moors approximately 2” head to tail Additives: Prime, Seachem Gold Buffer (I have found that one teaspoon for a 50% water change keeps my PH at a steady 7.6), Food: ProGold, NLS, Respashy, Spirulina flakes, algae disks, peas, blood worms, edamame, sea weed, assorted veggies and shrimp pellets. They get pellets and gel food twice a day (gel in the am and pellets at night, just switched these guys to NLS), peas or edamame twice a week and the rest are provided sparingly as treats (of course, they feel they would like more) Medication/Treatment History: On July 4th I started with 6 seven day rounds of Prazi with salt at 0.1%. I gradually removed salt once the treatment was complete. One fish was lost in the process. Unusual Findings: It started as some “grey” color that looked like excess slime coat on his head. This started about three weeks ago and did not get better, did not get worse. Then, I came home from work last night and it looks like his scales are peeled off and there are two pink humps surrounded by white flakes. No deep sores, no fluffy ness or oozing and it does not seem swollen. He is eating and behaving as he normally does. Circumstances/ History: So I have only ever had commons so the fancy goldfish are sort of new to me. I bought three black moors from Petsmart on July 1st. They were placed in a 20 gallon QT and allowed to adjust for a few days. On July 4th I started 6 rounds of Prazi with 0.1% (or 0.01%?) salt (one teaspoon per gallon) per the instructions on the site. I lost one after about two weeks. She got lethargic for a day so I removed her from that tank and put her in a plastic bin and the next day she was dead. No outward signs of illness and she was a little sickly looking when I got her so I was not shocked. The other two seem very heathly, eat well, and are growing rapidly. The one moor has a sort of “double hump” on his head (okay I can only describe it as looking sort of like a butt on his head) since I got him. Maybe he has a little ryukin in him? But the others did not. Three weeks ago I used Kordon water conditioner (brand new) since the petstore was out of Prime. I only used it on this tank since I do water changes on it every other day. I should have tested my PH right after that which is my usual habit (before and after a big water change) but I was in a hurry. The tank is uncycled and is normally a QT tank (that was properly disinfected since its last use.) I caught the crash the very next day after using the Kordon, did a big water change and then switched back to Prime. I always use Gold Buffer (but it did not seem to have an effect when used with the Kordon) and I carefully measure out on level teaspoon when I do a 50% water change and then test PH right after to ensure it is stable. The day after this little mishap, the fish with the hump (I think I am going to name him Klause) had a faint grey film on his hump only. I thought it was due to the PH crash and it looked like excess slime coat. I figured clean water and we would be good. Last night I got home (3am) and the scales had peeled off and the hump is pink looking, like bare skin.) It is not bloody, fuzzy, fluffy, or deep. It looks like the black part was just peeled off. I tested everything and my ammonia was at 2ppm! Yikes! I did a 100% water change and popped them back in the tank with matching PH and temperature. I had 00 across the board for all areas and the PH was 7.6/ High ph 7.8 (this is normal for all my tanks.) His buddy has no signs of illness at all. I have no idea how to treat this or what it could be. I can infer that it is ammonia burn but it started after the PH crash when the ammonia was still 0ppm. I do not know what this would look like on a black fish. How should I be treating him? And should I put his buddy in the big tank and isolate Klause in case it is bacterial? They were both doing so well I was going to put them in their 55 this weekend. At home I have Goldfish Connections Metro Meds, Jump Start, Kanaplex and Focus, Seachem Paraguard, Goldfish Connection Anti Bac, API Stress coat, Prazi Pro and Melafix (I have not really used any of these but I was stocking up my fish first aid.) Oh, and I have tons of aquarium salt. None of these are in my tank right now as I have no idea how to treat this. The video is not great I was in a huge hurry. I will try and get some better pictures Also, this is not the same moor in the rest of my library. Thanks!! http://s1292.photobucket.com/user/mermaidkitten/media/7C4B807C-A453-4DF5-84DE-F2E9F3A0B6B6-3909-0000057044123730_zps71af2ea1.mp4.html
  11. I have no clue what to do with the eggs but I feel a fish baby shower coming on! Congrats!!!
  12. I just bought some generic eheim filter pads on ebay for cheap! Not that you replace them often but I find it hard to really get the gunk out of the "polishing pad." I just replace it every 5 months and just rinse everything else out. I agree with Kahn, I have just bought fluval rectangles and cut them to fit since the classics do not have a strange shape. This saves me money and allows me to buy fancy fish food instead!!! I stack like this: Top: Lattice screen Purigen packet Polishing pad Bioballs (I have the eheim in one and Matrix in another) the lattice screen Fluval prefilter bits Lattice screen Fish poop Bottom Eheim has a "pre filter" device that sits on the bottom of the tank instead of using the normal intake piece. I think it will collect water from the very bottom of my tank and I may get this in the future for just one of my eheims to see if it gets the little bits of the bottom of my tank better that the normal intakes. I think they are about 17 bucks on fosters and smith site. I also don't use the spray bar, I just run the tube right in to the tank since I have tons of air stones for aeration. Keep us posted on what you do!
  13. I love that little pearlscale! You can send it to my house!
  14. I like eheims. If you have not set it up yet don't read the direction. Check you tube instead. It's really easy but the directions are so confusing you'll just get frustrated. Congrats on the new filter!
  15. I love my Python but it unthreads now and then so I always check the part that comes loose. Also, if you get a really long one (I have the 50) it worked great in my bedroom but seemed to loose suction when I used it in the living room (which is closer to the kitchen sink.) Could not figure out why it would not start working when I was in the living room until I realized that the tube was still coiled from how I store mine. Once I gave it a shake and straitened the tube, it works great. Also, either way, make sure you use a rubber band and a piece of netting (I use the plastic bags for holding media) with big holes in it so you can clean the gravel but not suck your fish in to it. There have been some bad accidents and it only takes a second so be prepared. Solid Goldfish did a nice video on how she does water changes and she uses on so it is a good example. Plus it is really cute to see what her lovely fish do during water changes!
  16. My AC110, full blast all the time. But my commons are HUGE and the flow does not bother them and I like the increased surface agitation. My new fantail tank has two AC70's and I keep one on full blast on one side of the want and one on low so they have a little area to chill out. I have noticed that when I am home and they are all dancing around, they are all over the tank but at night, when they are sleeping, they are on the low side, just floating (peacefully, and I wish I could sleep that well.) I used to change out my bio balls and sponge alternately every month like the instructions on the filter advise but I stopped based on posts here on the forum and learning how to clean them properly and do not notice a difference if I keep up water changes and give every thing a good scrub/clean out. I do alternate however to preserve my cycle, one month the Eheim gets a good scrub, one month the AC, and then the other Eheim gets a scrub. In between I just do a quick rinse. Good luck!
  17. So beautiful! The white one is almost see though!
  18. Although I understand and empathize with your desire to save fish, I no longer buy fish from stores that have a practice of not caring for their tanks. Stores like that don't deserve your business and perhaps they don't even deserve to be selling fish. By buying, you are helping the store continue its poor treatment of fish. I tried to "save" a couple of fish from my local chain superstore. But really, a grocery/department store doesn't need to carry fish, especially if they can't be bothered to provide them proper care. So I'm not going to support that anymore. I understand your thought process and I agree but there is no other local place to buy dog food but the chain stores so I am in there fairly regularly.Amazingly, the fish guy is a veterinarian in Iran but has not obtained a license to practice in the US. He is so knowledgeable and takes great care of their pets (lucky me!) Interestingly enough, my local Petsmart has more items and takes better care of their goldfish than the privately owned aquarium store in my area. Unfortunately, I can't afford to not go to chain pet stores with the amount of dog supplies I need! I've never actually seen grocery/department stores carry live animals since Woolworth went out of business. I understand that W*mart does but I have never actually been inside one.
  19. I am a sucker for the "I can save it" fish and I get them from time to time and they occasionally die but I figure I gave them a few weeks of good food and clean water and clove oil if its humane. But, I have four rescue dogs, two rescue rabbits, and a turtle so it is most likely me that has the problem!
  20. My common looks the same right now because she keeps whacking herself on the filter intake (when her boyfriend is chasing her!). I actually have found the scales on the bottom of the tank. Not sure if you have been on Koko's for long but I would agree that you need a bigger filter, need to do weekly water changes, and if your little fake rock is hollow, you should seal it up so no nasty bacteria grows in there. If you search the forum there are instructions on how to make hollow ornaments safe. I hope your fish feels better!
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